Childhood Fantasy

by Erin (Texas)

Childhood Fantasy

Since I was a very young man, long before reaching my teen years, I’ve fantasized of fucking my Aunt Wanda. She is eight years older than I, now in my seventies and I still think about fucking her. In her teen years she was the sexist woman ever, in my eyes, wearing tight cutoff blue jeans I still see in my mind’s eye. She may be too old to want to fuck but it still gives me a hard-on, thinking about her.

My mom’s younger sister wanted to fuck and I knew that for a fact. Conversations I overheard as a child, grownups thinking I too young for paying attention, information coming to my young ears. Aunt Wanda giving me my first hard-on that wasn’t from needing to pee, I have fantasized my Aunt Wanda ever since I can remember. I must take after my dad for he was always fucking around on my mom, she caught him and split from him, more than one time.

I know she loved him enough to become his swinger’s partner but I don’t care about all that, for I saw the good times they had together and they had many. My mom’s sister was reputed have joined them but I don’t care about that or want to speak to my aunt about it. I would love to know, if I could make her eighty one year old pussy get wet, I’m seventy three and don’t think it would be too weird wanting to fuck my aunt.

When my aunt would babysit us, my mom worked, she liked to work, so until I became older and trusted to babysit my younger siblings, Aunt Wanda did the babysitting. Peek at her I would any time I got the chance, through the cracks of bathroom doors, my aunt had the prettiest pussy I have ever seen, to this day. Hairy and beautiful I thought her pussy, forever branded in my mind, incest fucking with my aunt would not be a problem for me. Not if I could watch my cock sliding in and out of her hairy, beautiful pussy. I’m large like my father was reputed to be cock wise.

My aunt’s boyfriend came over to our house a lot and in later years he and I became friends and I asked him over beers one night, why he and my aunt broke up. He told me, she was cock crazy and he didn’t think he could ever keep up with her demands. Well this only added fuel to the flames already burning in my mind, fantasies of fucking my aunt in the mouth, as I eat her beautiful pussy. My aunt’s pussy sat the presidencies in my mind of how I loved pussies to appear, natural adornment and never shaved in my mind.

Tits I love and Aunt Wanda’s titties I found very sexy but her beautiful hairy pussy was my main attraction. In my mind’s eye I see her laid out before me, legs open and so lovely a pussy for me to munch, juices flowing for me to lap up. No way would I fuck her today without eating her pussy first, not after all the fantasies, I’ve had. Wouldn’t want to fuck with a woman who didn’t enjoy having her pussy eaten to an orgasm, before I shove, my big cock in.

My cock in her mouth, her large brown eyes looking up to me, I’m totally convinced my Aunt Wanda would know how to love my cock. Often I wake to visions in my mind, cock hard wanting to fuck my aunt and if I ever get the opportunity to speak alone with her, I will tell her of my fantasies. Try and let her know how long I have wanted to fuck her and it’s not like I haven’t had much pussy in my life.

A man with a nine inch cock, word does get around, like it did with my father. I once caught my dad fucking my mom’s aunt which was only a year older than my mom, upsetting me much. I don’t think it would have upset me so much knowing mom and dad were swingers, if he and my mom’s aunt hadn’t been sneaking around. I’m a pretty weird guy myself, which parent is to blame for that, I don’t know but here I am sixty years later and still wanting to fuck my mom’s, younger sister.

Bored and thinking of my aunt’s beautiful pussy, I decided to get on one of the senior dating sites, just to see if someone I may want to chat. I found my aunt’s profile, it wasn’t one of those sites where older people chat dirty or anything but here I am still, wanting to fuck my eighty one year old aunt, her gorgeous pussy embedded into my mind. I sent her a message through the site, telling my entire story of how I’d fantasized of wanting her pussy, remembering something I’d overheard my dad say long ago.

“If you want a woman’s pussy, the first step is to let her know, you want to fuck her.” The following weekend my wife was away visiting her mom who is sick with cancer. I got a call from my Aunt Wanda, asking if I were alone. The family knows my wife’s mom is sick and my wife spends all the time she can with her. Answering yes, the phone hung up and my aunt showed at my door in only a few minutes.

Marched right in and began undressing, completely naked she offered me a bottle of the little blue pills, I quickly popped two down as Aunt Wanda sat upon the couch, and opened her legs to reveal the pussy I’d wanted for so long. My aunt eighty one and I seventy four there is a bit more than a little age showing around the edges for us both but let me tell you, her open pussy looked delicious and wet. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that but hesitate I didn’t, while I was waiting for the pill to strengthen my cock I rushed in eating her wonderful pussy, learning of the many times she could cum.

Aunt Wanda had the best tasting pussy I’d ever known and I had no problem eating her through one orgasm right another, until I was sure the pills kicked in. I wanted my cock staying hard living out the fantasy I’d had throughout my life. Three solid hours I kept my cock or tongue inside my aunt watching her pleased face as I fucked her.

For the first time in my life I’d found a partner who would allow me eating all the pussy I wanted, the hottest, wettest, slickest pussy I’d ever had my cock or tongue in. Aunt Wanda kissed me, dressed and left, the whole week long I could hardly think of little else but my aunt’s, fantastic beautiful pussy.

The following weekend, after the week of thinking and wanting to eat her pussy again, I got a text from my aunt, “Cum.” Popped a couple of the pills my aunt left behind and dressed and drove over. At my knock I heard Aunt Wanda call, “Come in and lock the door behind you.” Found my aunt in her bedroom, laid upon the bed without a stitch on, beautiful hairy pussy mound open and wet prompt up of pillows.

Smiled undressing, Aunt Wanda smiling seeing my cock hard, of course it was hard with anticipation before I arrived. Climbed upon the bed with my cock in hand, stroking and placed into her mouth. Watched Aunt Wanda’s face as she quickly began sucking and loving my cock. Let me tell you in her eighty one years this woman had learned sucking cock well. I managed turning without taking my cock from her mouth and got my mouth and tongue back in her luscious, pussy once again.

Feeling like I’d died and gone to heaven, we stayed loving cock and pussy for an hour or more before the desire to fuck her took me over completely. Aunt Wanda could cum so much, amazed and pleased I sank my big, hard cock deep. With her ass jacked of pillows I fucked my aunt’s fantastic pussy, all the stories I heard of my aunt growing up, were true delighting me to no end. At eighty one years old my Aunt Wanda had the best pussy I’d ever know. I don’t know how long she and I will be able to continue fucking but any time she beckons, I will cum.

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