Close Shave

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Robby always had his haircut every two weeks at the one Barber shop he preferred, 'Toms Heads' But the day a new face started to work there was the day that Robby got struck by the 'Cock Bolt'

Rob spoke quietly to Tom about the new guy who told him that the new guy was called Mike, a cousin who was starting off in the business. Robby said he'd give the guy Mike, a try out on his thatch just to see how well he might do....or not as the case may turn out.

The fact was that Robby couldn't keep his eyes off Mike and found himself extremely aroused at the very thought of sex with the guy. When he took his place at Mikes station the usual cape was thrown around his neck and the young man got to work. What ever vibes that radiated from the two young men seemed to work as they made constant eye contact in the big mirror in front of them, and this also had its physical reflection in young Mike taking many opportunities to press his groin against Robby's arm. Under the cape poor flustered Robby had to clutch his crotch and cock, which had swollen painfully hard and was seeping heavily its precum into his female panties which he always wore.

When Mike finished Robby managed to get up from the chair and pay Tom without giving away his aroused state, he made his way out of the shop but called out to Tom that if he fancied a few drinks at the pub down the street that he'd be there for a spell before strolling across town. Tom waved and Robby moved to the door passing young Mike as he did so. Mike held the shop door open for Rob and as he passed he looked into Mikes eyes, that was the split second the 'Cock Bolt' struck because the young man winked and slowly licked his lips.

Rob almost staggered to the pub, his head spinning madly at this encounter, wild sensations were coursing through his lower body his groin, arse and thighs seemed ablaze with irrational blazing desire. In the pub he ordered a large whiskey and took a table away from the door and in the Lounge bar where he confusedly thought about what had transpired. As he recounted the young man pressing against him, winking at him,licking his lips so lasciviously, Bobby was convinced they were signals of mutual sexual attractions and promise.

Lost in thought he was unaware when a glass of whiskey was placed in front of him and a body sat next to him, and a voice asked softly if he minded some company. Snapping out of his reverie Rob looked and found young Mike sitting next to him, not just sitting but using a foot to press on one of Robby's. They looked at one another, Mike smiled a beautiful pearly white smile, his eyes were sparkling and under the table a hand rested gently on Robs crotch. He nearly swooned at that contact and he placed a trembling hand on top of his companions had pressing it hard against a by now fully re-aroused turgid dick.

There were no words needed to be said, their die was cast, all that remained was to drink up and leave the pub for a calm if possible walk across town to Rob's flat. They never spoke on their walk, there was nothing that could say, the sexual magnetism that drew them together was enough, even a stop in a side alley for a furtive investigatory grope and passionate kiss was not enough, they both needed desperately to be naked and tangled together in a bed under a duvet and making wild hot sweaty panting lustful love.

In Robby's flat they took time out to pause, each privately contemplating their situation, both men wondering what the other would want to do. Mike took the lead by taking his coat and jacket off, followed by Rob and then both of them stood, close to each other and trembling violently with unleashed lust and frantic frenzied passion. When Mike began unbuttoning Robby's shirt he committed himself, there was no backing down now. Stripping his friends shirt off he gently caressed Robs nipples making them hard and Rob squirm and gasp then the young man leaned to kiss and gently nibble each pinky/brown peak in turn and while doing so unbuckling his new lovers waist belt and undoing his trousers which fell in a pool at Rob's feet.

At that point Robby stopped Mike, drew him into an embrace and kissed him pushing his tongue into his lover mouth, confirming if it was needed his commitment into the path they had both chosen.

End of Part 1

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