Christmas Past

by Diego (Dallas, TX)

When I was growing up in the 60s starting when I was 3 my father would dress up in a full Santa outfit. He would make an appearance around 10 pm, he would sneak in and surprise me. Then while I was opening one present he would leave and walk back in like he was in the garage. He did this until I was 10.

The following years he volunteered at a Children's Home. But when he was 56 he suffered a major stroke and Christmas wasn't the same after that. I married the following year, my mother retreated into a shell. I had 2 sons, when the first one reached 3 years I went looking for that old Santa suit in the attic.

I found it but it just didn't have the lust it once held. So I found out that there is a Texas Santa Club. I reached out and they pointed me to their sales team I was able to create a full Santa suit that fit me and had that real feel and look to it. That Christmas I played Santa for my Son.

My wife suggested that I drive over to my Mother's house and surprise her. I thought that might help cheer her up. So I jumped into my car and drove over. I went around back and walked in through the kitchen door like my Father had always done.

I saw her sitting by the fireplace in a deep daze, I stepped forward and said real loud Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas, let me tell you about my Father he was 6'1 225, wore glasses, dirty blond hair and beard. I am almost a carbon copy of him. In fact I am Jr to him and my son is the 3rd.

Well my mother jumps up and cries out Ron oh my Ron, you did come to me! She ran over and hugged me tightly. Before i could say anything she pulls me down and kisses me on the lips, saying through the kiss Ron I have missed you so much. She buried her face into my chest and was crying.

I just didn't have the heart to say Mom it's me your son. I stood holding her for a couple of minutes when she said don't move and pulled away, she let go of my hands and ran into her bedroom at the end of the long hall closing the door behind her.

I just stood there in the arch from the dining room into the living room. It took her about 5 minutes but she walks out wearing this lovely white very sheer nightie that was long to her feet, with rim stone’s around the low neckline a high slit on the left leg, and these white open toe fluffy heels, her hair was pulled up showcasing her face, which she had done her full makeup.

The lipstick was deep red which I had never seen her wear before. She did that cat walk up to me and said darling I am sorry I'm not all shaved like you like me but I am so wet to have you in me. I just looked at her taking her in fully.

She pulled me down to her and kissed me deeply then broke the kiss and whispered Baby I want you to fuck my ass, make me your woman, treat me like the whore you love, then her right hand took hold of my cock in my Santa pants.

She used both hand to undo the Santa belt, then untied the pants, she dragged me into the bedroom, she laid on her back lifting the nightie up around her waist exposing her pussy she open her legs showing me her very hairy pussy.

Come on Ron come fuck me Baby. She reached for my hand pulling me onto the bed I got between her legs she pushed my pants down exposing my very hard cock. She grabbed it and pulled me down by it and guided it to her pussy yes enter me Baby, pump your cock Baby I want to feel you in me.

That's it deeper and hard Baby, yes I love it, Oh My I am almost there. Yes Yes Oh Yes, Ron I am cumming, don't you cum yet Baby. I had to hold up cause I was almost ready to let loose myself.

She breathing very heavily, she pushed me off her and she lifts her legs up and reaches for me, she pulls me in and places her legs on my shoulders, fuck my ass Baby shove it up in me and make your whore.

She is so wet from her pussy that I ease right into her ass, she said don't hold back ram it that cock into me hard, so I did, she came off the bed, tear my ass up, A little shit between isn't anything new fuck me Baby. I am ramming her hard I feel myself getting ready to blow and I tell her I can't hold it she said fill me with your Baby juice.

And boy did I, I hadn't cum like that in years. My balls ached from the release. Then she said oh Ron I Love You, I slipped out of her. I got off her and went and cleaned up. When I came back in she was asleep out like a light breathing softly. I kissed her cheek then left.

When i got home my wife asked how did it go, I said she was very happy for the first time since my Dad passed away. My wife kissed me and said you did a good thing. I just smiled, we shut down went to bed. My son was up early at the crack of dawn.

We did all of his presents then ours. No call from my mom, so we drove over to see her, the house was quiet like I left it. I found her in her bed in that sexy nightie she had passed during the night. This was 30 years ago.

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