Chinese Or Mexican What To Eat

by Rick

I feel like Mexican tonight went to my favorite Mexican restaurant, the food is excellent the server is so cute those big beautiful brown eyes l can't help watching that sexy bubble butt swish as he walks by after the meal he bought me my check he said is their Anything else I can get for you.

I said yes your phone number he smiled and said if you like to wait I get off in twenty minutes l said He'll Yes I'll Waite his cute smile widened he winked at me and hurried off to finish his shift.

As soon as we got back to my place I pulled him close to me taking him into my arms we kissed tenderly then our tongues danced over each other's l took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom l drooped to my knees unbuckling his belt yanking his pants and undies down.

Wow l was I impressed this cute spicy Latin Twink had a beautiful 8 inches of uncut thick meat l took hold of it and stroked his shaft feeling it grow in my hand, l rolled back the for skin revealing the purple head he was leaking precum l licked it off the head slowly taking the head into my mouth swirling my toungue around the head yum tasting the precum and sweat.

l sucked him in deeper he was moaning and pushing his cock deeper in my eager mouth, their is nothing better then getting face fucked by a nice hard cock l grabbed his ass cheeks pulling him deeper into my mouth he started fucking my mouth l swallowed his cock.

I don't know who was enjoying this more him or l, he started breathing heavily and l could tell he was getting close to cumming so l pulled back a little bit so l could taste his cum before swelling his balls twitched he moaned louder and exploded in my mouth his cum was sweet a bit peppery l loved it l sucked and sucked getting every drop I could out of him.

l stood up kissed him on those sexy pouty lips we quickly finished undressing each other, l didn't have to tell him what to do he climbed up on the bed got on his hands and knees putting that cute bubble butt up for me l got behind him spread his cheeks n slowly licked up and down his crack then l probed his hole with the tip of my tongue he moaned louder.

l lubed him with spit re-positioned my self sledding my cock head over his hole then I pushed in feeling the heat radiating from him l pushed in deeper grabbing his hips his hole was sucking me in deeper this boy knew how to Fuck l was now balls deep in his awesome ass.

l started pumping in and out pumping faster now he was making me so hot moaning and talking in Spanish as l fucked him it was so erotic he was pushing his bubble butt back l stopped pumping and let him fuck himself on my shaft he was fucking my shaft it was fantastic.

My sweet Latin lover was so hot and passionate l knew l couldn't last much longer l grabbed on to his hips again pulling him back holding my shaft as deep in him as l could l felt my balls tightened and l blasted a huge load deep up inside him then a another big shot l came so hard and so much his hole was making squishing sounds as l continued pumping him finally my cock popped out and a huge flood of my cum gushed out.

What an Awesome Fuck 😍

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