Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 2

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

In my bed I lay thinking of what happen earlier in the day, my Mom June and her son Jase, fucking. Sleep wasn’t coming, mind full of Mom, her pussy was to be mine, and confused I wanted badly my cock back in my Mom’s pussy. Stroked my hard cock, no pussy though limited I was, made my cock feel the power like then in Mom’s pussy.

Incest, I didn’t give more than a passing thought, eat Mom’ pussy, taste the juices straight out of Mom’s beautiful, dark lovely mound, my hands crushing her tit’s, rolling the huge hard nipples of my fingers and thumbs, I couldn’t from my mind.

“That’s my pussy, Mom said so and I want it,” but Mom had said.

“We’re not going to do this anymore,” but she had also said.

“This is your pussy, any time you want, Baby.”

Found myself out side Mom’s door listening, could hear Dad snoring, listen if Mom may be using her toys. Knew Mom slept in the nude, what child wouldn’t know growing up, turn the hall light out and of total darkness I eased Mom’s door open. Crawled across the floor knowing Mom’s side of the bed, reached over Mom’s leg finding her naked pussy, legs opened to my finger sliding in. Pussy wet and hot, heard Mom suck air before feeling her hand tracing down my arm. Pulled Mom onto the floor with me, with a thud.

“I told you, we weren’t going to do this anymore,” by the time Mom could get the words out I was between her legs with my hard cock sinking deep, Mom moaned aloud.

“Aren’t you done yet, I have to catch an early flight and I’m tired and need some sleep,” we heard Dad but I didn’t quit fucking, the sensations I was feeling in my cock.

“I got a new toy today and it feels so good,” Mom answered Dad.

“Well, go to one of the guest rooms, I need some sleep,” pulling out my cock wasn’t an option, I needed to blow a load as Mom needed.

“I will in a moment, can’t quit just yet,” Mom was building as I was, could feel the power and heat in my cock,” Mom clamped her mouth over mine, quieting the two of us.

“June,” we heard Dad again.

“I’m going,” Mom answered.

“I’ll meet you in your room.”

“On all fours I crawled out, five minutes or more and Mom hasn’t come, worrying she had gone to one of the four guest rooms of our home. In all her wonderful naked glory, main overhead light Mom switched on. So beautiful, Mom did a couple of poses and my fears disappeared. Magic pussy mine again, on my cock sucking, Mom turned saddling my face with her wondrous pussy, smelling so fresh and hot, I asked.

“What did you mean, when you said, we weren’t going to do this anymore,” diving into Mom’s pussy tongue and lips working several moments before Mom chose to answer.

“What I meant, I don’t want to do this where Dad may catch us. I do love him dearly and he has been so good to us, after the plane crash killing both my parents and my brother. Giving you his name, Mommy couldn’t stop fucking with you anymore than she make you take your cock out, before shooting cum into me. There in my bedroom and Dad merely feet away, a little while ago,” my first time to eat pussy I could not imagine never doing it again, Mom’s pussy was just as magical on my tongue as my cock.

“I see we are going to have to have this conversation, so it might as well be now. Lay on your back, I’ll get on top and sink your huge cock in Mommy’s pussy, lying with these big tities on your chest while I fuck you. My darling sweet Baby.”

Did as Mom requested, watched as Mom straddled aiming my hard cock into her beautiful pussy with dark hair glistening wet. Learning how stimulating it was to see my cock entering such accommodating, beautiful hairy pussy, something about seeing your hard cock disappear into hairy folds and add in the factor it was my Mom’s, beautiful glorious pussy. Once my hard cock was buried deep Mom lay upon my chest, hard hot nipples of felt fanatic as Mom, began her tale.

“I should start with my early life you know nothing of. In high school I fell hopelessly in love as I was not eighteen, caught up in all the glamor of the social years of high school, Prom Queen, the hero football quarterback, the perfect life of going to college. Getting married, having children, only it didn’t work out, I could never get pregnant. He wanted boys, he wanted the life he had with his father, he wanted live the life he had all over again, with his own son or sons.”

“No matter how much we fucked, I couldn’t get pregnant and as I’m sure you have figured out, Mommy’s needs a lot of sex. I could always fuck him down and that played a big part, to his ego. And as one thing always leads to another, we separated going each our ways. Today he has four sons, a Head Coach of a large high school, I truly hope he found the happiness he sought. Confessed to my Mom, after the break up and Mom told me what she claimed was the true story of our ancestry,” Mom paused often to kiss and fuck, having me lay still.

“The story Mom told was of centuries long ago, Aliens, Angels or Gods, whatever you choose them to be. Came to an Island Homeland for whatever reasons, has been lost to time, mining what Mom didn’t know. These Gods brought to the people a better life, better ways of feeding themselves, improving their lives to the point our ancestors were very appreciative and offer to these Gods the most beautiful young women as the people saw, these Gods had no women among them.”

“These Gods had huge sexual appetites passing on to descendants, after generations mining the Island Homeland of our ancestors, the Gods all left. Leaving descendants behind, these descendants all had huge sexual appetites and found they could no longer reproduce, unless it was through incest, fathers and daughters, sisters and brothers and the best of all according to my mother, mothers and sons.”

“It certainly working like that with you and I, don’t you think.”

“Yes Mom, I’ll probably never have a daughter to judge by but Mom, I don’t care I have you.”

“That’s sweet Baby but we will have to see how it goes, women of my age have babies. So we will just have to see.”

“Mom, you would want to have a baby with me, at your,” about that time I could no longer hold back, blew with such a force I thought I may blow Mom off of me, Mom laughed having a huge orgasm with and slowly kept fucking, my hard cock.

“I would welcome a child, who will be a daughter, should it happen,” Mom kissing.

“What about Dad,” I could feel the juices boiling of my balls and figuring out Mom likes bringing me near to orgasm, prolonging her orgasms, building to a large cumming for us both.

“Of course Dad knows about my huge appetite, wanting to fuck, even if I have to get myself off. He doesn’t know about our ancestry and should it happen, I become with a daughter I will simply tell him it was from a one night stand. I have never cheated on him until now, there would be no need of him to know who is the real father, and I have helped him in his business. Dad and I have a understanding but we do need to protect ourselves, it has happen in the past. People learning of the great pleasures we receive and revolt against us, my Mom said. Best to always play it safe, why I don’t want to be, discovered by Dad.”

“Really Mom, you’ve never until me,” I got the impression Mom had been with Dad’s customers but Mom not wanting it for herself, she didn’t consider it cheating on Dad.

“You’ve had sex with others, did it not leave you with an itch, and you still needed to scratch.”

“Yes Mom but I’m confused, after we made love this afternoon I wanted more badly, so badly, I snuck into your bedroom.”

“There is a huge difference, Baby. Between having the tremendous pleasures we are having, than left with an itch we can never scratch. We want to do it over and over because it feels so good to scratch. Like when it feels so good to rub a sore spot, when you rub just right, you want to keep rubbing. Do you want to pound Mommy’s pussy, blow your load and roll over to go to sleep. It happens that way for a lot of people, both men and women, like Susan who has never had one, totally satisfied fuck in her life.”

“No Mom, what your pussy is doing to my cock, I’ve never heard spoken of . I’ve heard a lot of talk over the years, Mom. But no one has ever spoken of the pleasures, not of the magnitude, I’m feeling in my cock. ”

Mom and I fucked until early morning light, Mom telling me to sleep, she had to get Dad off on his trip. Sleep I did, missed all my classes, awoke in the early evening with Mom on my mind. All the memories flooding back into, the wonderful sex all through the night, Mom naked lying beside facing. My god Mom has great tits, hand upon my hard cock, naturally the covers were off for Mom to see as she stroked.

“How would you like to start your day, Baby. Mommy wants to eat cum and fuck.”

“I need food but I’m hungry for you, Mom.”

“Great! We can eat and fuck. Mommy has food prepared but first, you don’t mine, if Mommy helps herself to some of this,” Mom looked from my cock to my eyes.

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