Daddy's Back

by Carol (Florida)

I told you a story about my black neighbor Clem. He caught me nude sunbathing by the pool and then lied and said he was locked out of his house. He then proceed to fuck me with his huge black cock. I enjoyed it and wanted more but Daddy was nowhere to be found.

Rocky is away on business and I thought today would be a good day to buy some new bras and thongs. When I go shopping I always wear a sundress and I’m naked underneath. I’m drying my hair and looking at myself in the mirror and I can’t believe how big my tits are. I’m completely tan and my nipples are as big as silver dollars.

I pull the dress over my head and I go downstairs and the bell rings. I open the door and it’s Daddy standing there. He says Carol where are you going and I tell him I’m going shopping. He laughs and says are you sure you’re going shopping. I tell him yes I’m going and he now is holding his big black magnificent cock with two hands.

He says are you still going. I want his cock inside me so bad and I tell him no I guess I’m staying home now. Daddy says ok let Daddy get you ready for what you really want. He pulls my dress over my head and he starts to suck my big nipples. He puts his fingers inside me and says Carol you’re so wet.

Oh yes Daddy you made me this way and I want your big black cock deep inside my white wet pussy. I grab his huge cock and start to suck it. Daddy says you really know how to suck my black cock don’t you Carol. I look at him and say yes Daddy I love to suck your black cock. Daddy’s cock is huge and he gets between my open legs and sinks his cock inside me.

Oh yes Daddy fuck me , fuck your white slut. Daddy slaps my tits and says I’m going to fuck you real good Carol. OMG I’m already cumming all over his gigantic black cock. Yes Daddy fuck me give it to me Daddy. Yes Carol Daddy wants you to feel every inch and he slams all of his huge cock inside me.

I tell Daddy I came and he pulls his cock out of me and tells me to be a good white slut and clean my cum off his cock. Yes Daddy I answer and put his cock in my mouth. I can’t fit all of it but I drain his cock dry. Daddy gets me on all fours and Daddy says Carol I’m going to fuck you doggy. I look at Daddy and go Ruff Ruff and tell him fuck your bitch Daddy.

He slams my pussy and I feel his big black balls banging against my ass as I cum again. He’s fucking me so deep he feels like he’s inside my stomach. After a few minutes Daddy grabs my hand and says let’s go outside and fuck in the grass. Ok Daddy and we go outside. What I forgot it was Monday and my little Spanish landscaper, Abel comes to mow my lawn.

Daddy lays me in the grass and is rubbing the head of his huge cock against my pussy and I tell him give it to me Daddy. He slams my pussy again and I wrap my legs around him wanting to feel every inch of his black cock. I hear a lawnmower and I look up and it’s Abel. I tell Daddy let’s go inside but he says I want your landscaper to see me fucking you.

I try to push him off me because I don’t want this to happen, but Daddy pulls his cock out of me and says you want my cock you’ll do as I say. I tell ok Daddy you win just keep fucking me. That’s a good girl Carol and now Abel is watching us. He’s seen me naked and I’ve teased him a little but he’s never seen me getting fucked.

Daddy says Abel you like what you see and Abel says no I don’t like. Daddy says what don’t you like Carol has a great body with big beautiful tits and Abel says yes but she teases me. Daddy says what she teases you. He says Carol you tease Abel and I deny it saying no I don’t. Daddy says is she teasing you now. Abel answers no but I would like to fuck Carol.

Daddy says Carol I want you to fuck Abel. I say no Daddy I can’t. Daddy says well if you don’t fuck him no more cock for you. I plead with him, please Daddy don’t make me do it and Abel is now naked standing there. Please Daddy don’t make me and Daddy says lay down Carol. I lay down and I again say please Daddy don’t let him fuck me.

Daddy says open your legs and give him some of that great white pussy. I open my legs and Abel sticks his sweaty cock inside me. I grab Abel’s ass and wrap my legs around him and tell him yes Abel fuck me for all the times I teased you. Abel starts to slam my pissy and I scream yes Abel fuck me give me your cock.

I’m cumming and Daddy tells Abel no cumming in Carol’s pussy so Abel pulls out of me and cums all over my big tits. Abel says Carol every time I see you naked by the pool, Abel is going to fuck you. Oh yes Abel fuck me anytime you want too. Abel gets dressed and leaves and Daddy picks me up and brings me inside.

He puts me in the shower and washes me and then he carries me to the bed and puts his huge black cock inside me. Daddy asks did you enjoy Abel fucking you. I answer yes Daddy did it turn you on watching another man fuck me. Daddy says I have to admit it did now it’s my turn to fuck you like you like it. Ive has some black cock in my day, but Daddy’s was huge and was as thick as my wrist.

Daddy slams me again. We both can and Daddy gets up and says Carol that was great. I tell him yes Daddy it was. Daddy says the next time Abel is here I want to do a DP on you. I look and say Daddy who fucks my ass and he says me and only me. OMG this is going to be crazy, but I can’t wait for it to happen.

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