Daddy’s Girl

by Lynnlynn (Florida)

This story is fictitious. It arises from my own imagination and contains explicit content.

If you feel repelled by incest stories, please don't read this one.

A huge orgasm flicked through her little cunt and her desire for the huge cock - which was pouring hot inside her - was still not satisfied.

When the man rolled his big sweating and exhausted body off of her delicate girl's body, she regretted it.

Her pussy was all red and the little labia thickly swollen.

She remembered how he had mounted her for the first time. Made her a woman.

That was three years ago and at that time she counted nine summers.

The mother had died of the plague the year before, which has been ravaging the world's population for almost 50 years.

It was initially hoped for a vaccine, mass events were banned and people started to mask themselves.

The first time…. She remembered it too well. How she had been lying in her bed when the door slowly opened.

The light that shone on her bed from the hallway and his muscular figure as he stood in the middle of the room while she was still asleep.

Slowly he crept up to her bed and began to stroke her slender thighs.

"You are so beautiful and tender," he murmured.

A tingling ran through her body. She knew that what he was doing was forbidden, but she couldn't prevent her small, hairless cunt hole from getting wet as he started working his hands slowly towards her firm, rounded bottom.

Then he kneaded it very gently and she could hear a soft moan escaping his throat.

Slowly his hands drew back and she could hear him take off his clothes.

She shivered with excitement when she felt his hands on her plump girl's butt again and had to control herself not to breathe too quickly when he slowly but surely let his hands slide between her tender buttocks.

Very gently, he kept sliding his middle finger on until he touched her smooth, tiny cunt. Now she heard him moan deeply again and he murmured "This is the most beautiful little hole I've ever touched"

Very lovingly, he began to stroke the virgin hole.

First on her outer labia and then finally he let his finger slide between her sugar-sweet inner lips.

Her little cunt was already wet, but she continued to pretend to be asleep, fearing that he would stop when he noticed that she was awake.

How indecent it made her feel to enjoy this touch.

And yet she had wanted it that way for a while.

Since he had soaped and washed her so nicely the last time he bathed her. He had casually touched and cleaned her pussy with a sponge.

Here it tingled for the first time very warmly and comfortably and she blushed because she knew that it was not allowed to feel something like that when dad touched you there.

She had no idea that he felt the same way. For the first time, his cock became hard while he was bathing the girl and it confused him.

He hadn't had a woman in a long time, so he blamed it on an involuntary reaction of his body, when it came into contact with a small fuck hole.

Tonight, however, he could not help thinking what it would be like if he could stroke her delicate cunt skin.

And so he ended up here, in her room.

Now she could feel him turning her on her back and slowly pushing her shirt up.

From here he had her little pussy, which was still hidden in her cute, little girl panties, directly in view.

The panties were damp in the front and the fabric had pulled between her little lips.

He looked down at himself and looked at his huge dick, which was already dripping in anticipation.

It was the hardest hard on of his life and it was already causing him sweet pain.

He slowly took off his daughter's panties. Now he had the tender, hairless pussy in front of him in all its splendor.

Her labia were thick and her cunt was disproportionately large between her thighs.

"What a magnificent cunt she has," he thought to himself.

He had never seen a so called fat cunt before and now he knew what it meant. He had never been so horny in his life. Her cunt was practically gigantic, with a huge, thick clit that was already protruding stiff and yet it had a tiny hole.

An unspoiled, virgin hole.

He started to stroke her again. He lovingly pulled her labia apart and began to kiss her clit and the small hole and spoiled it with his tongue.

"How good it smells," shot through his head. "And how wet she gets." Almost as if she was enjoying his caresses. But that couldn't be it, could it?

She felt a warmth inside her when he started kissing her little pussy. When he then cautiously stuck his tongue into her small hole, she thought she was burning up from the inside out.

She inconspicuously pushed her pelvis towards him so that he could get to her most intimate place.

"It can't be," he thought to himself. "Did she just push the cute bottom a little bit forward and open her thighs slightly?"

Just as if she liked how he slowly began to finger her, stroking his big cock with his other hand.

"It has to be instinct, her little body reacts like that of a little woman who is ready to take a cock."

Now he couldn't hold on much longer.

His huge cock pounded and ached in his hand. His precum started to drip.

He slowly layed down by her side as he freed the last of the shirt from her torso.

Of course, she had no breasts yet, but he still wanted to fondle her sweet nipples.

He could already see how they were pointed upwards. She had unusually thick nipples and as soon as he started to enclose one of them with his mouth and sucked on it, it was out of his control.

Since he suspected that she was no longer sleeping, he whispered in her ear, "Darling, daddy must make love to you now. It will hurt a little at first, but I promise you that I will be gentle."

He pulled himself up and hovered directly over her.

How small she was.

His cock, almost as thick as her sweet thighs, found its way right into the middle of her body.

He settled down very slowly until his acorn touched the entrance to their small vagina.

The fat, dripping cock head slid infinitely slow between her fat lips.

He had to control himself to not - out of sheer lust – push hard inside her and fuck her like a wild bull.

He slowly penetrated deeper and was surprised how extremely wet she was.

"This cunt is the tightest and hottest hole I've ever been in," he thought to himself.

When he felt her virginity, he thrusted inside of her with a little jerk.

She felt him slowly and tenderly penetrate her little girl cunt and a wave of excitement came over her.

It hurt so wonderfully and she wanted more.

When he broke her cuticle and made her his little woman, she howled briefly, eyes wide open.

Now she couldn't pretend to be asleep anymore...

When she opened her eyes and looked directly at him, he lost it.

He started to cover her with deep tongue kisses, while slowly pushing his cock into her little hole.

The feeling was so intense that he could hardly stand not spraying his load inside of her immediately.

When her little cunt started to squeeze his cock while being overwhelmed by her first orgasm, he couldn’t hold it together anymore.

"Daddy, oh Daddy" she screamed and he injected his little girl with thick, creamy squirts of his sperm so quickly and hard that he was completely surprised.

He pumped his semen deep into her, enjoying the biggest and hardest orgasm of his life.

From that day on she slept in his bed as his little wife and he did not miss the opportunity to mount and inseminate her at least five times a day.

To be continued...

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