Cousin Submission the Last Day

by Donna (Las Vegas)

After a long and deserved sleep with my cousin, I woke up while she was still fast asleep. I tried to move my arm from under her head, but she woke up a bit from my movements. I kissed the back of her neck and told her “just go back to sleep, I’ll be right back”. She pulled the blankets up tight and dozed back asleep.

I did my morning routine in the bathroom and went into the kitchen for some coffee. My older cousin was awake and already had a pot brewing. As I filled my cup, I told her “this coffee smells great and I really needed some this morning”. Her reply was “I think we all need some this morning”.

I motioned to her and I go to the patio, she followed me to the table. We sat down, as she looked at me, then asked “do you think what we were doing is wrong?” I responded with “what do you mean wrong?”

“Well, I slept with your sister several times, she and I had several orgasms together, I had sex with you (“I love your dick by the way”), you had lots of sex with me and my sister, now I’m not sure about her but I think I want to be with you forever”.

I thought about what she was saying and where her thoughts might be coming from then told her, “I think that you and your sister are a two of the most wonderful people in the world. I love you both as if you were my own sister. I love the way we all have become so close that we can enjoy each other and have no inhibitions with each other allowing us to have sex with each other in front of each other whenever we wish”. “I also like how we can talk about anything or anyone and not feel like there is something to hide”.

She asked, “can I hug you right now?” I got up as she stood up, we embraced in a warm, tight, body wrapping “bear hug”. It felt so good as we stood there. My cock started to swell, and she just held me tight. When she moved, she put her hand on my cock, gave it a squeeze and kissed me deeply. Then said in a low sultry voice, “come and fuck me one last time, I want to feel you deep inside me again”.

I followed her into the living room, she opened her robe, lifted her nightie, telling me “you take my panties off”. I grabbed her hips, hooked my thumbs under the elastic waist band and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and laid back on the chaise, lifted her legs wide exposing her pussy to me.

I climbed up on the sofa, positioned myself between her legs and began to rub my now hard cock against her womanhood. She is getting very moist and slippery, I push my mushroom head in between her swollen lips as she lets out a low “MMMmmm OMG you are soooo big, you feel soooo good inside me”. I work my entire cock in her.

She starts talking dirty, “that’s it, fuck me, fuck my pussy, make me cum, fuck me hard, come on you bastard, fuck me hard, OOOOoo yes just like that, MMMM I’m going to cum on your cock, keep fucking me just like that, I’m going to cum! OMG I am cummming! She starts twitching and shacking like a woman possessed.

As she calms down, says coyly “you sure know how to fuck a woman, you just made me cum harder and faster than I ever have before”. I said “yeah, but you need to make me cum”, she moves up, puts my dick in her mouth and sucks me off better than before, as I filled her mouth with my cum she swallows it down, wipes her mouth and says, “and that is why I want to be with you forever my dear cousin, you can make a girl feel like a complete woman”.

Just then we noticed my sister in the room, she agreed with our cousin saying, “he’s a good brother to have” and they both laughed as I smiled at the compliments.

Our parents will be home around noon today said my sis, and she started cooking breakfast while my older cousin and I started picking up and cleaning the house. We got called to the table by my sister and the cousin my age came in and we all had our last meal together.

During our meal we talked about what a wild and wonderful weekend we had. The girls asked me which one of them had the best pussy. I told them; “I love all your pussies. There is not a better one than the other in this room. I would let any of you girls have my tongue or fingers or even my dick at any time”.

After breakfast we finished cleaning the house. My cousin that slept in my room went to pack her things. Before she got to the hallway, she turned to me asking “want to join me”. I jumped up, almost racing her to my room. I turned to her, hugged her, whispered in her ear, “69 is a good number”.

We got into bed and she smiled and giggled as she started sucking my cock while I started eating her. We both started to climax together. I shot my load in her mouth as I was slurping on her juicy cunt. We kissed and she whispered in my ear, “I love you; I want to do this next week too”. “I hope we can” I said to her. We both went in and showered.

Our parents got home just before noon. Our Aunt and Uncle picked the girls up, we all walked them to the car, my aunt asked if we had a good time. The older cousin said, “this was one of the best weekends of her life”, her sister said, “you can say that again”.

Our aunt looks at them, smirks then looked me in the eyes and said “I believe it” then winked at me. As they drove off and my father said, “wonder what that was about” I simply shrugged my shoulders and stated, “I dunno”.

Both of our Parents along with Aunt and Uncle were brought up in a properly religious home setting with extremely strict values. None of them would allow or accept the things us kids had done then or in the future. I do remember wanting my mother to know how much I love my sister and cousins but could never tell her.

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