Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 5

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Minster’s Wife

Eighteen years ago I, Rebecca Odom was in a horrible car wreck killing both my parents and leaving me in coma for over six months. Awaken to find myself pregnant, having a son, not able to remember my own name or any of my previous life.

Of course I was identified along with my parents but that doesn’t change the condition of my memory. The story made all the papers and ran several times with a young new minster offering to marry me and make an honest woman of me, I suppose.

Agreed to the proposal, I had very little options, pregnant and missing my own graduation, no other family came forward as none could be found. A happy life I’ve not had but the mother instinct kicked in, husband and I not knowing each other, a family I did want. My eighteen year old son graduating has been my whole life. Never able to become pregnant again, sex life close to nil to none through the years. Often wonder if my husband may be gay.

Up my husband rose to head minster of the large church taking his father’s position, after his death. Very strict my husband has been on my son and I both, very active in the church I have been. In all the church organizations, especially enjoy the tennis league of the church, keeping in shape. On my son husband has been especially strict, Jason hardly ever dates, husband always comes up with some reason Jason can’t use his truck or my car.

Back on his promise to buy Jason his own vehicle, if he graduated with honors, top of his class and college scholarships, Jason won. So far as to search my son’s room, finding a Playboy with a centerfold, which much resembles me. Five foot seven, long black hair, bright brown eyes, measurements 36-24-38, exactly the same as mine. Noticed Jason peeking at me in the shower last night, leaving bathroom door open not to stream over the mirror, having to clean.

Noticed through the mirror, my bedroom door opening a small amount, knew it couldn’t be my husband who left yesterday for two weeks and he no interest in looking at me naked. At thirty six and on the tennis courts I receive many whistles and woof calls, even of the church’s courts. Shapely long legs, big tits and short skirts, husband wanted me to quit the league but of course I refused.

Pent up sexual desires and unable to sleep well of late has been has been horrible, ask our family doctor and member of our church for sleeping pills. Happy to oblige and that kind of a doctor, he sent via of my husband. Two as prescribed I took after dinner with Jason, one more day and Jason is out for the summer, starting at the local university in the fall.

The pills worked far too well, knocking me out, though I dream last night my husband came home and fucked me in my sleep with a huge cock, I know he doesn’t possess. Could not get that dream out of my head the day long, waiting Jason to get home. Allowed Jason to drive my car, husband would have gone ballistic over, were he home. Cooked Jason a very good meal of steak, salad, bake potato and cherry pie, his favorite.

A very good evening Jason and I had watching TV, around nine of the evening told Jason I was to take a couple more of the pills and get another night’s sleep, as the night before. Let Jason know I was showering and would love another dream as the past night, Though Jason wouldn’t know what I dreamed, getting Jason’s attention away from the television. A love story Jason picked, where I would have preferred porn but of course Jason doesn’t know this and as he had done so well and this evening his special evening.

The pills I didn’t take, watching through the mirror my bedroom door open as the night before, a direct line of sight into my bathroom mirror I didn’t let Jason know, I knew he was there. My excitement growing, I was sure by now it was not my husband who came to my bed and fucking me with a huge cock, like I’d never had before. All in a dream it could have been but catching my son peeking at his mother a second night, I had no problem thinking it was my son incest fucked his mother as I slept.

Played with my hairy dark pussy and huge tits, pinching and rolling nipples to make hard, drying my hair with towel I stood before the mirror making sure Jason could see me clearly. Down my long legs and back up to my pussy, extra-long I dried. Quick glances making sure Jason was still watching, marched to my bed stretching my arms to fake a yaw, crawled under the covers leaving my tits exposed. Wondering if I was correct, had it been Jason and waited, if he would come to my bed.

Not more than twenty minutes I had to wait, out from slight open eyes the door swung slowly open, Jason with his huge wonderful cock of hand approached. Up to bed close to my face, I was lying to face toward the outside of my bed, I didn’t dare open my eyes and Jason lightly brushed his huge cock head against my lips. Opening my mouth Jason shoved only the head of his cock into my mouth, trying to feign I was groggy and asleep, lifting my hand only to flop back upon the bed, I began loving Jason’s cock.

Wanted more of his cock in my mouth fearing Jason would run away, if I were to gobble down as I wanted but with me loving his cock I hoped to encourage him further. In and out Jason began fucking my mouth and I used my tongue, covers he pulled away viewing my entire body, my glistening hairy pussy wet. Long I’d wanted to such cock, my husband would never allow, felt Jason’s finger enter my wet pussy and quite enjoyed the feeling of his cock, in my mouth.

Keeping my eyes closed, I opened up my legs allowing Jason’s middle finger deeper, afraid I was going to have a huge orgasm frightening Jason away. Several minutes Jason finger fucked his mother’s needy pussy and further encouraged by licking out the slit of his huge cock head, with the tip of my tongue. Felt Jason spreading my legs and attempting to roll me on my back, I obliged of a wet rag doll. Upon the bed Jason rubbed huge cock head in my wet pussy and shoved in, I locked my heels around his legs, holding tight to his arms.

“Oh Jason, please fuck Mommy. Mommy needs to so badly,” talk about a deer in the headlights, I feared Jason would pull out and leave me wanting.

“Oh Baby, your cock feels so good in Mommy’s pussy. Your cock felt so fanatic in my mouth and the precum tasted so good, Mommy wants to eat your cum,” from the dim light coming from my bathroom I could see Jason struggling of his mind.

“Lay your breast to mine and kiss me, Mommy is about to cum,” didn’t really need Jason to be fucking, excited to the point penetration was enough to get me off but felt I must keep talking to Jason. Reverting to calling myself Mommy was to let Jason feel, he was pleasing his mother and after a huge satisfying orgasm I’ve never known subsided, I continued to whisper in Jason’s ear.

“Fuck Mommy’s pussy in and out slowly, Baby. Mommy is feeling so fanatically wonderful with you deep in Mommy’s pussy.”

“I’m afraid, if I move Mom, I will cum inside of you,” Jason relaxing enough to speak.

“Oh Baby, let it happen, Mommy wants to feel your huge cock shooting deep inside her,” true to his word it took only seconds and Jason was shooting his load deep in his mother’s wanting pussy.

“Oh Baby,” moaning I came with Jason pumping his huge cock and cum into me, kissed Jason bucking my cunt and timing my trusts to his. Lay with Jason deep inside me, realized Jason wasn’t losing his erection, reveling in the knowledge my son was excited to the point of not losing, his hard. Began a slowly gentle fucking of my son with him fucking me and whispered to him.

“Jason, I’m going to turn the lamp on, Mommy wants to see your huge cock fucking in and out of Mommy’s pussy.

“Okay Mom, I want to see too,” Jason relaxing, not his cock, I knew I was home free.

“Do you like Mommy talking to you, Baby?”

“Yes Mom. It’s so sexy.”

“Do you mind Mommy calling herself, Mommy, as we fuck?”

“No Mom. It’s a huge turn on making you more sexier, I’m sorry I’m not more experienced fucking while you slept.”

“Oh I not, you gave me something to think about the day long and for not being experienced, I’m not all that experienced myself. We will learn together, there are so many things Mommy wants, to do with you. Mommy wants you to see her eating your cum, show you how much Mommy loves you, how much Mommy wants our new relationship. Mommy promises she’ll always love you.”

“Mom, I love you so much, I have never wanted to do it with anyone but you.”

“Mommy feels the same way, Baby. When you are ready to cum again, could you let Mommy suck and love your huge cock and shoot your hot cum into Mommy’s mouth. I know it will taste great, your cock looks beautiful sliding in and out of Mommy’s pussy.”

“Yes Mom.”

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