Dancing Queen

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

A few years ago now when Ballroom Dancing was popular my Mum asked me to partner her at our Dance Hal as I was not too bad a dancer. We were not competitive dancers just a couple who enjoyed and evening out. Dad was more of a Cloggie than a nimble footed Hoofer so Mum nd I became regular patrons of the dance.

She was a good mover, my Mum, and I enjoyed feeling her against me to the extent of getting rather turned on, so much so that more than once I excused myself and took Mum to the bar for a quick drink.

If Mum ever noticed my discomfort she never hinted until things began to develop and more than once I got a stoning hard on. It was while we were doing the Tango which meant a lot of hard body contact at times, so, Mum couldn't have failed to notice my erectile situation.

Even in the taxi home Mum sat close to me, her thigh against mine until we got home. Dad asked if we’d enjoyed ourselves, Mum said enormously and smiled at me saying that our dancing had really come on in leaps and bounds.

In bed that night I relieved myself of a hefty load of Baby Batter, think the most outrageous thoughts about Mum, wondering if she had felt my dick against her and if she herself got aroused and wet.

I went down for breakfast next morning just s Dad was leaving for work, I was on and afternoon shift so I just lounged around the house. Mum did her morning jobs then came to sit down and drink her Coffee.

"Were you feeling ok last night son, dancing I mean.”

"Fine, Mum, why, why do you ask?"

“Well, your! Gentleman’s department seemed to be very errrm! Overactive as we Tangoed.”

To say I was Gob smacked at what she said really left me speechless.

"I feel quite flattered really truth to tell, my own son, my flesh and blood getting hardon dancing with his own Mum, Yes! Definitely flattered and what’s more, very excited myself, my knickers got decidedly damp, you naughty naughty boy you, I bet you pulled your Pudding in bed didn't you, wanked yourself off and shot a warm load of lovely creamy spunk."

By now I didn't give a fuck any more, Mum or not I pulled my dressing gown open fished my dick out of my Pajama bottoms glared at Mum and saw her face flush and her hand press into her groin through her housecoat.

Things went a bit out of kilter then. My Mum lay back on the sofa and unzipped her thin floral housecoat, showing her near naked body, naked except for her knickers and the discoloration of the gusset, seemingly wet with her cunt juice or else Dads spunk.

Mum became very obscene then, spreading her gorgeous thighs and sticking a hand into her knickers to finger herself while looking wild eyed at me and my exposed beating cunt ripper.

I threw off my dressing gown dropped my jimjams and swooped down on my Mum, pulling off her knickers while groping for her big soft white tits. Then my mouth welded itself to her oozy cunt, delighting me with her smell and taste while she keened her pleasure as my tongue got to work on her clit.

I don’t remember at what stage we got upstairs to my parents bedroom and into their crumpled bed, but I remember vividly penetrating my Mum, her mewing delight at my swollen dick moved all the way into her and the enthusiasm at the way she responded to my steady thrusts.

I pinched, squeezed, twisted and sucked her nipples, making them stand out like hat pegs. She sort of growled as she had a little orgasm of sorts, causing me to start really go at her and fuck her madly, bringing yelps, gasps, squeals and shouts from her until she moaned that she was cumming.

That did it for me, I completely let myself go, shagging her madly, really pounding her, making her moan and pant, her finger nails clawed my shoulder and my arse cheeks.

And then I came, arching my spine and crushing hard into her and saying I was cumming. Mums little screeching told me her orgasm was searing through her, My spunk erupted, I gasped and groaned as Mum wound her arms and legs around me as she received my liquid love deeply inside her. We must have had a sleep after our incestuous foray because next thing I remember was Mum waking me.

"We need to pull ourselves together Son, help me straighten the bed, ignore the cum stains, there’s some of your Dads from last night, he gave a good going over two or three times when saw how turned on I was after our dancing. GOD! are you getting another stiffy, you horny son." and so saying my Mum gave me a terrific blow job, devouring my cock until I spurted a load in her mouth which she happily swallowed.

She kissed me then, told me to go and get showered and shaved and dressed, and then we must take stock and define our new found relationship as lovers, Mom and Son lovers.

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