Coming Out

by Everready (Houston)

Wife and I were having a couple drinks and were playing partners with another couple on the pool table , after some small talk. Wife comes to ask if it's OK for the women to lick her pussy and that she was the best at it and her hubby only watched.

So after agreeing we all went back to our place , the girls were making drinks I decided we were going to need more dope than what we had on hand.

So I went to get some from a close by friend and when I returned, I found the women between my wife's legs and wife's head was leaned back rocking slowly and by the sounds she really must be good at it.

The husband had removed his cock from his pants and was slowly stroking one of the largest cocks I've ever seen in real-life and I must admit appeared to be perfect in every aspect.

As I stepped towards the couch he was sitting on keeping one eye on him the other on the girls, as I sat down staring at his gorgeous manhood I offed the glass pipe that I had just loaded prior to waking in the room to him.

He released his hard cock and took pipe in one hand and lighter in the other leaving his magnificent manhood just standing there all alone by its self and without any further thought my tongue had already motion my lips and my mouth had Fallin open.

I dropped down taking most of him in my mouth closing around the shift I felt his warmth and hardness and heard the sound of approval from him as he raised up slightly offering me more,

I stayed down on him until I needed more breath and felt him grow larger and harder and as I slowly began to raise. I felt 2 hands on my head slightly pushing me back down as he again rose up offering me more.

This carried on for several more stokes and then I noticed both of his hands were by his side and being that who's were on my head guiding me up and down his thick shift. Could it be my wife surly not.

It was then that I heard my wife from across the room saying don't stop now I knew you were a cocksucker and it was his wife who held my head in place as he slowly began to fuck my face and his wife saying that's it baby suck him good and you can have his cum down your throat.

So after only a few more strokes he began to swell and push further and then I felt it the warm flow that filled my mouth with each throb more and more came and I kept him in my mouth until he had finished only then did I release him.

My wife and her new friend both clapped their hands and applauded me and saying what do you do for an oncor I simply replied saying eat pussy of course.

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