Children of Lesser Gods: Pt 1

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Well into my second year at our local university living in a major city, one afternoon I got home a bit earlier than normal, professor canceling a class. Parking outside our four-car garage, no need of going away to college, entering the house via the kitchen door. Stopped to listen, Mom’s neighbor and friend Susan, most times she did run on and on speaking quite loudly, normally I didn’t pay her attention but today she caught my interest.

“Life is so unfair to women. Here you are June, merely forty-five years old and having to do without. I’m only thirty-six and don’t get it near often enough and my Don doesn’t have the same excuse of your man, the pill doesn’t work anymore. It’s a god-awful shame, we can’t find some young stud to service us both. Course with your looks, you’d have to attract him, I have nice tits but no ass and skinny legs.”

“We do have our toys,” I heard Mom say.

“Yeah, but a rubber dick doesn’t take the place of a cum spewing cock and you haven’t had any for over a year. I love my cum, perhaps if I could ever get enough of it I might, fill like you,” one never knew what will come out of Susan’s mouth.

“I’d better get on, the boys will be home soon,” the kitchen door I was stand popped open with Susan, nearly in my face.

“Jase, how have you been,” Susan managed out the door, making sure she raked her tits across my chest as she exited.

“Like a cup of coffee, it fresh brewed, you know Susan.”

Getting up from the kitchen table Mom pouring before I could answer. Making small talk Mom sat with cup asking of my day, looking Mom over I could see she was wearing no bra, low cut blouse showed Mom’s ample cleavage, thin material clearly showed Mom’s huge nipples. At age forty-five Mom in a two-piece bathing suit looked as good as any centerfold, aureoles large as tennis balls a darker tan than her beautiful complexion, tits had to be a thirty-six DD’s , dark long black raven hair, perfect rounded ass and long gorgeous legs, complexion of a bright olive, sparkling bright blue eyes and a MILF anyone would love to fuck.

Blowing and sipping the coffee my brain was in torment, knew Mom didn’t shave her pussy, peeking many times Mom in the shower. A centerfold like my Mom, what son wouldn’t. How to broach the subject I wanted to discuss with Mom, I was toiling, knew Dad was much older than Mom but never had I thought about Mom having the troubles Susan spoke of and Mom’s acknowledgment of their having toys. Mom asking if there were any problems bothering me, she may able to help with, I decided the to give it a shot.

“There is something on my mind but it’s kind of personal and I don’t know how to begin.”

“Well, just come straight out with it and let’s see if Mom can help,” with Mom’s encouragement I did as Mom suggested.

“Mom, I’m having the same problem as you, I’m not getting any and I want to fuck you more than anyone I know. Mom all the girls I’ve been out with say I’m too big and those that don’t, I don’t want.”

Without saying a word Mom reached taking my hand pulling up from the chair, as she sat of the kitchen table and me standing before her, Mom undone my jeans, dipped into my briefs and fished out my ten-inch hard cock. Eyes to mine Mom covered the huge helmet head with her warm mouth, licking with her tongue, ringing the rim with the tip. My cock jumped, flexing of it’s on will, down Mom took my entire length cupping my balls in her free hand.

Clearing my cock with a loud pop, Mom push down my jeans, jack her beautiful ass upon the table, opening her long lovely legs. View of the most luscious dark hair covered pussy I was ever going to see, glistening wet pussy mound stood out from her flat hips, Mom beckoned me toward her. Hard cock of hand Mom rubbed the huge helmet head between her pussy lips and started me in.

“Oh Mom,” was all I could get out, Sky Rockets were bursting of air, something like small electric shock waves striking the sensitive head of my cock, shooting straight to my brain.

“Oh Baby, Mommy feels it, you do take after your father, not Dad but your real father,” unsure of what Mom was saying all my brain could concentrate on was how fanatic my cock was feeling. The deeper I sank my cock into Mom’s wondrous pussy, the more my brain reeled, tremendous sensation after another my cock felt supercharged, beyond anything I had ever known.

“Mom!” Mom watching my eyes.

“Yes Baby, fuck your Mommy’s pussy.”

Up Mom pulled her blouse over her head, as if it wasn’t right to be fucking her pussy and not seeing her magnificent tits. Into my chest Mom crushed her huge hard nipples, kissing me passionately. Stroking and fucking Mom’s wondrous pussy I thought I may pass out and my cock erupted with a force I’d never known, Mom exploded with me, the two of us having to cling to one another to keep from falling off the table and to the floor. Huge hard cock inside Mom’s glorious pussy felt so wonderful, recovering and not losing my hard, I slowly began fucking Mom more.

“Yes Baby, Mommy wants this cock, fuck, fuck Mommy!”

“Mom, why haven’t we done this before!”

“I had to know you wanted Mommy’s pussy and can you imagine someone like Susan finding out. Oh Baby, your cock is better than your father’s, my Mom said it would be. Making love to my very own son would be the best, I would ever know. Sex with my father was the best I’d known but with my father and mother dying in the plane crash, I didn’t really believe all the stories told of our family, not until now and your beautiful cock entered my pussy, did I truly believe,” hard to concentrate of what Mom was saying, I knew nothing of a family, as she was speaking.

“There are many things I need to speak with you of, Jase. But right now, Mommy’s needs this fucking,” Mom fucking me as hard as I was fucking her, again we both shuttered with huge orgasms and we heard Dad’s truck, mad scramble Mom and I both for clothes.

“We’re not doing this again,” puzzled I was confused of everything, dashing to my room.

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