Cousin Submission Third day

by Donna (Las Vegas)

My cousin and I woke up in the mid-morning about 8:00am. When I woke up, she was looking at me said “good morning my wonderful cousin, what shall we do today?” I stretched and thought for a moment, leaned to her and whispered, “anything you want”.

As she turned her back to me then pushed against me so we would be spooning again she asked, “what if I want to stay in bed with you all day?” my response was simple, “cool, I’d like that”. I was starting to rub her side and move my hands toward her tits when I felt my cock hardening and nestled inside the crack of her ass.

I didn’t try to push it in or move it, I just enjoyed the feel of it doing whatever it was going to. She must have realized I was rapidly getting harder in her ass crack because she let out an “OOOOOOH my, are we going somewhere new” as she pushed her butt back to me. She was bending at the waist and allowing her crack to widen a bit, letting my dick touch her hole.

Now I started humping her in the butt crack. My pre cum was making it slippery, feeling really nice. I was humping her harder when she told me. STOP, I have never done it in my butt, and I do not want to get hurt there.

That was when I let it slip that my sister let me do her in the ass once and she said it only hurt a little at first but then was really good. My cousin turns to me, looks me in the face and said, “You’ve fucked your sisters’ ass? Did you like it? Why would you fuck her in the ass? Was it her idea or yours?

She was getting all worked up when I explained that Sis wanted sex but was on the rag. She told me that she didn’t want to make me do her in the pussy, so I suggested “how about your butt? She told me “I’m so fucking horny right now, let’s do it. Be as gentle as you can”.

I stopped talking to wait for cousin’s reaction. After a few minutes of thought, she looked at me and said, “I want to feel what it’s like except I heard that it hurts a lot and Don’t want to be hurt there, if you can be gentle and it doesn’t hurt that much, ok, you can fuck me there”.

I moved from the center of the bed and told her to lay face down and raise her but up. She did exactly as I told her. I said, “I love you like this, submitting to my desires like this”. She said, “OH just do it, I’m not sure about this, you better just do it before I change my mind”.

I grabbed the lube from my nightstand, lubed her tight hole and started telling her, “I’m going to get you all lubed up”, I started rubbing my finger in her butt hole. It was super tight. I told her to relax and let me get her ass hole ready, she said “I’m trying, I can’t relax wile someone is shoving a finger in my butt”, “I think I want to stop this”.

Saying, “just pretend you are trying to poop my finger out”. “I’ll try, like this” and just as she said that I felt her anus lighten its grip and my finger slid in. OMG. OMG. Your finger is in my ass, your finger is in my ass, OMG. It hurts, take it out, take it out right now!” Telling her to calm down. I kept my finger in her but didn’t move it, just kept it still. She again said, “I told you to take it out, do it now, it’s hurting my butt. I explained, you can just wait a little, it gets better.

After a few minutes she started to calm down and relax her ass, saying, “I think it’s hurting less now, can we stop?” I then told her, “let me just work on you just a little, I will stop if we can’t make it good for you”. As she was saying, “ok but just aaayyyyeeee”, As I shoved two fingers in her as deeply as I could, I started pumping them in and out, I told her “Just take it for a few minutes, you’ll start liking it soon”.

I got her hole widened out enough and telling her she is almost done, I pulled my fingers completely out, re positioned myself with my legs holding hers in, I grabbed her hips, pulled her back and onto my dick and She started squirming and yelling, “NO NO, do not do that”, “your dick is too big”.

“STOP it now! You’ll rip me open”! She started trying to get away by twisting and hitting me, but I held her in place. I pushed her face into the pillow saying, “look bitch, you said you wanted to try getting butt fucked and I’m going to fuck you in the ass, now shut up and just take it!”

I heard her say in a quiet but quivering voice, “You bastard, you’re raping me, you don’t love me, you just want to rape my ass for your own pleasure”. How could you do this to me”? Her fighting lessoned and she started to cry in the pillow.

As I’m slowly and gently pushing my cock in her tight hole, it is getting easier and easier to fuck this beautiful woman. I was fucking her slowly getting my cock almost all the way out and slowly sliding it into the hilt when I noticed she wasn’t crying or whimpering anymore.

She was completely quiet, she was not trying to stop or fight or get away from me either, she was just lying there motionless. I stopped for a minute to check if she was breathing, she was. I said, “so you decided to accept it now”? “Are you liking it”? “You are starting to feel better in there”, she said. “You were right, I do kinda like it now”.

I started to hump her faster and harder, going fully deep in her ass. My balls were slapping her making a smacking noise. As I was getting that feeling I asked her “do you want my cum in your butt hole or on your back?” “In my ass” was all she said.

A couple of strokes more and I was shooting my load in my cousins’ ass as deep as my cock would go in. every spurt, I thrust it in deeper and harder. Just as I pushed one last time she started to moan saying “OMG, I love this”, “please leave it in for a bit”.

I could feel her anus squeeze my cock almost massaging it then finally push it out. I heard a squishing noise and looked at my cum oozing from her just fucked hole.

She just laid there motionless nor saying a word. I laid along side of her and held her tight, kissed her neck and ear. She turned to me looking me in the eyes and said, “you raped me” I told you to stop, and you didn’t, that is rape”! “I love you my dear cousin but because you did not stop when I yelled for you to, I think I like getting it in my ass”, “NO, I know I like being butt fucked”. “I felt so full of cock it was incredible. I want your cock in there again”. With that she gave me the most loving tongue in my mouth kiss I have ever had.

We got out of bed, showered and went to get something to eat for breakfast. Our sisters were in the kitchen when we got there. My sister said they could hear us the whole time. They were going to break into my room and force me to stop when they stopped hearing her cries to stop me. The cousin that I just fucked said, I am glad you two didn’t barge in, all is well between us and am thankful he did not stop. “It was just an experience I needed to have”.

I do not know what came over me when I refused to respect her wish for me to stop what I was doing to her. I have never done that before and not since either. I deeply love the women that give themselves to me or when I give myself to them. I wish no harm or bringing feelings of being uncomfortable in any way.

We swam a bit, and the girls went shopping the rest of the day. I cooked steaks on the grill for dinner, and we enjoyed an evening of playing board games and cards. I liked being the only guy with three girls that wanted to use me in any way they wish.

Incest is a negative term in today’s world, but I think that If you genuinely love and care for someone, what is wrong with expressing your love and joy just being with them? Even if they are members of your family?

Our parents would be home tomorrow, so we just took our night easy.

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