Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 3

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Two weeks after Mom and I first made love, Jase and June, Dad returned home and we had to cool our heels somewhat. Skipped as many classes I could afford, though I was wanting Mom’s pussy even more but Mom could transform from lover to responsible to Mom, when needed.

So grateful she could turn to lover as quickly, if not quicker. Thought back to what Mom had said, “I had to know you wanted me,” when I asked why, we hadn’t started being lovers sooner, as I had always dream of Mom as my lover. Any fantasies of sex I’d ever had, Mom was involved.

Time to reflect with Dad home, thought to Mom, of course my mind is always full of Mom. How when I have my huge ten inch cock buried deep in Mom’s beautiful, dark haired pussy, watching my cock slid in and out, bringing Mom and I such pleasures, Mom always refers to herself as Mommy, when fucking.

It’s a thing, for us both, incest fucking may sound vulgar and taboo to others but being of the ancestry, and it adds certain factor. Fucking the pussy that brought me into the world as it does Mom, fucking the cock she created.

A break in classes coming up, skipping classes of college is unlike in high school and thanks to Mom, I am keeping my grades up. Mom is great at fucking and studying, I never realized how intelligent Mom was until we started studying and fucking. Mom has a common sense slanted toward the many subjects I’m taking, bringing clarity to my studies. Of course things do get out of hand or in hand, mouth or pussy, I should say.

If my cock does begin to soften, Mom brings back to keep erect, toying with my cock, I enjoy very much and we continue studying. Out of bed I’d gotten, pulling t-shirt and sweat pants on, fixing Mom and I sandwiches as it was a Saturday with Dad away.

Mom and I stay in the bed until early afternoon, not sleeping. Through the kitchen door came Susan unannounced, head running as she came with Mom coming in her robe at the same time, surprising the two of us within the moment.

“June, it’s been over two weeks since I’ve been over, Don’s been off for the two weeks and we’ve been some remodeling the Den,” Susan paused looking Mom and I over.

“June, you look ten or fifteen years younger. What have you been doing these past two weeks,” Susan looked me up and down.

“Jase, you’re sure been home a lot lately, your car in the drive every day or night,” Susan looked back to Mom.

“June, I’m so happy for you. I bet you are eating his cum too,” Mom nor I had an answer, Susan paused as to think the situation over, only a moment of silence, from her.

“I’ve got my twins, who has turned eighteen and about to graduate. I came over to invite Jase to a little party, for them tonight,” again Susan paused, way out the norm.

“June, it’s been so apparently good for you. How do I approach my boys,” Susan looked to Mom and I, Mom giving me a look, if I had an answer.

“The direct approach. Tell them you are so proud of them graduating, you are going to reward them with their mother’s pussy, strip to show your pussy and tits. And watch what happens,” I smiled to Mom as if to say, I don’t know.

“If my two boys take to it as you apparently have, Jase. I’m going to have me some cock tonight, wondering how big my boys are. Hope they take after their Dad in that department,” Susan didn’t seem embarrassed at all, though Mom and I were, getting caught.

“A lot more cock, your boys will recover, quick at their age,” Mom advised her.

“Jase, the party is off. I think me and my boys will be having a private party of our own, their Dad out on the Rigs, every other two weeks. June, I’ll talk to you later, enjoy you two,” Susan was out the door.

“Trust me, we will not have to wait the two weeks, for an update,” Mom smiled taking a bite of her sandwich and I knew the party hadn’t ended, of the day here.

Mom in her robe and seeing she’d taken time to shower, Dad away. So very thankful I am, Dad travels in his business. “Don’t look a gift horse the mouth,” the old adage came to mind. Never did I question Mom of her and Dad’s relationship, somethings are better left unsaid.

Sitting down to the table with Mom after serving drinks, Mom has been insisting we both drink tons of water lately, claiming drinking water was best for our sex life. All the incentive I needed, pulled the belt on Mom’s robe letting glorious tits free, and I do love, looking at my Mom.

“Turnabout is fair play,” out of my sweats Mom pulled my cock, of course my cock was hard, knowing Mom and I would be making love shortly, Dad not due home until middle week.

“We are going to have to lock the kitchen door, from now on,” over to the door I walked with cock flopping, Mom watching there and back, two large sandwiches I made for myself, needing to keep my strength up.

Correct Mom was, four days later a knock upon the kitchen door came as Mom and I was getting in a quickie, before Dad was due home. Throwing on her robe Mom went to answer the door, I didn’t feel I should answer the door with a rock hard cock.

Mom does her absolutely best to keep my cock hard and she is quite talented, I must say. Sweat bottoms I find very enjoyable and comfortable to wear, placed my cock standing up nearly to my belly button, pulling on a rather large t-shirt covering the huge cock head, as it did poke out the top. By now I wanted to hear how Susan’s plan worked out.

“I’m telling you June, best decision I ever made,” heard Susan as I approached the coffee pot, catching a cup brewing. One of the pots you don’t have to wait to finish and I like my coffee strong.

“Oh that looks uncomfortable,” Susan pulled my t-shirt up.

“Oh June, you are so fortunate,” before I could react with hot cup of hand, Susan kissed the head of my cock, noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Oh, these puppies are out now,” Susan gave me a big smile, seeing that I looked.

“June, both my boys have big cocks, bigger than their father. My twin’s cocks are identical, maybe we should get together and compare one of these days,” from the look of Mom’s eyes, I knew she wasn’t interested nor was I. Normal for a man to look at any set of tities, Susan went on in her normal way.

“June, me and my boys have been fucking for days. Thank you Jase, for your advice. I walked into the my boys bedroom, you know Don is out on a rig, wearing my best see through negligee. Hairy pussy and tits showing, told my boys how proud of them I was and what their reward was to be. You should have seen my boys scrambling getting their clothes off.”

“Bob, my first born, by three minutes asked, whose first! Both, I answered, I’ve always had the fantasy of having my pussy fucked while sucking a huge hard cock and I now know I can shallow a nine inch cock to the hilt,” Susan looked my way.

“You know June, my boys have always done everything together and you’d think fucking their mother was their life ambition, the way they go after me. Talk about being in hog heaven, I have been eating so much cum, Don would never allow me. I absolutely love my boys shooting into me at the same time and it’s like my pussy is tune to my boys cocks. It’s like a magical wonder when either one enters me, pussy or mouth.”

“School will be letting out soon, the last week and summer to begin, I can hardly wait. My boys have been coming straight home to their mother, I don’t have worry where my boys are what they are up to. June I am so tremendously happy you encourage me to take my boys virginity,” Susan out the door as quickly, as she came.

“Mom, when did you encourage her, I don’t remember it taking place.”

“Well, you have to know Susan, rather you and I admitted to her or not, she was correct in accusing us. So in her mind and as long as she has been frustrated sexually, knowing we did or think we did, is all the encouragement Susan needs.”

“Mom, why did you become friends with her and aren’t you afraid, she will tell the whole neighborhood.”

“Dad is away so much and you have been so busy with school and sports, these past years. It was like you didn’t really need your Mom anymore. Susan has been someone to talk to and if truth be known, Susan’s ways I find refreshing. She does say what’s on her mind. I’m not worried for I am her only friend, she’ll keep our secret as she will be keeping, her own.”

“You think she may be of the ancestry too, Mom?”

“After the way she has taken to fucking her sons, I would think so. Susan was an adopted child, she knows not of her own ancestry, so it could be. A very strict religious family raised and disowned her, for not marrying within their beliefs. Don would not agree to the confinements of their religion and way of life, more a cult than a religion, I think.”

“Do you think you’ll tell her of our situation, Mom?”

“I think not, no point in complicate her life. Believe me, Susan is happy as I have ever known her. Are you done eating?”

“No Mom, not as long, as I have you.”

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