Clarence is Calling

by Carol (Florida)

It’s a gorgeous day here in Florida and I’m going to sunbathe by our pool. My hubby, Rocky went boating with his friends so I’ll just enjoy myself. I took a shower, had my coffee and I put on my robe and go outside. I put some music on and I lay down on my lounge chair. I’m putting lotion on my naked body and I love to play with my big tits. I’m outside for about a half an hour and my phone rings. It’s an older black gentleman named Clarence.

He says hello Carol I was wondering if you’re working today. I tell him no Clarence the weekends are mine. I met Clarence when I went to massage him. Well the massage was fun but the sex was great. Clarence has a huge black cock and I enjoyed it for days. He sounded so hurt on the phone so I said ok I’ll come by in about an hour. Clarence says Carol that would be great. I go take a shower to get the lotion off me and of course I had to play with myself.

I know I'm not going there to massage him. Im going to be fucked by his huge cock again. I put on my tiger bra and thong and my black pumps. I put on a light coat and I leave. I get to Clarence’s house and ring the bell. Clarence says it’s open Carol cmon in. I walk in and there’s Clarence standing there naked swinging his huge cock back and forth. He looks at me and says what do you have on under that coat? I walk up to Clarence and tell him to untie my coat.

He unties my coat and says my god Carol you’ve got a great body and beautiful tits. Clarence grabs my tits and starts to suck them. He has no teeth so his guns feel so good on my nipples. I grab his huge black cock and we go upstairs to the bedroom. I get on my knees and put Clarence’s cock in my mouth and start to suck him. Oh god Carol you know how to suck my dick. I say yes Clarence a lot of men have told me that. I put his cock back in my mouth now he’s rock hard.

I lay on his bed and spread my legs and say is this what you want Clarence. He smiles and says not just yet Carol I want to taste that pretty white pussy of yours. Clarence starts to lick and suck my pussy putting his fingers inside me. I look at him and say are you getting me ready for that big beautiful cock of yours. Clarence looks up and says yes you will be my white slut today and you will let Clarence do whatever he wants to you. OMG when he said that I tell him don’t stop I’m going to cum.

I cum all over his tongue and his fingers. Clarence is now rubbing his huge cock up against my pussy. He puts his fingers in my mouth and says Carol taste yourself. Mmmmm I have to admit I do taste good. I feel the head of Clarence’s cock enter me. He slowly pushes the whole length of his cock inside me. He says Carol how does that feel. I answer great Clarence, I love it. He asks Carol do you live my cock. I tell him yes Clarence I love it because it fills my pussy up.

I wrap my legs around Clarence and say now fuck me Clarence. He slams his cock in and out of me and I tell him don’t stop. I tell Clarence I’m cumming don’t stop. I cum all over his cock and he keeps fucking me hard and deep. Clarence gives me this big kiss and his tongue is deep inside my mouth like his cock is in my pussy. I feel Clarence’s cock start to throb and a big load of cum fills my pussy.

Clarence pulls his cock out and puts it in my mouth and says slut suck all of my cum out my cock and swallow it. I do as I’m told. We lay there for a little while and Clarence is hard again. He says be a good slut Carol and ride my black cock. I grab it and lower myself down on it. I’m riding his cock and Clarence is playing with my big tits. He says Carol I love your big tits. I’m riding his cock and I cum again. Clarence cums again and I get off his cock.

We’re laying there again and Clarence can’t stop playing with my tits. He says Carol I want to fuck your tits. I tell him yes Clarence fuck them. I feel his cock between my tits and when it comes up to my mouth I give it a quick suck. This old man can really fuck and I’m going to enjoy myself. Clarence is hard again and he tells me to rollover and get on all fours. I do and Clarence pushes his cock inside me. He asks Carol do you like doggy. I tell him I love it.

He pulls his cock out of my pussy and says can I fuck your ass. I live anal and I turn to him and say yes but be gentle. Clarence laughs and says be gentle my white slut. I feel the head of his huge black cock enter my ass. I’m dripping so Clarence used that to lubricate my ass and now he’s stretching my ass. I turn to him and say don’t stop Clarence cum in my ass. Clarence is now fucking my ass and it feels so good. Clarence smacks my ass and says tell me slut you love my black dick.

I tell him yes Clarence I love your black cock. I’m rubbing my clit because when I feel Clarence cum in my ass, I’m going to cum so hard. Clarence cums in my ass and I cum so hard it takes my breath away. I collapse on his bed and as I roll over Clarence says taste your ass on my cock. I put his cock in my mouth and clean it off. I can’t move by it’s getting late and I have to leave. I ask Clarence where the bathroom is at so I can take a shower. He grabs my hand and takes me to the bathroom.

I climb in the shower and so does Clarence. He says bend over Carol I’m hard again and I want to fuck my white slut on more time before she leaves. I bend over and Clarence is inside me again. We fuck for awhile and again we both cum. He’s cleaning my body playing with my tits and he asks did you enjoy yourself. I tell him yes I loved being fucked by you.

Clarence asks me will I see you again. I’m putting on my bra and thong and say yes whenever you want me just call. He says one last thing I have to ask, did I fuck you the best ever. I turn to him and say yes, I’m in love with your black cock and I will let you fuck me whenever you like. He grabs me gives me a big kiss and I walk out the door, I could barely walk and as I get into my car I laugh thinking Clarence can sure fuck for an old woman.

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