Cousin Submission Next Day

by Donna (Las Vegas)

After we woke up from our night before, we were all in the kitchen having breakfast and feeling a little hung over. I asked my older cousin, “did you like what we did last night”? She replied with “you were wonderful and as far as I can tell, you are one guy that will have women wanting your dick every chance they get”.

I needed to hear it directly, so I asked, “so you want my cock as often as possible”? She laughed saying “I would have you in my pussy all day every day my dear cousin”. “We all would” my sister said in agreement”.

The cousin my age spoke up and said, “That’s fuckin great for you two, I haven’t had his dick in me yet,” last night all we did was hold each other and sleep!” Sis then stated to her “that’s too bad, but at least you have something to forward to” and they all started laughing.

After breakfast we cleaned up the house the I went swimming. It was not long before the younger cousin came in her bikini, sat on the edge of the pool, motioned me over to her. As I swam in her direction, she spreads her legs wide just as I came up out of the water.

Now I’m looking right at her bikini covered crotch, I glance up at her, she was looking directly in my eyes and said, “so last night you said you wanted more that to just fuck me”. “Is that true”? I told her that it was and if she’d let me I would do anything she asked. “Well tonight you just might get your chance” she said.

The rest of the day was uneventful except for the trip to the mall where we 4 had dinner. As we walked back to the car for the trip home, older cousin said that she wanted to just relax tonight, my sister agreed saying that after last night she needed some quiet time. My other cousin said she wanted a movie and then go to bed. I just agreed with them. (Hey, I’m Not stupid, 3 smoking hot chicks that have sex with you! You wouldn’t disagree either).

We got home, picked a movie and all sat down on the couch to watch it. It was not long before may age cousin snuggled up to me saying, you make me feel comfortable. Her sister giggled and let out “you should let him make you feel exhausted then”.

My sister was asleep almost before the title shots were over and older cousin was leaning against her and wrapped a throw blanket on them both. I started feeling up my cousin that was snuggled to me. As I cupped her breast, I felt her hand on my cock. I realized I was still wearing shorts the I felt her pulling the zipper down slowly as to not any noise that her sister would hear. Feeling her trying to get to my dick and the thought of no one in the room knowing it made me super hard.

She looked up at me and said in a whisper “this is what I meant to do last night”. I simply whispered back “go ahead, its all for you tonight”. With that she tries to pull my dick out of my shorts, but it is too hard to go through the zipper, she tugged harder and hurt me. She said “sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry, take them off”. I unsnapped the button and she yanked off and underwear then dropped them on the floor.

I looked over at her and my sister, it looked as if they were both falling asleep. I then told my cousin to do whatever she wanted. She slides off the couch and onto her knees in front of me, she puts my cock in her mouth and started giving me the best blowjob I think I have ever had. She was moving her head up and down on my shaft, she swirled her tongue around its head, stuck her tongue in my pee hole and flicked it in and out, she sucked and sucked on my dick until I whispered, “I’m going to cum”.

She did not stop at all and I shot me cum in her mouth, she tried to get it all, but some leaked out the corners of her mouth. When she finished swallowing my love juice, she slowly lets it slip out and as she gets the the tip of my dick, she kissed it lovingly.

She looked me strait in the eyes, says “Its now your turn, where should we go”? It took me a second or two to think straight and once I realized what she just said, I whispered, “my room”. She got up, reached her hand down to me then lead me to the bedroom. As we entered and she closed the door behind us, she reached over and lifted my shirt off.

I reached for her tank top, pulled it over her head, reached behind and unhooked her bra, I grabbed her skirt, unzipped it and let it hit the floor. As she stepped out of her clothes and toward me, she pulled her panties down and again looked in my eyes with her determined stare said, here I am, all ready for you. I threw her on the bed, she yelped a little as she hit the mattress and bounced, I climbed on top of her, pushing my legs in between hers.

She started kissing me and shoving her tongue down my throat, then says, put that big cock in me, fuck me like I watched you fuck my sister, fuck me hard and make me cum. I began shoving my dick in her juicy cunt. She starts moaning before I was even completely in her saying OMG. Your dick is so hard, I understand now! Push it in me, push it in me now, harder OMG harder.

And with that I shoved it in all the way. She shrieked saying OMG. OMG. OMG. I love your dick. Every time I pulled it out and shoved it back in as hard as I could she would gasp. It only took her a few moments to tell me she was cumming, then started convulsing like she was having a seizure or something. I kept pounding it in her until she screamed “OMG. Stop please stop, I can’t take it anymore. I stopped pumping my dick in her, held it in her hard and deep as I could then shot a huge load inside her.

As her quivering slowed and she was able to stop moaning, her body went limp for a few seconds. I slid down to kiss her just fucked pussy when she sort of motioned to me, I slid up to her and kissed her deeply giving her a taste of our juices together. I wrapped my arms around her, held her tight and told her, “I will never let you go. I love you”. “I love you too my dear, dear cousin”.

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