Cousin Play Time 😘

by Aubrey (Montana)

I was at my grandma’s house with all of my cousins and I shared a bed with my sister and my cousin Talia. I didn’t sleep very much due to continuous thumping but I didn’t think much of it.

At midnight I was wide awake and still couldn’t sleep so I went to use the bathroom. The thumping got so loud I had to investigate, the loft. I see that the door is cracked and decide to peek in to see if my cousin Darren was awake.

I peek into the room to find my cousin jerking off his giant cock, I could hear my voice and knew it was a YouTube video that we filmed a day before. I was so shocked that he was masturbating to me, when my vagina felt so amazing!

I was horny so I stuck my hand down my pants and kept my eyes on Darren’s Cock while rubbing myself. It felt so good! I was really wet then collapsed due to the MOST AMAZING orgasm I ever had!

I layed there moaning in the hallway when I saw Darren walk into the hallway, I was having my orgasm so I didn’t care. He told me to come inside and he locked the door, I was very young at the time so I was very confused.

Out of nowhere he pinned me down to the couch and started making out with me while rubbing my clit. I was so turned on I was practically begging him to hump me. After 5 minutes of fingering me he started licking my pussy. I was so wet and squirted in his mouth, and then we made out for about 2 hours and fell asleep. He fell asleep with his 7 inch penis in me.

Fucking My Older Sister
By Anonymous

I walk into my room. It is just me in the house, or so I thought. I take the vibrator out from my bedside table. I am so horny. I have been thinking about this all day. After a few minutes I see her in the doorway, watching me. She slowly crawls onto the bed taking off her top.

I turn off the vibrator and her head goes down to my clit. She starts to lick. She gets faster and sucks hard. I am screaming and grabbing the pillow hard. "More" ooh more I yell.

A few days later we are home alone again. She comes in and we are both naked. She is on top of me and our clits are rubbing she is going so fast. I start to yell. She starts moaning for more. It feels so good I’m screaming and yelling. I need more I fall back and moan as she eats me out. I have a mind blowing orgasm and yell and scream for more.

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