Daddy Fucks Me So Hard

by Anonymous

This confession is a true one. My name is Natasha, though Daddy calls me Nat. I'm now 23 years old, and I've been having sex with Daddy since I was 18.

My mother was an alcoholic who used to go away from home for weeks at a time. On her return, she would beat me if Daddy refused to fuck her. Eventually, Daddy threw her out with a threat that she was never to return. That was when I was six years old.

I had always slept in Daddy's bed when my mother wasn't home. Nothing ever happened until I was a little over 18. On that particular night, we had just dried off after our bath when Daddy had an erection.

I had sometimes opened the bedroom door when my mother and Daddy were having sex, and had seen her rub and suck his cock. I suddenly wanted to do the same, to please him.

Daddy saw me looking at his erection, and asked me if I wanted to hold it. When I nodded, he took my hand and placed it on his cock. At the same time, he put his hand between my legs and quickly found my clittie.

As he moved his cock backwards and forwards in my hand, his lips engulfed mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I was in heaven.

After some minutes, Daddy pulled me to the bed, lay down on his back, and asked me to sit over his mouth. I knew what he wanted and, with him licking my swollen clit, I placed his cock in my mouth and began to rub it.

Within minutes, I was having an explosive orgasm. My whole body trembled as Daddy continued to lick and suck me. When a second orgasm rocked my body, I was pounding on his head for him to stop.

Eventually, Daddy let go of me and rolled me onto my back with my legs on his shoulders. He held my pussy-lips open with one hand, and with the other he placed his cock between them.

Without any more ado, he thrust his rigid cock inside me. Only about three inches went in, but I screamed as he ruptured my hymen. At first he moved his cock from side to side. Then he started fucking me properly.

Before he finished, I was beginning to enjoy it. Suddenly his balls erupted, and his thick, creamy cum flooded my tiny, tight vagina. I was sore for days afterwards, yet so happy that Daddy was using me as I had seen him use my mother.

As time went on, Daddy began fucking me on a regular basis, and was soon calling me his daughter-wife. My horny cunt could take all of his seven inches, and delighted in being fucked in many different positions, especially doggy-style.

When I had my period, Daddy fucked me through it. He had had a vasectomy so as not to impregnate my mother again, and so he could fuck me any time I needed it.

I've had several different men as I've got older, but none have been as caring and loving as Daddy. I'm getting married in a few weeks time, and I don't know what will happen after that.

If I have a son, I'll certainly introduce him to incest as there is no better stimulus to bringing about an orgasm. All women and girls should practice it for the sake of themselves, and their husbands and sons.

Even when I'm married, I know that I'll always have a hot incestuous fuck with Daddy every time I get the chance.

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