Conversation In The Car

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

"Hell of a session darling"

"You're telling me, I,m absolutely knackered"

"I,m sore, I need to do without for a couple of days"

"Well I,m just drained, I'd be hard put to deliver any more, I'm just dry"

"Put the heater on for a bit"

"The heater, what for hun"?

"Need to dry my knickers, I'm leaking like a sieve"

"Oh! I'm not surprised, you were in great demand to night"

"That Benny really gave me a going over, God! what a stud me is"

"Ha! yeah him and four or five others, no wonder you're sore.

"And leaky, my poor arsehole too, GOD! what a battering."

"Mine's no better, playing the bitch can have its comebacks"

"HaHa!, come being the operative word, what a cd slut you make darling"

"Huh!" what are you doing?"

"Got to take these knickers off, I'm uncomfortable....ohhh! what a mess, what a mess, a

right pair of slutty whore's kickers, just feel them feel that gusset honey, you'll love

sniffing it when its dried off."

"Pull your dress up and put your feet up on the dashboard, let the warm draft dry your

pussy off...that's going to smell ripe in the morning too"

"Nothing you wont enjoy though, you animal."

"OH! careful sweetie, I,m a bit tender there, just flick it gently...oo!...oooo! yes

thats it, mmm! mmmmmm! aaaaaaahhh nice, some finger hon, give it a few fin.....

uuuuuuuuunnnnhhhhh! oh GOD! sorry darling, I squirted a bit."

"Horny bitch, that cunt of yours is a devouring monster, it eats cock and fingers and

fists...not to mention your toys"

"It loves cock more though, yours especially my love, long and thick, and I love that

floppy foreskin. Come to think of it, young whats his name...Julian seemed to enjoy it

too, sucking you off and skinning it back and forth, he,s a little darling isn't he hon,

and I adore seeing him dressed and wearing make up, such a convincing little slut."

"Actually my love, I thought I might invite him for a weekend stay over with us, we can

both enjoy him more as a threesome, what do you think."

"As long as we can invite that young bitch Sally, I loved her and I doing our Lizzie bit

my God she has a long I still runny darling?

"Slippy enough for some mild cock invading, you fucking nympho, God you're such a spunk

depository, and you moan about leaking, bloody cheek."

"Ahh! home at last dear, are you decent?"

", perish the thought."

"Would you mind very much if I slept with Erica tonight darling, I really am very sore,

maybe her tongue can soothe me, and my poor nipples as well, do you mind awfully darling?"

"No go on, I don't mind, she,s always got an itch she loves you to scratch"

"Oh you get your share as well, she loves it when you water her garden after planting

seed in her.......and I know about her sharing her skimpys with you.....does she smell nice


"A bit stronger than you babe, very sort of sweaty and musky, a touch vinegary with a hint

of seashell......oh and very groovy, a good lube for my cock getting deep in her arse, all

the way balls deep, a fair standing for you my little cock happy pussy licking slut, I'm so

glad we got wed"

"Well, with that in mind my sweet I'm off to get Erica between my legs for some tongue to

pussy lovving, soooo soothing darling that long tongue getting inside me, night night!!"

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