Cousin Submission

by Donna (Las Vegas)

When I was still living in my parents’ home with them and my sister, my cousins stayed with us often. Both of my cousins are girls. One of the cousins was 1 yr older than my sister and one was same age as me. When they would stay with us it was usually the entire weekend or over holidays.

Our home had three bedrooms and we would bunk together with the age-appropriate cousin. No one thought anything of this being awkward since we had been sharing our home all our lives as we grew up even though I was a boy, and our cousins were a girls.

On one holiday weekend, our and their parents were going to be gone from Friday evening until the holiday Monday morning.

On that Friday night we got into some alcohol and a few joints and had a good time talking, playing Monopoly and card games. I went outside for a while and my cousin (that was my age) joined me. We sat on the side of the house that had our old swing set and just talked about whatever came up.

My cousin said “shhh, I can hear our sisters talking”. We listened intently as my sister was telling my older cousin about when I got caught sniffing my sister’s panties wile beating off. I was embarrassed to say the least and told her we should go, but my cousin told me to be quiet because she wanted to hear more.

As my sister was telling the story about how she caught me playing with myself and when I had shot my load on the bathroom floor, then how when I finally opened my eyes, I saw her watching me in the mirror. She said that my expression was like a little boy that just got caught with his finger in the cookie jar. My older cousin asked, “what happened then”? Sis said she made me clean my cum off the floor and meet her in her bedroom.

I looked at my cousin that was with me and she was smirking as if she could not believe what she was hearing but she was enjoying hearing it. She whispered to me “is this true”? I only nodded since it was, she then grabbed my cock through my pants and let out a gasp. Now I was embarrassed beyond belief and tried to motion her to leave with me. She whispered to me, “either we stay, and you let me hear the story, or you tell me the entire event yourself”. I decided to let her continue to eavesdrop on our sisters because I noticed I was getting a hard on and did not want to show it off to her. I turned and sat down in the planter against the house.

As my sister continued telling, “I stripped my clothes off, made him smell my pussy, then I had him eat me”, “He was so eager to taste me that he licked and sucked my snatch all over”. “I even felt him lick my ass hole”.” I had to tell him just where and what to do”. Our older cousin asked, “did he finally get it right”? “Did he make you cum”? My sister went on,” he did make me cum in his mouth but when I got my hands around his cock, I couldn’t believe the size of it”. “I can tell that you want to see his dick too, don’t you? You’re playing with yourself, aren’t you”? “Is this making you hot?” OMG.” You’re getting wet for his dick aren’t you”?

Our cousin then burst out saying, “I can’t stop rubbing my pussy, I want to see his cock, I want to feel it in me, do you think he will let me?”

Just then, the cousin I was with said into my ear “I think she will let you fuck her if you want to tonight”. I looked into her eyes and replied, “you’re the one I want to fuck and be with, I have always felt like you wanted to do me also”.

She said in a sultry whisper voice, “I want to do more than just fuck you, let’s go in and find out what they want to do tonight”.

We both went into the liv room and pretended that we had been there the whole time. Sitting on the couch, we heard the girls coming down the stairs. I must have looked a little scared as my sister asked, “what’s wrong brother, you look like you’ve seen a ghost”. I said “No I haven’t seen one, but I thought I heard one right before you came downstairs. Both she and the older cousin looked confused but shrugged off my comment.

My sister said, “I need to tell you, I just told her about the time we started acting as lovers”. I asked: “you mean…” she interrupted me “yes I told her about the time you and I started having sex”.

Both the cousins gasped and said almost at the same time, “Started?’ Sis then said, “and we want to have you do us now”. “Get up and take your clothes off” I looked at the girls, they all were looking eager at me, I shrugged my shoulders, stood up pulled off my shirt, then dropped my pants. I turned to the cousin that was outside with me, my cock starting to rise as it was getting harder and harder each moment and pointed at her. I then said, “it’s all yours”. With that she placed her hands on it saying OMG, this is so big, she then put it in her mouth, got the head in her mouth then pulled it out saying “OMG sis you have got to suck this one”.

My other cousin comes over to me, grabs my dick and said, “Watch girls, here is how you fuck a nice big cock”. She dragged me over by my dick, laid down on the carpet, spread her legs wide and commanded me, “Now my cousin, fuck me, put that beautiful cock in my cunt, come and fuck me good and hard”.

I knelt between her legs, as I start to push it in her, she lets out a low moan saying, “ohh myyy goshhh, I feel him stretching my pussy open, OOHHHH it feels soooo good”. My sister told the girls “I told you he had a big one, and he knows how to use it too”.

I started pounding my dick in her as hard as I could. Every time I bottomed out; she would make a noise like I was knocking her breath out of her. My sister was now naked and went to sit on the cousin’s face I was pounding on, as she lowered her snatch on my cousin’s face, I heard cousin slurping at her pussy. I looked over and my other cousin was fingering herself and moaning like she was about to cum.

I forced my dick in our cousin as hard as I could until I was ready to cum. I just grunted a little, then let my cum pump inside my cousin. She had an orgasm wile I was shooting my load in her. My cum started to leak out and when I pulled out of her my sister turned to eat her out and swallow my jizz. My sister orgasmed on my cousin’s face wile my other cousin had cum on her own fingers. She shoved her hand in my face and offered me to lick her juices from her fingers. Her pussy tasted wonderful.

After a short rest we noticed that it was after 2:00am and decided to get some sleep. I slept in my bed with the cousin that was my age. The only difference is that now I would let my hands roam around her body like I have wanted for a long time and she let me hold her in a loving embrace, spooning her close.

Evidently my sister and our other cousin slept the same way in sis’ bed. In the morning (around 12:00 noon) we slowly got up, went to the kitchen and talked about the night before. We realized that our love for each other went far beyond the limiting love of just family. We all agreed that our closeness to each other was more than any of us imagined until last night.

I am not sure where the saying “Insect is best” came from and I do not know if it’s actually true or not. It is awfully nice when you can be that special close with family that loves you in any way you are, there is not much better, if there is anything better.

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