Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 8

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

The Sex Talk

Stock market crash of the 1930’s many people was left without homes. Pap, my dad as many others gathered what they could find building a Shanty Boat, floating down the rivers. All my life I’ve lived upon the Shanty of the Bayous, schooling learned from Pap, all I need living in the Bayou. Poling the pirogue of early morning, returning after running lines and traps, Gators meat prices low as fish but every bit of money coming in helps buys stables. Pap came to sit as I prepared three hides.

“We need to have the sex talk,” Pap began.

“I’m eighteen years old, Pap. I don’t need no sex talk. I know what to do and where babies come from.”

“I’m not talking about the birds and bees. Old Pap ain’t going to be around much longer and I’m about to go out of them fishing boats again. You see your Mama there,” Shanty Boats ain’t very big with hardly more than a small cabin built of a floating barge with decks to front and rear, Maw hanging the fish to fry.

“Yes Pap,” stretching hides I continued.

“Look at her, I said. Your Maw is a big stout woman, seeing how large her tits are and them big nipples pushing against the thin material of her dress, rope tied around her narrow waist. Big butt, but it ain’t like someone packed her ass with sacks of potatoes. Ass you could bounce a silver dollar off and get popped in the eye.”

To Maw, I looked. Maw is a fine looking woman, as fine as any woman I’d seen of the Bayou. Maw’s dark skin shown of a sheen, most like a silky velvet, never has I saw Maw completely naked. Thin dresses’ she wears of the summer leaves little to be hidden. Maw had to be hearing what Pap was saying.

“See them wide flat hips and strong thighs, pussy mound standing out beneath her dress,” Pap normally quiet without a lot to say, Maw of the same straits. Anyone looking at Maw was going to see tits and pussy, even when Maw wears man pants of the winter, her pussy mound shows through. Felt my cock stir, Pap speaking of Maw this way.

“Something happen to your Maw. That’s the kind of woman you need to find, pussy like hers will never fail you,” a nod of his head and Pap had me look to Mom again, anyone could see how attractive Maw.

“Pap, I’ve got girl friends here in the Bayou,” pausing I studied Mom, not giving any indication she was listening to Pap.

“Boy, I’m your Pap, I know what kind of package you carry in them pants. You had any of these Bayou Gals let you put it in, Boy.”

“No Pap, never have I gone all the way, some want to see it, some have given me a hand job but that is far as they have gone.”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you, you need a woman who pussy stands out like your Maw’s pussy. Big pussies liken you need, only come with big women, I’m not talking about fat women but big women.”

Never has Pap talked liken this, looking to Maw, she was a big boned woman, standing six feet, huge tits did push her dress out. No support Maw’s tits needed, sway of tits catching my attention as she moved, Maw’s large nipples clearly outlined through her dress. Beautiful smile Maw looked my way, very pretty I thought many times and of the moment, pussy did stand out.

Never had I thought to look for women with a mound like Maw’s. Thought never entering my young mind, Maw’s butt was large but well-shaped to my way of thinking, large thighs to hold a man. Help it I couldn’t, cock getting hard, looking at Maw in the way Pap described.

“I want you to promise, you’ll stay with your Maw and take care of her every need, until her time comes. Your Maw has made great sacrifices keeping peace here on the Shanty Boat.”

“I don’t quite understand, Pap. Why would I ever leave Maw?”

“Chasing after one of those young things, you think might let you go all the way. You promise me, you’ll always look to your Maw.”

“But Pap, you’ll be back one day, Maw and I would miss you awful bad, if’n you didn’t come back,” how to answer Pap, I didn’t quite understand.

“My time is close, no one lives forever and I’m going out on them boats again. If’n I pass while on them boats fishing, you and your Maw will have little money coming in, pass what the hides and fish bring in. Pap has never taken you out on them boats teaching you, cause Pap wants you here, with your Maw. Fishing been hard on them folks and they know Old Pap knows them waters, where to fill them hulls. You promise me you will take care of your Maw’s needs, all her needs, from this day on.”

“Yes Pap, I promise.”

We heard a power boat coming up the Bayou, only folks of the fishing boats can afford power boats, Maw brung out Pap case. We watched Pap leave, a sadness coming over us. Down to Maw I looked as she placed her arm around my waist, pulling me close. Never in my life do I remember Maw showing much affection toward me. Maw’s smile was there but sadness I saw of her eyes.

“Did you and Pap have a good talk,” Maw looked up to me with her large brown eyes.”

“Yes Maw but I’m not sure I understood all he was trying to tell me.”

“You Pap’s time is close, he feels it. We will talk tonight. You need to get back to running your lines, and we’ll need to take the dries fishes to sell. Them hides ain’t gonna bring much and we need a full load making it worth poling the pirogue up the Bayou. Them fishes or hides don’t bring in much these days.”

On the forehead I kissed Maw, Maw kissed me back but on the lips. All morning I stayed close to the Shanty watching Maw as she prepared drying fish. Maw was a good looking woman and several times my cock began to harden, chasing away thoughts I tried. Thoughts Pap had put in my head. Stayed away the daylong not stopping for lunch as usual, barely having time to clean and help Maw hanging to dry before supper.

“Let’s go for a swim and a bath, waters are warm enough.”

Maw’s smiled, many times we swam together, Maw teaching me to swim my younger days but this evening Maw didn’t hide herself away. Totally in awe I stood as Maw untied her rope belt pulling her dress over her head, look at Maw’s pussy, I couldn’t but help. Looking Maw up and down I couldn’t help, mountainous tits, large black hairy pussy mound Pap spoke on. Remembered all Pap had said, never had I seen Maw completely naked unless I peeked, when she didn’t see.

“Are you going to join me,” soap bar Maw plunged into the Bayou.”

Strange Maw was acting, always thought Maw was a bit cold and distance toward me. In recent years Maw rarely spoke to me, beyond needs of daily chores. Why I thought, was Pap so insistent I promise to look after Maw and take care of all her needs.

Up the Bayou, Pap had me pole the Shanty, away from all others and the fishing good. Pap was a man who stayed away from crowds for the most part and there was no one about to see Maw and I. My back to Maw stripped plunging in, Maw laughed out loud.

“Hand me the soap Maw,” swam near, Maw’s huge naked tits naked above the water, as she now stood close to shore.

“No I want to bath my Baby Boy.”

Glad Maw couldn’t see far below the murky waters. First Maw scrubbed my head with lye soap and shoved me down to rinse, her hands felt more like caresses. Shoulders, chest and down my torso I spun a way grabbing the soap from her to wash my lower parts. Maw’s expression appeared hurt and again I was confused. Back up on the Shanty Maw turned toward me in all her naked glory.

“This is not fun anymore.”

Maw took both our clothes going inside the Shanty, no choice I had but to enter naked, looked around making sure no one was about and my cock to soften before climbing out of the water. Inside Maw lay naked of hers and Pap’s bed, not pulling the curtain, my bed of a narrow bunk was gone. Cock hard again.

“Come to me, Bubba. So many years I have had to wait for this night. Maw wants that big cock of yours in her pussy.”

There’s just no way to hide a twelve inch cock thicker than I can close my fist around and I’ve grown to be a big man liken my Pap. Over to Maw I approach, quite unsure of myself, legs Maw swung over the edge of the bed taking my cock in hand, placing her mouth over the huge helmet head and began sucking. Knees and legs weaken and within moments and I was cumming with Maw sucking and loving my cock.

“Sorry Maw,” good thing the Shanty is small and I found support keeping from falling, onto the bed Maw guided.

“Don’t be, you are about to get the surprise of your life.”

Again Maw took me into her mouth, for I had softened little, if at all. Excited I was, never have I had more than a hand job. Satisfying herself, Maw leaned back opening her arms and legs, hardly could I look Maw in the eyes, beautiful tits and hairy pussy hard to take my eyes from as Maw guided me in.

“Maw, it feels like a billion lightning strikes shooting into my cock and up to my brain,” I exclaimed the moment of entering.

“Does it hurt?”

“No Maw, it feels so fanatic. Like nothing I have ever felt.”

“Those ain’t lightning strikes, they is love strikes, all the feelings Mama had to hold back all these years. If Mama had shown love to you over Pap, it would have broken his heart. Pap is very old, no one knows for sure, not even Pap. Pap is not just your father, he is my grandfather.”

“Maw, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum, Baby, cum, Maw wants your seed. Maw wants all the love your huge cock can give.”

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