Co-worker Surprise: Part 2

by Kerris (Chester, UK)

I was totally confused and oddly a little angry for some reason, perhaps I was feeling deceived, but then Lexy broke my train of confusion by scooping me into her arms and holding me tight against her, her manly appendage swinging between my thighs and my Vag.

I tried to speak but the words would not come, my throat was dry and tight my breathing ragged and shallow. Lexy's kisses melted me, so lightly did they land on my lips, then her tongue flickered and probed my mouth, I responded in spite of my confusion, I simply lost myself to the situation.

What I was feeling now was how so off the wall. I was being held by this gorgeous woman, her incredible softness and skin tone, her thrusting breasts,her belly, her thighs, her lips, all were imprinted in my brain. I was completely entrance and I felt incredible heat throughout my body, my boobs felt heavy, my nipples tingled and my pussy, my naked pussy was open and felt so slimy wet.

I suddenly squealed as Lexy picked me up bodily and walked over to the bedroom and gently deposited me on the bed. I don't know why but I was suddenly spreading my legs and lifting my hips as if offering myself to her. Seeing this she swooped down like a Hawk and making me cry out as he mouth fastened on my hot wet pussy and her tongue was probing my hole and ssshing my screaming clit in turn, driving me into a state of ecstasy.

I thought I must be dreaming with what was happening, here I was naked on abed with an equally naked woman who was sporting a very menacing male cock, a very real cock complete with heavy looking balls in their velvety sack.

It was just so much to take in but casting aside any self respect and reticence I managed to get from under Lexy, struggle down and to her cries I engulfed her cock as deep as I could in my mouth, loving the iron hardness, the heat, the texture, to say nothing of the way it pulsed in my mouth.

Lexy was writhing beside me, her fingers playing havoc with my nipples and then my pussy and anus which she cheekily probed making me clench hard. I felt her fingers penetrate me, then her thumb and then she was stretching me and trying to get her whole hand into my pussy and I could hear faint squelching as she finger fucked me and making me dribble very freely. I came again and again, my whole body convulsing and jerking uncontrollably.

This acted as a trigger for my lady lover because she disengaged from me, got between my spread thighs and positioned her cock at my gaping pussy entrance. We both gasped and groaned as she entered my body and I whimpered as her cock seemed to touch my cervix, making me cry out. Then we were fucking, his maleness bring thrills through me while his feminine melted into me, her breasts softly mashing against mine, our bellies rippling as we both thrilled in reaction to her thrusting cock.

From somewhere in the distance I heard myself screaming as Lexy groaned in my ear that he was cumming. I didn't feel any spurts only the warm sensation of my insides feeling gloopy which I supposed was his spunk being ejaculated inside me. I didn't cum myself, not then, instead I just lay quivering all over, limp and sort of vulnerable yet in a state of complete sexual abandon, I was prepared for Lexy to do whatever she wanted, with me or too me, was hers to use or abuse, I held her tightly as she gently withdrew her still erect cock followed by a stream of her glooey semen which oozed into the cleft of my bum to titillate my anal knot.

The evening that followed seemed so misty, Lexy was insatiable and took me so often I felt as if I was in a state of constant erotic sensations. Her cock always rose to the occasion and wring lovely orgasms out of me to leave me, in the end, a spent sore soggy mess, my poor battered pussy oozing thickly with sperm, juices and grooly lube.

I pulled on a pair of panties to sleep in, knowing the stained crust mess they would be the next morning. WE slept together, it was just so beautiful. Next morning Lexy was gone, but her smell was in the bed and on me, loved it was was reluctant to shower and wash her off me.

At work we never spoke of our tryst, but we knew instinctively we met at my place again where we would ravage each other.

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