Covid Surprise

by Sammy (Dallas, TX)

Well this starts back in the summer last year, I was laid off from my accounting position in July. I had enough money to carry me for 3 months. I wasn't able to find another fulltime job. I did take a part time job at very min wage. This kept the rent paid. My mother lost her job in September. Her lease was due to renew in October.

We lived about 30 minutes from one another. After discussing the possibility of her finding another job real soon we decided to pool together our resources. My place had 2 bedrooms 2 bath and a living room and dining room.. So plenty of space. We were getting along perfectly. Between the 2 of us everything was paid up to date.

We took turns cooking and cleaning up. So nice and simple living. We went through the holidays OK, small turkey for the 2 of us, Christmas just a few well chosen gifts, New years we toasted and watched TV. Her birthday rolled around at the end of January.

She was feeling a bit low, so i decided to make a very special dinner some top of the line Tenderloins, baked potatoes, with mushrooms in a brandy sauce. Followed by Cherries Jubilee. Along with a bottle of Cab. Dinner was great, I gave her a few presents, sang Happy Birthday to her, after dinner I fixed her Almond Brandy coffee.

She was very happy and I saw her smiling all evening. As we sat there I decided to poured myself just a plain brandy in a sniffer, she asked for one also. She sat next to me and leaned her head on my shoulder telling how much she appreciated the whole night.

I had my arm draped across her shoulder when she looked up at me she looked so lovely I turned in and kissed her softly on the lips. That developed into a real smooch. Neither of us had seen anybody in months privately. Nature kicked in and hands were all over her and she rubbed my crotch through my slacks.

I lifted the hem of her dress and went straight up to her panties. She was soaking the crotch of her panties, I flipped her hem over and found her pussy hair wet and separated it to feel her entrance to her pussy. I was fingering her fast, her mouth was kissing me but breathing hard.

She lowered my zipped and fished inside freeing me and started to stroke me. The cushion behind her gave way and she started to lay back, I kept the full contact with her, I found myself on her, I pulled out my hand used both hands to pull up her dress, and open her legs then i lowered myself between her legs. I went right into her.

We were like two teenagers doing it for the first time. Her hands went to my waist pulling me in hard into her. I felt the buildup and then it hit I started to cum in her and she wrapped her legs around me as she went into her own orgasm. As it swept past us the I pushed up and looked down at her, she had eyes closed with a smile you just don't forget on a woman's face.

She finally opened her eyes. She pulled me down and kissed me, breaking the kiss saying you felt wonderful. So how does an old gal like me feel? All i could say was WOW. She said better get up before we flood the couch. As I lifted up she saw my dick and said nice I like that thing of yours.

I stood up she took my hand and pulled me over and then leaned in as she sat up and wrapped her mouth on me and licked it clean. Which only severed to get me hard again. She didn't stop either, she was sucking and stroking until i filled her mouth. Once done I headed to my room and the shower she headed to hers.

We met 30 minutes later in the living room, both of us in robes. Before I could say a word she said well if we are going to be having sex together better we sleep in the same bed don't you think? I could just yes I agree.

Well she started to sleep in my bed a king size, we have been doing it like rabbits. Tuesday we found out she is still fertile and now pregnant. In case you're wondering I am 28 and she 49. And I am completely in love with her not as her son either.

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