Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 7

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Granny Love

Less than a month ago my grandson moved in with me, helping his single mom with expenses, Ira entering the technical college near my home. Walk he could, daughter couldn’t afford to buy him a car and seems she only to breed with deadbeats. One afternoon after his classes Ira came home reeking to high heaven of diesel fuel, a airplane mechanic he plans to be.

“Stop right there and get into the laundry room,” I smelled him coming through the kitchen door from the garage.

“Gran, I need to get to the shower, it’s burning like hell!”

“Get in the laundry room, I don’t want that smell throughout my house,” followed Ira in taking each item of clothing and tossing into the washer, adding detergent between items.

“Get those shorts off, I want everything in the washer,” slowly Ira pulled his boxer underwear off, an impressing piece of meat Ira had hanging, he was glowing red all about his crotch.

“Jesus that must be painful. Come with me.”

To my shower I lead Ira, looking back over my shoulder seeing his cock flopping. Now some may think a woman of sixty years pussy quits working after menopause but I can tell you, it doesn’t work that way with this old woman. Ira in the shower I went to my bedside receiving a bottle of sweet oil I kept there for when my husband, bless his heart and may he rest in peace. Loved to fuck me in my ass and have me suck his cock before fucking me, I am a lady who always tries to please.

Heard Ira in the shower complaining of the pain, water and soap washing away the smell but didn’t do a lot for the stinging. Met Ira coming from the shower with a towel for drying. Red his cock still was I could see with Ira trying his best to keep his privates covered with hands, I took the towel away. Kneel down with palms filled with oil, rubbing onto Ira’s thighs, balls and cock.

“Gran, I can do that,” Ira called out as I ran my hand between his legs and of his ass cheeks.

“I don’t want oil spilled all over my floor. Is this making it feel better,” by now I was stroking Ira’s cock, rubbing the oil in.

“Yes Gran,” all over the red area I rubbed the oil coming back to his cock often.

“You are a big boy,” I remarked as I felt his cock began thickening.

“Nice and thick,” looked up to Ira’s face with his cock getting hard.”

“Is it still burning,” full erection Ira’s cock was a good nine inches and thick as any cock I’d known, couldn't close my hand around, not unremembered of his grandfather’s cock.

“No Gran.”

Ira named for his grandfather, his voice a near whisper as I opened my mouth and engulfed his huge cock. Though it had been some time, I ate his cock all the way down, sucking and loving Ira’s cock it wasn’t long and Ira was shooting down my throat. All his cum I ate enjoying tremendously, to my surprise Ira stayed hard, had him turn around to bend over licking out his ass cheeks and then back to his cock.

“Does it feel all better now?”

“Oh yes Gran. That felt fanatic, I’ve never had anyone do that before.”

“Your old Gran has many talents. I think we’d better soak that to keep the burning from returning.”

Finally Ira was able to look me in the eyes as I began removing my clothing, his eyes nearly popped out as my Double D’s spring free. As we all succumb to age my husband wanted me to have some work done, I obliged, and after all I didn’t want to look at saggy tits. My huge hard nipples with larger aureoles turned up as any young woman’s, pleasant surprise I saw in my grandson’s eyes.

Ira wasn’t having trouble looking over his old Gran now, hooked my thumbs of slacks and panties shoving down to kick off. Upon the vanity I parked my ass opening my legs and hairy pussy, Ira came forward without me having to instruct. A hold of his enormous cock I guided hooking my heels behind to pull Ira all the way in. Kissed my grandson full on the mouth with arms about his neck, Ira began to fuck, long stroking my needing pussy.

“Gran, your pussy feels so fanatic,” Ira proclaimed, what does one say with his cock buried deep in his grandmother's pussy.

“That’s sweet, Baby,” I cooed.

Orgasm after orgasm, looking into the eyes of my eldest grandchild. Ira’s eyes filled with lust, wonder of his eyes watching his colossal cock slid in and out his Gran’s, ever wet dark pussy. Experience I have, know how to play to a man’s ego, planned to let Ira shoot his cum all over my tits and face. The desired effect building I instructed Ira to pull out and finish by jerking to blast his cum, all over mm and tits.

With my fingers I scooped cum from my face and tits placing into my mouth, men want to be in charge but long ago I learned men love to be instructed of a woman’s wants. The nastier a woman’s requests, the more excited, wanting to please men become. A handful of Ira’s cum I gathered rubbing all over his hard cock, my young grandson shoots a lot of cum, my thoughts. Another plan I have, ensuring Ira will want to keep fucking his grandmother.

Cum laden tits and cock I took Ira’s hand leading him to my bed, covers I ripped away. No point in soiling more than the sheets, lying across the bed of my back with my head slightly off the edge, I had Ira begin the fucking my face. I don’t mean a blowjob but the fucking of my face, gag relaxes I don’t have and able to take all of any cock. No brag just facts. Length of time between Ira’s cumming taking longer and longer, pleasing me much. How many times this boy could pump cum, I planned to found out.

Readjusted my body allowing Ira to fuck my huge cum soaked tits, smashing together and capturing in my mouth as the head came through. A third cumming of his huge cock and balls into my mouth, loving his cock and cum, swallowing all. Lust of Ira’s eyes, I knew the boy wasn’t done, reached for more sweet oil applying to my ass. Eagerly Ira shoves his huge into my ass for another long fuck with me cumming, so many times of all fours I questioned.

“Which do you love the best, Gran's pussy, ass or mouth,” a slut loving sex I have all ways been.

“Your pussy Gran, I want to cum in your pussy.”

“Be my guest, you can switch back and forth all you want.”

Eight times that boy came before he laid by my side, sleep and exhaustion taking over. Saturday and no classes I looked forward, Ira and I fucked for the two years of his technical college, we’d fuck before his classes, home for lunch Ira always came and we’d fuck, of course nights we fucked like rabbits. Hours upon hours that boy could fuck, shooting cum his Gran loved. In a faraway city, Ira gained an apprenticeship of becoming the airplane mechanic, he had chosen. Saddening his old grandmother and then I got a request for his younger brother Ed, to attend the same school. The evening of his first day Ed came home smelling of diesel fuel.

“I thought you were taking computer science, how did you manage to get diesel fuel, all over your crotch.”

A huge smile of Ed’s face and of the laundry room I stood demanding he to strip, another supper large cock growing. Again thought to his grandfather, incest fucking my grandsons I have no problem, thinking the twins coming of age in a couple of years. To my shower I lead and with Ira gone for the past two months I was nearly as anxious, as Ed. No problem would I have taking another of my grandson’s cherry. To my shower I lead with the plan for Ed to see his grandmother eating his cum. Incest fucking my grandsons pleased this horny old lady much.

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