Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 9

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Morning After

No steady girl and no hook up I decided to go home early, much earlier than I had told Mom I’d be in. As quiet as I could be knowing Mom would be asleep, long work week I was sure she had, heard Mom speak passing her open bedroom door.

“Oh Jimmy, Mommy wants your huge cock buried deep in her pussy. Oh please fuck, Mommy,” of the dark I stopped listening.

“Oh Jimmy, Mommy needs your cock, so badly,” by now my cock was harding, stripped my clothes of the hallway and had to give my cock a few strokes, making my way to Mom’s king size bed.

“Jimmy is that you?”

“Yes,” Mom must have felt, as I gained the bed.

“Oh my god!” Mom switched on the bedside lamp.

“Oh my god!”

I repeated, my beautiful Mom completely naked, huge tits and hard nipples, large as my index fingertip, surrounded of bright tan aureoles, big as tennis balls. Mom’s huge tits didn’t run off her chest as I’d seen many younger girls with large boobs, lying before me. Beautiful dark haired pussy, Mom’s bush full as I have never seen of any magazine , couldn’t help but stare.

My ten inch thick cock a woman’s hand wouldn’t close around was hard and wanting. Complexion of bright olive reflecting of her heritage, sparkling blue eyes, all my life growing up I’d heard how beautiful my Mom. We stared into each other eyes for the longest of moments.


“Yes,” Mom knew what I was asking, opening her legs as I moved between, cock in hand rubbing cock head in Mom’s wet juices. Into each other eyes we stared my huge cock entering Mom’s luscious, hot wet pussy.

“Oh yes Jimmy, you are pushing Mommy over the edge,” cumming Mom bucked against my hard cock, hooking bare heels and pulling me into her.

“Your cock feels so fanatic, Baby,” Mom clinging and holding me tight, we kissed as never before.

“Always I have known this day would come, since the first time I held you, Mommy knew she would love you anyway possible. I’m so happy you came home early, catching me doing myself,” Mom nibbling and whispering in my ear as I fucked her through a really huge orgasm.

“Oh Baby, Mommy hasn't had orgasms,like that since I lost my father. Loved incest fucking with my father, his cock was magical to me as yours feels now, Baby. Mommy wants to eat your cum and show you how much, she loves you, Baby.”

“Mom , I don’t think I can last much longer, I’m so excited and your pussy feels so hot. Hotter and better than any pussy I’ve ever been in.”

“Bring that big huge cock up here and jack it in Mommy’s mouth. Mommy wants it badly. Mommy will see to it you get hard again, Mommy promises.”

Though I didn’t really want to take my cock out of Mom’s beautiful pussy, my cock fucking in and out of the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen but the desire to please Mom was greater than my need. Expressing what it does to a man’s self-esteem, having your very own Mom telling you she wants to eat your cum and see her eagerly awaiting, you jacking into her mouth. Swallowing all Mom kissed and loved, the apparent love and want I saw in her eyes, I would be hers for ever more.

“Oh Jimmy, your cum tasted so fanatic and you are still hard as a rock,” Mom showed me, she could eat my cock to the bone.

“Mom, I want to taste your pussy. Never have I wanted to eat any of the girls I have been with but now Mom, I have a craving need to eat your cum.”

“Be my guest,” under Mom’s legs I slipped my arms up and around, reaching to huge gorgeous tits, rolling the nipples of my fingers as I buried my face. Tip of my tongue I scooped Mom’s flowing juices, so beautiful Mom’s pussy. The feelings of Mom’s thighs against my face, the feel of pubic hair, the enticing odor, Mom flooded as I crushed my face into her luscious mound. As soon as Mom’s orgasm ended I was guiding my rock hard cock back into her, magnificent, beautiful, hairy pussy.

“Mom,” plunging my hard cock in Mom smiled watching my eyes, did she know how I would feel of her magnificent pussy.

“Fuck Baby, Mommy has waited so long for this, you look so beautiful with your huge cock fucking Mommy’s pussy.”

Another huge orgasm for Mom as I pumped my load and kept fucking. Excited to the point of never losing my hard, on and on I fucked delighting Mom. Encouraging Mom telling me how much she loved, wanting to fuck me forever. Hours passed with me losing track of all time and how many loads of cum I delivered to my beautiful wanting Mom. Don’t know if all young men fantasize of fucking their mother but I had and now all my fantasies coming true.

Exhausted I fail to sleep, Saturday morning I awoke in Mom’s bed, memories of the past night erupting in my mind. To my shower and dressed of sweat pants and t-shirt I made my way to the kitchen finding Mom dressed of robe and slippers, cooking breakfast or I should say brunch. Mom’s back to me, I sat of the kitchen table.

“Did you sleep well, Baby,” Mom turned sitting six eggs, a dozen slices of bacon and a half dozen waffles and all the fixings, coffee and juice.

“Like a rock, I don’t even remember, when I fell asleep Mom.”

“Eat, I’m sure you are hungry. We’ll talk after,” Mom sat down with a cup of coffee watching me devouring all.

“Is there anything you want to talk about,” Mom questioning as I wiped my mouth.

“There are thousand of things going through my mind, Mom. All of you but there is only one thing, which is bugging me,” Mom’s beautiful smile, I had no problems looking into Mom’s eyes or she mine.

“Mom, I have had much pussy. When you have a large cock, word gets around, many want to see if not fuck but never have I ever felt the need to keeping fucking and usually after dumping my load, I’m over and none. Last night all I wanted was to keep pleasing you, fuck for the pure pleasure of fucking, Mom.”

“Do you have any plans for the day?”

“Me and the guys were planning going to the lake but I have already texted, canceling.”

“You have no problems incest fucking with your mother,” Mom stood removing her robe, revealing she was beautiful and naked beneath.

“Mom, do you have any plans for the day?”

“Yes, loving my beautiful son, in every way possible,” it was obvious I had no problems loving and fucking with my Mom, no way to hide a ten inch hard cock, of a pair of sweat pants.

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