Daily Exercise

by JuiceyTits (Heaven)

So today i was reading over my experiences i have written on her the last few days, stroking my pussy and remembering how Roy's tongue felt against it, when i saw him walking up my drive.

Perfect timing i muttered to myself.

I threw on a t-shirt and almost ran down the stairs, he didn't even bother to knock, just walked straight in.

'Knees' he ordered, pointing to the floor, he had a bad in his hand i the thought of what could be in there made me even wetter. I knelt in the spot he pointed to. He opened his bag and removed some rope, lifted my tee and smiled, 'well done slut' he remarked, looking at my naked pussy. Pulling the front of my tee to the back of my neck, my tits stuck out and my arms caught behind me.

He placed the rope around the back of my neck and began to wind it around my tits, pulling it tighter and tighter. 'Ahhhhh' i moaned, he removed another length of rope and told me to stand, he walked me into the sitting room and laid me on my front on the coffee table. He slapped my ass a few times and walked away, i heard him in the kitchen and stayed put, i could hear him filling a glass with ice from the dispenser.

He returned to me and picked up his length of rope, slipped it through the rope around the back of my neck, looped it around my wrists and finally pulled my feet up to my ass and tied it to my ankles. I lay there, my tits getting sore, my legs spread and bent back behind me, pussy fully exposed.

He tòok a handful of ice and rubbed it against my pussy. It was so cold i took a sharp intake of breath. He laughed and held it against my clit, it was starting to go numb as he removed it, pinch it, it felt amazing i was so sensitive, i heard hum rummage in his bag and then i felt a sharp pinching, i knew he had just clamped my.clit, he leaned in and flicked the tip of his tongue over and over again against my semi numb super sensitive clamped clit. Dragging me down the table my knees hit the floor, as he turned me to my side.

Grabbed more ice and circled my nipples until they were bullets and clamped them too. My tits were going a purplish color and it seemed to please him. He began pinching what was exposed of my nipples then licked them and bit them. It felt amazing, i could feel my wetness soaking me. Roy ran his hand down my body, clumsily ran his fingers over my clamped clit and grabbed my pussy, inserting 2 fingers, he began fingering me, slow at first, getting faster and faster, harder and harder as he inserted more fingers until there was 4 inside me, it was amazing and i was cumming all over his hand,he pushed his thumb in and began fisting my drenched pussy.

'Come on cum bucket, keep giving me that cum' he demanded. He moved down still slamming his fist deep in my and pushed hard, inserting half of his forearm into me, i never knew anything could go that deep. Quickly moving his other hand over he slipped a finger in my ass. Adding more it felt too good and again i came, letting out an almighty scream as he squeezed his other fist in my ass and began pound both my holes at 1 time. 'Like it don't you you cunt' he growled.

'YES, YES I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT OH GOD I LOVE IT' i yelled as i came over and over, squirting everywhere, slopping noisy coming from me as he continued. Finally he pulled his fists from my holes, lifted me to my weak knees, grabbed my hair and rammed his rock solid cock deep in my throat, skull fucking me until he came, 'swallow it slut' he ordered. Once he was done he took his final 2 items.from his bag, a ripped piece of fabric that he tied on me as a gag and a dvd.

Walking over to my tv and putting it on he return and sat next to me holding his cock, i looked at the tv as he began to play the footage of his friends wanking over me, fucking me, making me suck them, it was amazing, every so often he squeezed my tied tits or dipped his fingers in my pussy as i watched the movie and watched him wanking over it, he stood up turns to me and grunted loud as his cum shot over my face. Releasing me from the ropes he told me he 'ill be back tonight, to finish you off, you wont be conscious once i finish fucking you'. God I hope he does it, we shall see.

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