Daddy's Girl

by Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

Lori my sister had always been "daddy's girl". A stunning teenager of just 18 she would pout until she got what she wanted. Her "blow job mouth" was ever moist with an excessive amount of lip gloss. Her youthful breasts jutting out so luscious.

She was along with my mother a masturbatory fantasy. Not related to my dad, Lori was the product of my mom's first marriage.

My sister quickly found out how to manipulate her "daddy" to get the niceties in life, in the sixties, life was different than now. Not so different though in little things to help family members be more comforting to each other.

Mom's opinion of her daughter was often tempered with contempt. Catching my sister shaving her legs was one of them. Problem was daddy was showing my sister the proper way to shave her legs.

Mom was a fine looking woman but often turned a blind eye toward the relationship between her daughter and her daddy. Afraid her husband could ultimately leave us, she often just allowed the two of them to "play around".

I played around also but usually with myself. My sister was quite open about her sexual prowess oftentimes mentioning that royalty had engaged in "keeping the bloodlines pure". I had no clue what that meant then. However I soon added up the obvious and so did my clever mother.

My penis was constantly erect, I masturbated frequently and my sister reminded me of it. We had a family vibrator- it was used by all. Besides my tidy whities I made sure the electric vibrator were kept clean of my copious cum on them. Masturbating was enjoyable. I jerked my meat continuously whenever I could.

But with the powerful vibrator I was in heaven. Mom was not exactly happy with the situation with my sister and dad so she reverted to utilizing the next best thing-the family vibrator. I would listen first to my dad and sister together in our small three bedroom home. My sister's bedroom was about ten feet from our bathroom.

Ahh, the bathroom....often used panties and pantyhose were carelessly strewn on the floor. Sister's use of her mouth was kept busy on her daddies popsicle. My mother would pass the time with the "family friend".

Eventually, I discovered the wonderful world of sweet wet silky soaking panties. The vibrator allowed sis and mom's panties and pantyhose to be inundated with delicious and oh so sweet smelling feminine secretions.

Often I would wear a pretty pair of wet panties on my face inhaling fresh cum and use another pair of silk panties or perhaps pantyhose on my erection while enjoying the "good vibes" of the family friend.

Daddy's cock was drained almost daily as was mine. My mother was frustrated because of my dad's preoccupation with my sister so I made sure she had something nice also to remind her of. Her son's sweet sperm.

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