Consenting Sister

by Erin (Texas)

Consenting Sister

After graduation parties of Prom Night and as so many young men do after striking out of a date, I was in my bed stroking my nine inch cock when my older sister entered my room. Wearing a t-shirt, no bra and only panties, Sis has a fantastic body with large firm tits, huge nipples pushing her shirt out far, a dark haired pussy I could see through her tight white panties. I was about to learn what a special sister I had.

“I can help you with that,” mouth open staring at my sister’s dark haired attributes crossing to my bed, to say the least I was caught by surprise and still stroking.

“I’m just about to cum,” I managed blurting out.

“I don’t mind at all, I love cum,” Sis climbing onto the bed beside me, I watched her gorgeous tits sway, Sis took hold of my cock placing her mouth over and I blew her mouth, full of cum.

“That was absolutely delicious,” Sis spoke as she raised her head to lick cum from the corners of her mouth and pulled her t-shirt from over her, lovely beautiful face.

“Thought you were going steady,” why I blurted that out I have no idea.

“That’s what he says, Jake. And besides you have a much bigger cock than his, your cum taste so much better and I could never love him the way I do my sweet baby brother. Like my tits,” Sis watching my eyes I could only nod, quickly Sis removed her panties before taking hold of my hard once again and kissing me full on the lips.

“You must think I’m sexy, your cock is still hard, Jake,” Sis kissed again rubbing her naked tits upon my chest, stroking my cock.

“I’ve wanted some of this cock for a long time now, ever since you were about fourteen and I saw you jerking off in the shower. I have fantasized of your cock, Jake. Want to fuck your big sister, Jake,” Sis wiggled out of her panties, opening her gorgeous legs, staring into my eyes kissing my open mouth.

“We are both consenting adults now and your cock looks like it wants, some of your big sister’s pussy. If we do get caught, not very likely, our adopted parents can’t have us arrested. You can touch them, Jake,” big smile from Sis, as I reached out.

“Aw,” the one word escaped from Sis as she positioned one tit to my mouth, keeping my hand to her other tit, rolling the nipple.

“My tits and nipples were aching so badly and when I sneak a peek at you jerking your cock, there is a crack of your door I can peek through. Decided it was time with our parents away, I am so wet from the want of you,” Sissy speaking as I gorged myself of beautiful, large, gorgeous firm tits.

“You are not worried of the incest, we’ll commit,” only moments I took time to speak refilling my mouth with beautiful tits and my finger inside Sissy’s super, wet, hot pussy.

“Oh hell no! I don’t plan to get pregnant and I had the Old Woman start me on the pill, when I was fifteen. I don’t know I’ll ever want children, Jake. I want to fuck with you, Jake. Because I know in my mind, you love me more than anyone else, ever will. I’ve always felt so close to you, Jake. I want you and I to be as close as we can, I love sex and want to feel you inside me,” with Sis’s assurance I moved between her beautiful legs. Cock of hand I rubbed in Sissy’s wet juices started the large head in and looked to her eyes, before plunging deeper.

“ Oh god, Jake! Do you feel that! I’ve never felt anything like this, it’s like millions of love receptors are hitting my erotic sexual sensors and I need more but go slow Jake,” slowly I penetrated watching Sissy’s eyes as she watch my cock entering her dark covered, hairy pussy. Nothing have I ever seen more is beautiful than my sister, her beautiful face watching my cock, only glances would she give to my eyes and back to the cock, she so wanted inside her.

“Oh god, Jake! I need more and more, Jake. I’m right at the point of reaching a really, huge orgasm, Jake and I’m coming closer and closer as you easy into me. It’s wonderful Jake, just like I have always known it would be, all these years I’ve waited. I’m sorry, Jake. Oh god that feels so wonderful,” Sis’s eyes were flattering in her head as she spoke.

“What do you have to be sorry for,” I shoved another inch into Sis and was feeling the same as she, total wonderment of how my cock felt and I hadn’t began to fuck yet, just entering.

“I was the fault of you not getting as much pussy from your girlfriends, over the years, you could have. I didn’t mind them giving you pussy, after all I love to fuck but when they would start getting serious, I was a bitch to them,” Sis’s eyes were filled with wanton desires but remorseful at the same time.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Sis. They were just pussy and nothing like what I am feeling right now, Sis. You are the most beautiful woman ever, every man’s dream and I have my cock sinking slowly into the hot and wettest pussy, I have ever felt. I feel like by the time I’m all the way inside you, my cock is going to erupt with a load of cum, more powerful than I’ve ever known. My cock is so hard it is aching and has to be inside you,” felt the need to let Sis know wonderful and I feeling the same as she.

“Oh Jake, fuck me, I’m cumming! Oh Jake, I feel you, your cock throbbing. Fuck me Jake, your cum is so hot! Every single swimmer of your sperm attacking my pussy at once, crush my tits with your chest and kiss me, Jake. Fuck your big sister, Jake! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck your sister, Jake,” felt like prolonged minutes my cock pumped into Sis, as she fucked me back. Screaming to chew my ear, forcing her tongue into my mouth, holding on as orgasm after orgasm ran through her body.

“Oh god, Jake! I love your cock,” Sis called as our orgasms began to fade.

“Oh Sis, you are the best ever,” it was true and my cock wasn’t fading and Sis realized too as I kept fucking her, more slowly, allowing orgasms to build.

“Oh god, I want to eat your cum Jake but don’t stop fucking me. After this next huge orgasm, maybe I can allow you taking your cock out of my pussy and fuck my face.”

Ten years it’s been, since the first time of fucking with Sis, a glorious ten years. Elderly adopted parents moved to Florida and our only contact comes about once a year, in the form of a Christmas card. They deeded the house over to Sis and I. A deep bond between our parents, never accrued for Sis and I. Neighbors have come and gone and the few we have contact with think we are a married couple, as we share, our last name.

Sis and I are completely happy fucking like a newly wedded couple, we both went to college, getting jobs after. Our parents saw to it we had the opportunity to get ahead in life. Sis and I phone each other during the day, any time we can break from work. Sis hasn’t changed one bit, neither in her appearance or her desire to fuck with me. I have matured to the point I now look older than she. Easy to tell when Sis is in her office alone, for the conversation turns to sex immediately, Sis telling she can hardly wait our happy time with my cock, deep in fucking her pussy.

Dirty talk Sis loves, especially during sex, loves watching my cock fucking her beautiful wanting pussy. I wouldn’t trade my life for any I could ever dream up, I have it so much better than any of the guys I work with, always complaining of not getting it often enough. I often tell them they should have married better, when Sissy’s time of the month comes around, the sex doesn’t stop. Eating my cum is something Sis has done daily since our first time, multiple times daily and in any way I want sex, Sis is game for.

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