Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 4

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Laundry Day

I’m a gal who likes her sex. No, I love my sex, love fucking, two weeks after the twins were born I was back at it, good long fucks with my husband. It’s been over a month since I’ve had cock. My twins turned eighteen and graduated a month ago, Jen working in her father’s office, helping with his overload. Something I did in our early days. Put all the clothing away but Jeff’s, he had two large baskets full, and way more underwear than I thought he should have, especially with him home the past month. Jeff plans an Electrical Engineering Career, he is very apt with all the new technology.

At his door I had to juggle baskets getting the door open, there Jeff was jerking himself off, huge cock like his father watching a video on his open laptop. My mouth dropped, the video he was watching was of me, and me doing myself with a toy, I keep hidden of a bottom drawer. Only it wasn’t hidden now, nor was my hairy pussy or my large tits, a nice set of 36 DD’s I do exercises keeping them up. John has a nine inch thick cock, nice and thick, when I went to buy I sought to match. I do love John but there have been times, when I just didn’t get enough.

There I was on my son laptop working my cunt with the huge dildo, getting off, not as good as the real thing but in a pinch, and it had been over a month. I love to suck cock, eat cum and fuck, how John won me of college twenty years ago. Remember when this video had to have taken place, the middle of the past week, and I mean I was ramming, my needing cunt. Looked to Jeff, jerking the covers over his huge cock, reminding me so much of his father’s.

“When in the hell did you video me,” I was angry my son having the video of me, in all my glory.

“Mom, I’m sorry,” Jeff slapped his laptop closed.

“Mom, I caught Jen sneaking into your and Dad’s bedroom, she was acting suspiciously. So I hooked up a hidden camera and a motion sensor. I didn’t expect to capture you, Mom. I haven’t able to stop watching you for the past week, you are the sexiest woman, I have ever seen,” I could see Jeff was choking off his cock to keep from cumming, before his cover up.

“That the reason for all the extra underwear,” situation as this, you ask the first question which comes to mind.

“Yes Mom, I grabbed what was handy,” I could see the tent Jeff made of the covers, he still had to be choking off his cock.

“Have you videoed, anything else,” angry my privacy had been violated.

Using one hand, sure his other was still wrapped about his hard cock, Jeff nodded opening his laptop to bring up another video. It was of my daughter Jen, sucking her father’s cock, the cock I hadn’t had. Sat down on the bed and watched the video through its entirety, had Jeff play the video second and a third time.

Husband dressed of starched white shirt, he wears of his business suits, under wear down to his knees and our daughter Jen, on her knees. My daughter had not just learned to suck cock, all the way down Jen swallowed my husband’s cock. Ate his cum, loving John’s cock the way I have been missing, my heart dropped. I’d never been unfaithful and at age thirty eight, I still get plenty of looks. If I wanted, many would want this old gal, at the gym I get hit on all the time.

Watched the video again, making up my mind, two could play this game. Looked Jeff straight in his eyes tugging the blanket away, bent my head down pushing Jeff to lie of his back and took his huge cockhead, into my mouth. Ringing the rim with my tongue I pulled Jeff’s hand away. By the time I swallow his entire cock, cum came shooting down my throat.

Mother like daughter, I didn’t miss a drop eating my son’s cum, and a wanting tingling feeling of needing pussy. Kept loving Jeff’s huge wonderful cock, deep throating to the hilt, tickling his balls with my tongue. If Jeff lost any of his erection I wasn’t aware, began removing my clothing, first blouse and bra, never taking my mouth from his huge cock. Stood beside the bed to remove my slacks and panties.

“You think you can incest fuck, your Mom,” watched Jeff’s eyes taking in his naked mother.

“Yes Mom, I have dreamed of you so many times. You are the sexiest, most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” Jeff did look rather anxious.

“How many times did you jerk off to my video, this past week,” thinking to how many times he may be able to cum for his mother, I planned to grudge fuck and make up for all I’d missed out on this past month.

“I don’t know Mom, at least five times yesterday,” asked as I pulled the pillow from behind Jeff, lay beside him of the bed, stuffing pillow under my ass turning my naked dark hairy pussy, up to him. By now Jeff was up on his knees ducking walking between my wide open legs.

“Mom, your pussy is absolutely beautiful,” reaching for his cock I rubbed up and down through my wet pussy lips, starting Jeff in.

“I’m going to expect you to cum four more times today,” and that’s when it hit me, oh my god his cock feels good, great, fanatic, I let out a huge moan as a huge orgasm racked my body.

“Mom, the way my cock feels inside you, I may stay hard all day long. I swear Mom, I feel a power in my cock I have never felt before!”

“Good, Mommy wants her pussy fucked sore, Baby. Your cock feels magic, Mommy about to cum again!”

All the way through another huge orgasm, Jeff fucked his mother’s pussy, long stroking and giving it to me hard the way I like. Another huge orgasm shook my world, was I falling in love with my son’s cock or was I that horny. Over I flipped Jeff, never losing penetration, fucking him hard. Through Jeff’s huge orgasm I kept fucking, no longer was it a grudge fuck but a fuck we both wanted. Another huge orgasm for me and lay down beside Jeff.

“What are you thinking,” I questioned, watching my son’s eyes.

“Like all my fantasies have come true, Mom. Like I have made love to the sexiest and most beautiful woman in the world,” lifted Jeff’s hand placing to my tit before kissing him a full on the mouth, a full blown passionate kiss, not a motherly kiss.

“You are still hard,” lightly bit Jeff’s lower lip.

“I’m that excited, Mom. My cock has hardly softens since I captured you in the video, Mom. Only when I sleep and I wake up thinking about you, my cock rock hard.”

“I love doggy style, with my tits held in big hands and you feel like, you are up for it.

“Yes Mom. That sounds great.”

Good to his word and Jeff eager to oblige, the muscular feel of his strong legs against the backs of my thighs, slamming his huge cock into my wanting pussy, balls slamming. At six foot two, six inches tall than his twin sister, Jeff had no troubles reaching to my tits, for a good mauling fucking his mother. I have to tell you gals, fucking my son was the best fuck I’ve ever had. I don’t know if it’s incest thing or my pussy is just tuned to the cock I created.

All afternoon Jeff and I fucked, changing positions often and getting my pussy fucked from every angle. Ordered pizza delivered in, showered and setting table by the time John and Jen came home. Through the meal I kept thinking of the afternoon, wanted to be mad at John for fucking our daughter but with the fuck I had of the entire afternoon, mad I couldn’t. Couldn’t help but smile to Jeff any time of looking his way, knew what, he was thinking.

“Mom, could you and Dad join Jeff and I in the Den, we have video and a confession we would like to make,” this should be interesting with Jeff setting up the video, Jen began.

“Mom and Dad, the videos you were shown today, have been altered.”

Pausing Jen let her statement sink in, all John or I could do was look to one another and back to the twins. The video began to play like a professionally made porn movie, showing all the characters, which was the four of us. Beside the video Jeff showed to me of John and Jen, then there was Jeff and I fucking, John and Jen fucking, and Jen and Jeff fucking. All in the same room, of course it was impossible but all John or I could do was look dumbfounded as Jen continued on.

“Jeff and I decided to give ourselves a graduation gift.”

“It was Jen’s ideal but I totally agreed with her.”

“We decided we wanted to make love to the two most beautiful people we know. Mom, really Dad and I working and was all that was going on until this week, until today. We planned to show the videos this coming weekend, Jeff is quite apt with the electronics as we all know. You catching Jeff jerking to the video of you and your reaction, made us have to up the schedule a bit.”

“Mom, you got to spend all afternoon fucking Jeff and I got was barely an hour with Dad. Mom, I want more time with my Daddy,” Jen and Jeff looked to the two us, waiting for an answer, ever been totally lost for words and all I could think to ask.

“How long have you two been fucking each other,” not in clam voice, I questioned.

“Mom, I do love eating cum, daughter like mother, I wanted to fuck as badly as you Mom, but the only two men in this world I have found I truly want to fuck, is Dad and Jeff. Jeff feels the same way.”

“I have never cheated on your father until today and with my son. I guess that says something about me,” to John I looked.

“Nor have I with you Dear, until today but I have to say, it was damn good. I don’t know about you but I kind of feel like the victim here, Dear. You and I can talk later,” I nodded, taking Jeff’s hand.

“I’m claiming our bed,” I called back over my shoulder.

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