by Anonymous

All through our childhood my cousin and I were very close. As kids we played "Doctor" on each other. Being curious as kids are. Well we always stayed really close. Always seemed to a sexual tension between that neither would speak of.

Until one day (we are both in our 30's now) I decided to swing by for a visit. My wife knew where I was going. It was in my mind just gonna be a normal visit. It's actually been a while since we had seen each other. She gets really excited, runs up to me and throws her arms around me, squeezing as hard as she can.

While hugging me she gives me this big kiss on the neck. (That was a new one for us). So we begin to chat like old times. We start sharing a bit of info into our sex lives. She starts to ask "Can I as you something? Since we're so close." So I tell her "Yea. Sure!" "After you cum...can you keep your dick hard?" I wasn't expecting that.

So I answered honestly. "Depends on how hot the moment is. Even if now I can be hard again within minutes." She then went on to tell me how her man was just able to do it. He would cum, and just be done.

The next set of questions I really wasn't ready for....."So?" She asked. "Would you think your wife would like to mess around?" "I'm not sure?" I said. She proceeded with "Of course you need to watch, and if the lights go out and you can't tell who you're touching...then whatever happens, happens!"

I asked the question of "What if she isn't into it?" "I mean I trust you and we grew up together. I just truly wanna set on a hard cock! If I do I want it to be with someone I trust." She replied.

So by this point I'm confused and extremely horny. So I'm sure she could tell by how I never strayed from the topic, and she didn't as well. So after I got home we was texting each other. Still I ask if she'd like to see my cock. I wanted her opinion.

She said she I sent her a good pic I already had. She was impressed and it gave me a great feeling that someone who wasn't my wife liked what they had seen. So, we decide to meet up at the end of my road.

I live deep in the country nobody for miles. My wife is asleep, and ease out. I get into the car with her, and she wants to feel my hard cock(which was raging at this point). She reached in and pulled out my cock and started stroking me. I can hear her sigh with pleasure. So I reach down and start fingering her pussy.

This goes on for a few minutes, and then we both stop at the same time, and we bid each other goodnight and return to where we belong. The topic does come up from time to time. Neither of us regret it, but we just knew that night wasn't the night. I often think about how it would have been. I asked her if she does too, and she said yes.

As for now that's as far as it went. Yes, masturbated hard over that for a bit, and she just randomly told me not long ago that she still "cums" to the memory of that night. Will something ever happen? Who knows....maybe it's just meant to be a thought to cum to instead of actually doing?? Only time will tell.

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