Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 6

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Grudge Fucking

Coming in through the garage door after dropping my husband off at the airport, having delays as there always are these days, waited with my husband, off to a two week business trip. Quite a long drive of the large city we live, most of the morning gone by returning, heard Sam my eighteen year old son between high school and college cuss, rather loudly as if in pain. Upstairs to his room I went to investigate.

Naked upon his bed jerking a huge cock laid Sam, no ideal Sam Jr. was so large. Mesmerized of the sight before my eyes, Sam’s cock had to be nine inches long and Sam could hardly close his fist around. Sam’s huge cock head looked like one of those German Helmets, a good two inches larger than anything I’ve ever had. Sam continued his jerking with vigorous strokes, up and down his mammoth cock.

“Mom, if I stop, it hurts,” Sam breaking the trance of my mind.

“What do you mean, it hurts,” suddenly I was the concerned mother.

“I went to talk with Dad as he was packing and in his bag I noticed a bottle of Viagra and I swiped it, Mom,” the scrip bottle sat upon Sam’s desk with his father’s name written clearly of the bottle.

“I was curious, Mom. I took one, you know the commercials, and if lasting over four hours seek help. I didn’t think about it hurting, Mom. What do I do, Mom,” upon Sam’s bed I sat his massive cock had my full attention as I looked from cock to Sam’s eyes, my pussy getting wet.

“Perhaps if Mommy helps,” reverted to calling myself Mommy, I don’t know why, it just felt natural.

“Does this feel better,” Sam’s cock I stroked.

“Yes Mom, my arms are tired, your hands are so much softer and soothing,” thought hitting my brain, why would my husband have a scrip, I knew nothing of.

“Have you came,” over the top my fingertip through the slit feeling the sticky ooze I love and back down, a good inch my fingers couldn’t close the cap.

“Once Mom but it didn’t go down.”

Softly I massaged Sam’s cock, thumb up the entire length of his cum tube, which was swollen and protruding out. Kicked off my shoes trying to control my excitement, Sam’s cock look so delicious and I couldn’t remember the last time I had sex. Husband’s complaints of being overworked didn’t float with the scrip of the Viagra, setting of Sam’s desk. Some hot little tramp working of his office, I was sure by now, getting my cock. Two could play this game and I was trading up.

There was this one who accidently bumped into Sam Sr. The call to board coming, an excuse me the young woman looked to my husband apologizing, a big smile coming as Sam Sr. as he allowed her ahead of him.

Maybe I’m reading more into that situation than I should but I am a good looking woman of forty with big tits, Double D’s, slim hips, my ass shapely. Have never thought to cheat on Sam Sr. but massaging Sam Jr.’s massive cock, bowed my head taking the huge helmet head into my mouth and both hands massaging, my son’s enormous erection.

“Does this feeling okay, Sam,” freeing my mouth only long enough to question.

“Oh yes Mom, that’s feels absolutely fanatic.”

No way I was going to ram Sam’s cock all the way down my throat, work my way up to, I took as much as I could. Cock and cum had always been my thing before fucking and my son needed to cum.

A good thirty minutes to my pleasure and his, I worked feeling the explosion building, made sure to capture all of my son’s tasty juices. Allowed Jr. seeing me eat his cum, loving Sam’s cock long after his orgasm, three orgasms and a really big one, I had and don’t think Sam enough knew as he was trashing around calling my name.

“Mom, that was so fanatic!”

“Looks as if, we are going to have to take a more direct approach,” looking to Sam’s eyes and back to his cock.

Striping my clothing and looking down on my eager son, his gigantic cock still hard and standing, I allowed him a complete view of his mother’s body. My hairy pussy needed attention and I climbed up on his bed of my all fours, beckoning Sam to mount me from the rear. A good long fuck I needed and if Sam lasted as he did, me giving him a blow job. I had much to make up, all I had been missing out, Sam’s hard body he had played sports.

Long into the night Sam and I fucked, teaching my son a great pleasure, the many ways a woman can turn her pussy up. A good hour Sam rammed his mother’s pussy from behind, he literally screamed out dumping his load deep in my wanting pussy and kept fucking. Pillows of his bed I used bracing my upper torso, arms holding myself up had grown tired and I needed a change of positions.

Kissing Sam, I directed him between my open legs of my back, placed his hands to my big tits holding onto his arms above the elbows and began fucking his enormous, hard cock. Smiled up to Sam watching his huge hard cock sliding in and out of his mother’s hairy pussy. Shaving my pussy not an option, I have enough maintainers to keep up, hair, shaving legs, makeup, and anyone getting this pussy is going to get it natural.

Hours Sam and I fucked until his cock finally lay soft upon his leg. Exhausted I fell to asleep next to Sam, sure Sam was exhausted for asleep he had gone by the time he rolled off of me. Often it had bothered me, Sam’s father immediately falling to sleep but with Sam Jr, doing the same, bothered me not at all. His performance was well earned and he needed rest.

Sometime during the night I awoke, of course my mind went straight to what happen, the long hours of fucking my son. Upset with Husband not of my mind, the incest thing wasn’t bothering me, the question of my mind, would Sam Jr want to fuck his mother ever again. Never in my life had I ever been truly satisfied until this night, could hear Sam lightly snoring, quite unlike his father.

Spooned up next to Sam, I felt his huge cock probing and opened my legs allowing Sam in. Another half hour Sam and I fucked spooned together as we lay. Waking before Sam of mid-morning I grabbed my clothing and the Viagra from his desk.

Showered, fixed my hair and makeup, donning a bathrobe, walking a problem which passed quickly moving about the kitchen cooking. Sam sleeping until near noon, I planned a very good meal when he did awake, into the kitchen he came all sleepy eyed, dress of a t-shirt and sweat pants. A hot sizzling steak I sat before him with all the fixings.

“Steak for lunch, Mom. Thank you, Mom,” I knew why he was thanking me and it wasn’t the meal.

“Are you going to take another of those pills, ever again,” watched Sam’s eyes waiting for his answer.

“Not if I’m alone Mom. I won’t make that mistake ever again,” after sitting a class of juice before Sam, I shoved one of those little blue pills toward him, Sam hastened to swallow.

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