Confident Driver: Chapter 2

by bigdaddykingdavid (USA)

I recognized Connie's voice and couldn't let myself feel the joy, knowing how good this adventure was going to be. A red flag was up. I hadn't given her my phone number in case she wasn't as horny as I thought and wanted to have her hubby or son pay me a visit.

"How did you get my number Connie" I asked. She said it had not been easy, but she works at the state motor vehicle dept. She explained that as I left the market, she took down the plate. Once at work she put it in the system and had all Sally's info in seconds. Luckily Sally had put my info as emergency contact weeks ago when she registered her car, otherwise it would have been harder to find me.

Knowing Connie was too honest to lie and not street smart enough to make this up, I asked her when she would have a free day to get started? "My husband leaves tomorrow morning to his hunting cabin for one week" she replied. I told her that was perfect.

I told Connie to wait until her husband was gone long enough not to come back because he forgot condoms for the trip to the cabin with the boys. Then she was to get cash and rent a room in av cheap motel using her maiden name. She needed to shower and scrub every bit of her body. Then she was to text me address and room number of the motel.

I informed her further not to put on clothing except bra and granny panties she was sure to posses. I would be there ten minutes after her text and she would get three taps on the door. My final words were, "it's too late to back out once we get started so don't text unless you are ready to obey me. bring extra cash in case I need anything, I have no limits whore".

The text came and I was ready despite being as nervous as I'm certain Connie was. I tapped three times on door 88 and it took several minutes before the locks clicked. The door parted just a couple inches and Connie's fearful eyes stood out in the dark recess. I pushed it open and stepped inside quickly closing the door behind me.

I stepped forward and wrapped the collar in my hand around Connie's neck and clasped it. I then attached the leash I held in the other end , walked over to the ratty chair near the corner and sat. Connie followed because she had to, then stood before me nervously.

I then used a commanding voice and said, "Get on your fucking knees before your master". Connie seemed to be happy to have something to do besides stand and be nervous but then she paused and started to mumble something about bad knee's. I didn't let her go on, I interrupted her with an even louder voice saying,"Kneel now slave".

Connie went to her knees at once and was silent. I undid the buckle of my belt and pulled it free of my waist. I held the black leather to her face and told her, "Any more problems with obedience and you will be punished in ways you cannot imagine". I was about to ask if she understood but she saved me the trouble by nodding her head rapidly.

I told her she would repeat after me the following, "You are master and I am your slave. I will do anything you wish always and do it the best I am able. If I fail punish me as you see fit and I will accept my punishment gratefully."

When Connie had finished I told her to stand and remove her bra and panties and give them to me which she did at once. I noticed she had to fight her instincts several times by first bringing her arms up to cover her large tits then quickly dropping them at her sides. I pulled the leash for emphasis as needed.

I tossed the bra aside then brought her granny panties to my face and finding the crotch area placed them under my nose while I inhaled deeply several times. I could not believe how sweet and yummy her pussy scent was and I wanted to eat her so bad but I had to continue the game. Then I thought, "No I don't, I'm in control here and I will do what I want."

I said that I liked her huge tits and we would get to them but I needed to taste her fuck hole first. I told her to get on the bed on her back and spread her whore legs far apart for her master. As Connie did what she was told I saw her fighting her instinct to keep her legs closed yet following my order to open them wide.

Once settled and spread wide I stood looking at her cunt and despite note being shaved, her lips were long and flappy just like I liked them. I dove between her opened legs and smelled her cunt deeply before using my tongue to slide lightly up and down her slit. She had the sweetest smell and I tried to tease but couldn't wait. I tried to drive my tongue deep into her fuck hole and was taken aback at once.

Two things were immediately apparent, Connie was wetter than a leaky water main, and tighter than a virgin nun. I couldn't get my tongue stabbed even half way inside despite her lube factory working at maximum overdrive. Then as I pushed a couple times to be certain I wasn't mistaken Connie went into a set of convulsive shakes and had an orgasm that I had not permitted or even been asked to permit,

I felt a warm gush of fluid wash down like a flash flood all over my face and once tasted by my tongue, I could do nothing other than lap it up and enjoy every bit of it. This only caused Connie to cum even harder and more to flow. I gulped it down wondering who was the bitch here, but it tasted so sweet I couldn't stop. After I gulped, licked, and swallowed all her cum I pulled my face back to watch her anus contract several times in concert with her pussy.

Embarrassingly enough I exploded in my pants, dumping gobs of cum into them in amounts never before seen even as a teenager. Not knowing what else to do, I stood and opened my fly and told Connie, "Whore get your ass up here and clean up this mess you made". As I stood beside the bed Connie positioned herself so that her face was at dick level and showed no evidence of fighting instinct this time while she slurped and slobbered all over my area from navel to damn near knees devouring every bit of cum she could locate.

I then had her suck me hard again because there was no possible way on this planet I was not going to shove my cock in her tight fuck hole. Once I was hard I had her lay back again and I couldn't help but wonder if the motel was going to charge her for the massive wet spot her pussy had made while she sucked, me all over the comforter.

I put my swollen cock head to the long lips and rubbed it up and down the slit in order to lube it. I stopped at the fuck hole entrance and pushed just enough to keep it aligned and then reached up to knead and squeeze the massive tit flesh I had wanted to play with from the day I first ogled them in the market.

As I played with the left tit I bent down and whispered in Connie's ear, "I'm going to thrust fat cock inside your tight fuck tube right now and suck this fat nipple. If you cum before I do or again period without permission, you will be punished. No sooner than I had said it, my hips pushed forward causing my cock to force apart all thing impeding its progress and buried itself slowly into the tight twat before it.

Connie and I both shuddered in orgasm, one feeding off the other and couldn't stop even if we wanted to I felt here impossibly tight vaginal muscles contracting in spasms around my shaft which milked further squirts of cum from my cock and drained my balls completely.

I couldn't even fuck her tits like I had planned, I was so spent all I could do was recover for a moment. Who knew she would be this neglected? Taking charge I stood and ordered Connie to sit up so she could lick and suck my cock clean before we went shopping.

Once she had finished cleaning me with her tongue I had Connie get on hands and Knees on the bed. I spread her ass and ate it like a pussy, stabbing my tongue into the tight muscled center and gaining little entry as hoped. I then slapped and spanked each ass cheek (there is a difference, yes between slapping and spanking,..... and each cheek) while telling her she needed to start fingering this shit hole opening with a lubed finger the next couple days so it wouldn't hurt so bad when I wore her slut pussy out and needed a tighter fuck hole.

Connie didn't respond right away so I swatted her ass cheek hard while yelling "Answer your master cunt". She was obviously a quick study because she tried to minimize her lurch forward and responded saying, "yes master I will make it good for you, thank you for telling me in advance."

Could I ask for more? Yes I could. I had her join me in the shower where she used her tongue first to clean my asshole and sweaty balls, then a cloth to clean all of me. I played with her big tits while she washed our bodies.

We finished and went shopping in her Jag, we used her credit card to buy me clothing two cities away from ours so no friends would see us. As we ate lunch at a swanky joint with a name I couldn't pronounce, I had her jack me off under the table and catch the tiny tablespoon full that I was able to produce in the hour after being drained, and had her eat it atop a piece of French bread.

We returned to the motel and I had her suck me, to show dominance, however she failed in the skill department and it ended up being a face fuck session that I know she orgasm in the middle of but I let her slide because she played it off well.

I ordered my fuck toy, to get another cell phone that was private and to get cash on hand for our next adventure. I also advised her not to brag to all her friends at work about how she finally had a real cock after years of none etc.

There are several adventures since then including a night with Sally of all things. I doubt anyone wants to hear about that though because nobody ever comments saying they want to hear more. I leave it to you reader, do you want to hear about Sally helping me work my lubed cock into Connie's ass?

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