by Carol (Florida)

It’s such a beautiful day here in Florida the sky is blue and it’s nice and hot. I can’t decide whether to go to the beach or my pool. I want to be naked so it’s the pool. I’m laying here and I get up to put on some music when I hear a man clear his throat. He startled me and I’m completely naked in front of him.

He’s an older black man and he says hi pretty lady can I use your phone I locked myself out of the house. I go to get my phone and I wrap a towel around me. He says hi I’m your new neighbor Clem and I liked the view without the towel. I said I’ll bet you do. He says no one is answering so can I come over and keep you company.

I thought to myself he’s an old man it should be ok. I said ok but no funny stuff. He laughs and says I already saw you naked ad what a body you have. I laugh and I say why thank you Clem. He sits on one lounge chair and I’m in the other. I say to him I’m so rude I’m Carol and I put my hand out to shake his and off goes my towel.

I go to pick it up and Clem says do you really need the towel. I say yes and wrap it around me again. I lay down on the chair and start to put lotion all over my front. Clem says Carol let daddy help you. Before I could answer Clem had lotion on his hands and he was doing my shoulders and my arms.

He said Carol you lose the towel I can do your whole front. I didn’t want this man to play with my big tits or maybe my wet pussy. I said no Clem just my shoulders. He actually seemed a little mad that I wouldn’t do what he wanted. Clem says c'mon Carol it will be ok I won’t do anything to you.

I said no Clem I just can’t. Clem stands up and pulls his shorts down and OMG she has the biggest, blackest cock I’d ever seen. It had to be over twelve inches long and as thick as my wrist. Clem says Carol I’m naked so what about you. Clem is rubbing my face with his huge black cock.

Oh fuck it I said to myself and opened up my towel. Clem says you’ve got a gorgeous body that I’m going to fuck. I didn’t say a word and Clem put his monster in my mouth. Clem says now Carol be a good girl to DADDY. I couldn’t fit it in my mouth just the head and I started to suck it and Clem says that’s right Carol be good to daddy. Mmmmmmm his cock tasted so good in my mouth.

I wondered if my big cock daddy can fuck. He puts his head between my legs and says let daddy taste you. Yes daddy taste me. Clem was eating my pussy and sucking my clit. Oh I was about to cum and I was ready for his huge cock. I told Clem I was cumming and he gets between my legs and sinks the head of his cock inside me.

I scream yes daddy fuck me and he slams the rest o his huge cock inside of me. I wrap my legs around him wanting to feel every inch of his black cock inside me. He rolls me over and puts my butt up in the air, mmmmmm doggy my favorite. He slams into me I scream yes fuck me daddy. I feel his black balls slapping my ass and his cock felt like it was in my stomach.

He gets up and says Carol ride daddy now. I lower myself onto his huge cock and Clem is sucking my big tits as I cum again. I’m riding daddy’s cock loving every inch and he says let’s go in the house. Ok I say since Rocky is away on business. We go upstairs to my bedroom and Clem says so this is where your husband fucks you.

I answer yes daddy and Clem says now a big black cock is going to fuck you in the same bed. I say no daddy we can’t and Clem says ok then I’ll leave. Clem had me hooked on his huge black cock so I said ok daddy fuck me. Clem throws me on the bed Addis’s his cock into me. Oh yes daddy fuck me.

Clem says Carol tell daddy how much you love his cock, oh yes daddy I love your big black cock. Then he asks do fuck you better than Rocky. I said to myself do I tell him. Again he asks tell daddy and I say yes daddy you fuck me better then Rocky ever has. Clem says that’s what I want to hear. I want you be my white slut that I can fuck anytime I want.

OMG yes daddy fuck me whenever you want to. Ok Carol daddy is going to fill your white pussy with his black cum. I’m ready daddy fill my pussy with your black cum. Oh god he fills my pussy up then tells me to be a good slut and clean his cock off. I suck him dry and he puts his clothes back on and says Carol I wasn’t really locked out of the house, I saw you back here by the pool and I wanted your pussy.

Remember what I told you, I want to put my huge cock inside you anytime I want. I say yes daddy take my pussy it’s yours anytime you want it. Daddy kisses me and says now that’s a good slut. He leaves and I’m laying on my bed covered in black cum wanting daddy to come back and fuck me. I’m in love with my neighbors big black cock.

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