Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 10

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Nurse Mom

Horrible accident of an eighteen wheeler slamming my pick up into a concrete wall, Mom a highly skilled trauma nurse had me moved home after a months in traction, the insurance company happy to oblige and keeping hospital costs down.

Really lucky I was, had no eternal damage to any organs, only my legs were broken in multiple places with cast up to my hips with steel bars embedded the length down to my ankles. Bed ridden for the next two months.

My dad we lost in Iraq, Mom worked many hours supporting the two of us and along with Dad’s pension got me into college, a military life I didn’t want. It’s been only Mom and I for years, I have the best Mom in the world and the most attractive.

Never has Mom dated in all the years, though she has had many offers. Use to Mom being hit on from my early days. A widowed young woman and beautiful, men often hit on Mom right in front of me.

EMS brought me home to an electric bed, Mom had sat up in her bedroom, moving all the furniture out but her bed and tables for bed side lamps. The electric bed had an overhead structure with cables and pulleys for lifting placing a bedpan beneath, a tube of my cock to a bottle, Mom would have to install when needed. You can’t leave those things too long or other problems will accrue.

“Mom, why didn’t you just move the bed from my room?”

“I don’t want you down the hall from me, a blood clot could still happen and I want you near, if you need me during the night.”

That was my Mom, she always thought to my needs. The two week went fine but I did worry for Mom getting any rest, lying of one position constantly makes a person hurt from that alone, the bed did have an overhead bar I could exercise my upper body.

Tried my best to keep the grunts and groans to a medium, not disturbing Mom more than needed. On the fourteen day, yes you do count the days, I awoke with a massive hard on, a piss hard from needing to pee. Wanted to put off waking Mom as long as I could. Mom insisted I drink plenty of water flushing out medicines given in the hospital.

“This is good. I see some of the medicines have flushed out,” Mom announced, folding the covers back.

“Mom!” all embarrassed, I couldn’t look Mom in the eyes.

“What’s wrong, I’ve seen it before and I am a nurse.”

“But Mom, I’m not a baby anymore.”

“You are certainly not,” felt Mom’s warm hand on my cock.

“This is going to be a problem though. Can’t shove in the tube as long as your cock is hard,” felt Mom stroking my cock.

“There is a way of solving the problem however. May take a little longer with your cock so hard,” eyes away and embarrassed of the moment, I felt Mom’s warm mouth of my cock.


“Just lay back and enjoy, Mom will handle this.”

Down Mom ate my eight inch cock, kissing, loving and sucking. Free hand Mom reached to my chest patting as if to ease or relax of the moment. If something was wrong with me, I have often wondered, for I’ve never had a close relationship with anyone, never had sex with anyone other than myself.

Chastised myself many times, thinking of my Mom, my fantasies for getting myself off and now my Mom was sucking my cock. Quite some time it took with needing to pee and I felt my climax building. Mom must have sensed for now she was watching my eyes as she swallowed my cum.

“That was absolutely delicious,” Mom said to my wide eyed stare.

“All done and no mess to clean up,” casually Mom spoke as if nothing out of the usual had accrued.

“Mom,” was all I could utter as relief came.

“I’ll get your breakfast, a big hardy breakfast I’m sure you will want.”

Kissing my forehead, Mom left the room not dressing, wearing t-shirt and only panties, all my life I had known of Mom’s sleeping attire. A half hour or so Mom was back with trey, laden with eggs, pancakes, bacon, juice and coffee sitting of her bed which was close to me.

“It’s time you and I have a talk,” Mom began as I began to eat, I had no words, didn’t know what to say and look Mom in the eyes.

“There have been only two men of this world, I have ever desired,” Mom tone and statement made me stop eating to look her way.

“You and your father, who is also my father. Why there was such a difference in our ages,” laid down my fork.

“Go on and eat, you need your strength. There is a long history of incest in our family, our father related to me when I confessed to him I desired no other but him. My mother we lost to cancer before you were born,” hardly could I remember my father, our father.

“I loved Dad with all my heart,” chewing slowly I hung on Mom’s every word, remembering Mom had always called my father, her father, Dad or Daddy.

“The career Dad chose and often deployed far from home, is the only reason I became a nurse, needing something to do with my time. Otherwise I would have stayed home fucking Dad and raising babies. My mother was Dad’s mother,” choking of a mouth full food Mom was up in an instant, patting my back.

“Are you understanding why there have been no grandparents to either side of our family, my mother’s lover/husband was her father giving her a son, who gave her a daughter, me,” Mom encouraged back to eating.

“Your accident made me realize I could no longer wait for your confession of desires as Dad waited for mine. Incest the reasons why you have never desired a relationship with any others. Dad impressed on me the need to keep our secrets and wait until you were of an age, keeping our secrets and our lives conscientious. I know you’ve heard in your life, incest is wrong, it can cause abnormalities and birth defects but there is also the exception to every rule,” Mom paused letting her confessions sink in.

“Mom, I have always wanted you, from my first sexual fantasy until this day, my fantasies have been of you and now I stuck in these casts for the next two months,” confession time, the love I saw in Mom’s eyes folding the covers back to reveal my hard cock and my desire, for my mother.

“Oh Mom, will see to the time passes quickly,” Mom with a huge smile to me.

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