Daddy Drugged Me

by Grace (Texas)

I just turned 18 I have a nice body 38c breasts big round nipples black hair green eyes thin 110 pounds plump ass. I'm at our pool wearing a two piece bikini black.

My Dad came home from work early, saw me at the pool he came out looking me up and down if I wanted a drink because it was hot outside.

I said ok a cola he brought me my drink I drank a little then a bit more then I went limp. My Dad was watching do he picked me up took me the pool house were there's a bed he put me on the bed.

I'm dazed and I watched my Dad put something in a syringe then shoots it in my arm. I Yelp, my Dad tells me I will be ok. All of a sudden my pussy starts to get wet my nipples get hard.

Now my Dad is taking off my top and my bikini bottom I'm naked. I watched my Dad undress he has a hard on his cock head is huge he's thick. He now puts a finger in me making me cum I moan Daddy. I try not to cum again but no use.

Now he grabs a condom then he tells me let nature take its course. I beg him no no no Daddy no. He puts his cock deep inside me with one thrust. I only had sex a couple of times. My pussy is so tight.

The drugs I got are now working I'm so horny now. My Dad is pounding me hard I cum hard oh Daddy I scream.

He now bends me over to look at my awesome ass. He gets me doggy style and Rams his cock in. He says yeah bitch take it all I'm gonna impregnate you like I did your sister.

How To Get Your Mom Into The Bedroom
Tom Douglas (Rochester Hills)

Do you dream of fucking your mom but don't know how to go about it, its easier than you think.

Here’s how I got my mom to fuck me, shower her with compliments, you look beautiful today mom, that blouse looks good on you mom,you look good in those heels, stuff like that.

When dad is not around I would press my dick up to mom's ass slightly and hug her, I would buy underwear that would fit snug over my dick and walk around mom in them, trust me she will get the hint.

On Valentine's Day I even bought her skimpy red panties from Victoria Secrets, 9 times out of ten she will pose in them for you asking you how they look, great mom I love it.

You get a little daring and so will she, my mom started parading around me in just her pantyhose when dad was at work, she even wore skin tight white shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks with black panties underneath.

She even bent over for me in them and ask me if I liked what I saw, I always wanted to do this mom I said and buried my nose right up her ass cheeks as far as my nose would go with the material stopping it, she smelled so dam good, you will know when it's time.

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