Covid Mother

by Sammy (Dallas, TX)

I am 22, 5'10, 165 graduated in May with my BS. I was offered employment prior to wrapping up school, but with COVID-19 I was going to be remote. The company is on the East coast. My mother is in banking and since March has been working remote. She offered up that I move in with her until COVID-19 is behind us. She lives in a large house 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, large kitchen, she has one bedroom as her office, then a den, living room, family room and dining room.

So there is plenty of room for us to work without disrupting each other. From the onset she was up before me so she would be in her cute short robe and panties, then she would change into shorts top, with no bra. Now my mother is 43, 5'6, I am guessing about 130, nice breast nothing too big but firm with sharp nipples that poke through, shapely legs, her hair is brunette down to her shoulders, green eyes. Being with her day and nights too I couldn't help but notice her.

During down time between meetings I would sit back and have fantasies about her. Having her walk in and taking off her robe lowering her cute pantie's and offering me her sweet lips to suck my dick. By mid July I was stroking daily daydreaming about her. Well I started to offer her a drink after work, a beer, and some wine. But she would only have 2 then stop. I was really going off the deep end. I started to go into her bedroom when she would make the run to pick up the groceries she had ordered online.

In her Master bedroom she had her on-suite with her own laundry hamper. I was able to go and pull out her soiled panties inhaling her fragrance. Dam they were wonderful, I would find her curly hair in the material which met she didn't shave and had a furry pussy. By the time October rolled around I was ready to just grab her. I suggested to her we dress up and offer candy outside to the kids. She liked the idea, I told her I would order her a custom to wear, she said fine.

I ordered her a very sexy maid outfit that was very short had the ruffles around the edge and matching panties. I also got her the thigh high stockings and high heels. The top would show her lovely clearage. I dressed as a butler. When she walked out I almost blew my load in my pants she looked so Hot. But again just 2 drinks and no more. For Thanksgiving she made a small turkey and we ate together but no more than 2 glasses of wine.

During the second week of December she twisted her knee on the ice outside in the backyard. The doctor gave her pain meds and something to help her sleep. I read on the label under no circumstance no alcohol. That first weekend I gave her some wine as always 2 glass limit then her pain and sleeping pills. She was out by 11 pm, I mean like dead cold out. I tested her by to touching her toes she is very sensitive on her feet.. Nothing at all, so I moved up and unbutton her top and felt her bra cup. Nothing at all.

I knew then she was mine to do with as I pleased. I removed her jeans working them down her legs finding her light blue nylon panties. I then went on finish with her top and took it off her, there she sat in her white bra and panties. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I leaned her forward unclipped her bra then removing it and exposing her tits, dam those nipples looked inviting. I decided to move her to the bedroom, I lifted her up and carried her to her bed.

Once down I pulled the panties off her, as they came off I held them to my nose and inhaled her sexy scent. I stepped back and took off my clothes. My dick was hard as a bat. I opened her legs spreading them apart. Her hair was so full but I could see the pink of her pussy underneath. I knew what I want to do right away I laid her legs wide open and lowered my face into her snatch. I reached out with my tongue and licked her pussy it was like tasting the sweetest wine in the world.

I was like a starving man I buried my face licking everything I could, inserting my tongue into her hole, sucking on her clit, then sliding hands under her cheeks and lifting a bit in order to lick her asshole which tasted musky but so good. I slipped a finger into her asshole and felt around touching her poop in her. This really made me so very much more intense, I was sucking air hard. I was in her most private places. I played with her poop, then slipped another finger into her pussy.

I knew I had to fuck her, I pulled back and climbed up on her, then lowered my body on hers, guiding my dick to her pussy, as it went in I lowered my head and started to suck her tits going back and forward from one to the other. Her pussy felt so tight and warm. I started to bite her nipples, She opened her mouth I reached up and kissed her letting my tongue go into her mouth, sucking hers out into my mouth.

My hips were moving slowly in and out but the intensity was increasing so I went into a higher gear pumping her harder. My balls were slapping into her ass. I wanted to pile drive her cunt, so I pulled out a bit and lifted her legs onto my shoulders and then buried my dick into her. Now i was reaching the bottom of her pussy. I felt like a jack hammer pumping her, I looked down at her, that is when I see her eyes open and she said in a raspy voice fuck me baby.

I totally lost it and blew my load into her pussy. She pulled me down and kissed me hard, She held me and said into my ear, I've been waiting for you to take me for months. I wanted you so badly on Halloween, my pussy was dripping wet. As I looked at her she smiled this wicked smile and she said I see you like my ass. Before I could answer she asked do you want to fuck my ass baby? Do I need to go and empty my ass first? Or do you like my poop? I couldn't believe my ears.

With that she pushed me back and off her as I laid down she rolled over and moved down and started to suck me. I was getting soft she got me had again. I turned her over and got behind her and pushed my dick into her ass and fuck her hard and fast it didn't take long for me to cum in her ass.

When I slipped out of her I was covered in her poop, she smiled and she said lets go shower. I am sure my ass is covered in poop. So we are now a happy couple working from home and sleeping together. Best part she informed me she had a hysterectomy during my first year in college. What else do I want nothing at all.

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