Confident Driver: Chapter 1

by bigdaddykingdavid (USA)

It all started by accident really, this thing that Connie and I have been doing in secret. None of this was planned and neither one of us has ever done this type of thing before.

Sure I ran across stories about this type of sex in the dirty magazines I came across now and then over the years. I've seen bits here and there in porno movies in a motel room while flipping through the categories to get to the stuff I like.

I think it has just come to me naturally because I never learned to do this stuff and I have never witnessed it being done in real life by others. Connie was as innocent and sheltered as a nun in a convent. She is a natural as well I suppose, I have no other explanation for the things we do together. Things that would shock anyone who knows either of us even slightly and those who don't at all in fact.

Let me explain it from the beginning, it's the only way this will have any chance of making sense and even then it's dicey. Hell I'm the one doing it and I don't understand any of it really. I just know it gives Connie something she needs in one direction and me what I need in another. On top of that it gives us extreme pleasure when we have our secret time together and usually for a few days afterwards.

I was in the super market of all places with my girlfriend shopping for some items for our dinner I was planning to cook that evening. We are quite different in our sexuality Sally and I. She is what I call reserved or inhibited whereas I am just the opposite. I don't understand words like "limit", "moderation", "modesty" and such, especially when it comes to sex.

I have been labeled as; Hedonist, Freak, Promiscuous, Naughty and other complimentary things. I take pride in my ability to enjoy sexual freedom that is devoid of guilt and shame. This is why I picked up a cucumber in the produce aisle that was long and thicker than the others.

I had some distracting thoughts at first, such as "This big fucker is the pride of some poindexter type fella working in the genetically modified, cancer causing, gotta feed the world program", and "By golly I bet the old lady in the shoe would get some satisfaction from a good pounding with this here twat stretcher".

Then I sauntered over to sally who was squeezing the tomatoes like I wish she would do to my balls when I finally talk her into letting me pecker punch her tonsils, and as I grabbed a handful of her plump ass, told her I was willing to bet whatever amount of money she wanted to lay down that I could get more of it in my ass than she could in her fuck hole.

I wasn't just being cocky, I have confidence in my anal expansion abilities. Don't get me wrong here, I'm absolutely heterosexual, however my experience with contraband smuggling while incarcerated, combined with my understanding that anal beads and butt plugs can greatly increase the magnitude of my orgasm when they are pulled out of, or better yet, rapidly fucked in and out of my gaping shit pipe at the moment said orgasm begins.

Furthermore, If I get real lucky, which happens about two out of ten times, the beads or plug slaps against the prostate and sends me into "o" town overdrive causing deep cock contractions that make me shoot nut butter ropes high and far like a punted football right after the kicker got his steroid shot.

Normally Sally would Blush slightly and ask if I really swallowed my meds this morning or cheeked them in order to save some up for a one man pharm party/rave that I sometimes enjoy with myself. This time however I didn't happen to notice, or care about an older woman who was on the opposite side of the tomato pyramid from sally and I.

Judging by the woman's gasp and the sudden deep, beet red color that raced across Sally's face faster than a politician could lie, I think she overheard my gambling proposal to Sally. Then, as Sally quickly dropped the tomatoes, turned, took hold of the shopping cart, and zoomed away like her ass had caught fire.

Then this middle aged woman with huge tits comes around the mountain of tomatoes and started yammering away about my audacity, vulgarity, and a plethora of my other qualities that she had somehow mistaken for defects in my character.

I looked her up and down a few times and decided I liked what I saw. Despite the massive size of her tits they still looked like they had some firmness to them. Usually women with giant tits like hers tended to be obese by middle age but she was slightly plump at best.

I was looking at her face and thinking the only improvement needed was to stuff enough hard cock in the yammer box and convert it to a cum dump/cock and ball washer and she would be useful beyond dishes and laundry washing .

She was now saying something about her husband being superior court judge and her son a corrections officer blah blah blah. So I decided it was time to wrap things up and shut down the yammer box like a boss before my girlfriend came back and realized her replacement had been located.

I put my finger to the woman's lips softly and said sshhh. Then I whispered; "What is your name?" This had the desired effect because the yammering stopped and a confused look came over her face as if she couldn't recall her own name. I then clapped my hands loudly in her face to snap her back to the present from where ever she had gone. "Connie" she said then repeated, "Yes, my name is Connie".

Stepping back I asked Connie what seemed to be the problem here that had bunched her panties up into a wad? This caused the confused look to linger and I thought I may need to clap again. Finally Connie came back before my patience limit maxed out and began a futile effort to scold me for what she termed "inappropriate" comments and behavior in public, etc etc.

I said to Connie the following;

"Listen little mama, not only do you have a nice rack but your sorta cute too, so I'm giving you a pass on your little rant here as well as getting all up in the business of a real man. I understand you get jealous and filled with envy when you see other women getting sexual attention and you get none.

But, It's not my fault your closet homosexual husband can't be honest with you or himself and either get right and fuck you like you need it, or set you free so you can find a cocksman like myself who will do his job for him since he isn't capable.

I recommend you go ahead and purchase that bigger vibrator you have had your eye on in the mail order catalog. You will get the mail before he gets home and if not, fuck him, show him your toy and tell him if he would quit being a bitch and lay some pipe you wouldn't need to buy such things.

The only draw back is, eventually you will still crave a real live cock scratching that itch like nothing else really can completely. Then you will have to come find me, or one of the few like me and suffer the indignity and humiliation we are going to put you through because it's what you really want and need but just don't know it. That's your issue and price you pay for getting married to a lame and letting him impregnate you with poor genetics that brings our society down. So don't sweat me and mine for letting you get a glimpse of what your missing.

I have to tell you, I hope it's me you find when the itch gets to be a bitch, I haven't had a tit fuck session with jugg's of your caliber in a long time. Have a nice day Connie."

With that I sauntered off to find my girl and make sure she bagged the cucumber and I heard Connie gasping repeatedly as she tried swallowing too much truth in one gulp.

Days later I got a phone call and at first there was only breathing on the other end when I asked what they wanted. Then Connie said "Richard you were so right and it's past time, I’ll do anything you want if you will give me what I need."

Stay tuned for chapter two!

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