Cheating On My Wife

by LowC (Kansas City, Mo)

Bowling night with the guys was Tuesday. Travel to Independence Mo. was about 40 minutes.

If league bowling went quickly as it sometimes did, it allowed me a little time ...a little time to expand my sexual side, married young , never done much with girls , just my wife, before marriage and of course during. I had discovered in Independence, an adult bookstore, I had been there already, several times.

Found a new world, open gay sex! Men would leave there video booth doors ajar if they wanted company, or there were several glory holes sprinkled among the booths.

I had quickly progressed from dropping in to receive a bj to actively giving a few and had actually carried it a bit further, rendezvousing with a couple of guys to experience receiving anal.

My only experience before had been with a St Bernard Dog when I was very young . So I knew what it felt like, to be rammed and filled, but my couple of experiences with men I had met at the abs had been unsatisfying, no pain, no gain. I just knew that a standard wiener was not my gig.

This was the night. I entered, dark in the hallways, red lights above each booth is on if occupied, I’m strolling through, ooh ..door ajar.. I peek in ..OMG a black man, balding, a little heavy, his right hand around the shaft of an enormous, beautiful, perfect dick , even nicer than the biggest Doc Johnson, fake ya ever saw ! I mean huge!

I hold my gaze he nods up and down , I enter. Close the door , fall to my knees. No words. I try to suck it. It is too big to go in my mouth... I mean at least a tennis ball size head. I measure, I have large hands , I’m 6’3” 180 , athletic, large hands . ...Only reach half way around the shaft! About like a tall boy! Only longer ! He asks what I’m looking for ?

Well honestly, when I went in was to give a bj but that was out. I said what I really want is to get fucked. Again he nodded up and down. Thought that funny , he spoke very little. I asked, you have a place to go? He nodded again, up the street, by the stadiums ! Off we went, he was well dressed, in a suit with a nice shirt and tie.

I helped him carry in numerous other dress coats. I kind of pegged him at that point. A local personality, anyway in his apartment, he showed me to the bedroom. I sat on the bed. He put his stuff away, I undressed, silk sheets, omg! When you’re about to receive the only horse cock of your life, silk sheets are perfect! He got undressed, we embraced, I held his manhood, stretched out, began to lick the head, his phone rang!

Obviously talking to his wife, told her he made it in okay, etc etc, I couldn’t help my self, I reached out, caressing his his chest muscles, rubbing his loins, sucked on his cock head, fondled his balls. He moaned, immediately his response to the response on the other end was that he was tired, sorry, at which the call ended and my man pussy became an object of extreme interest.

Well I had to tell him, we have to have some lubricant, because he apparently was not versed in this either, because he just thought he was gonna slide that three pound salami in me and stir till done! He said he didn’t know if he had anything, now I had 2 thoughts, 1 was when I would ever get a chance to get fucked by a real honest black monster cock ever again, and what a huge disappointment it would be if he had no lube, I said I don’t care if all you have is Crisco or bacon grease but we gotta have something!

In he came , all smiles, giggled , here he handed me and said “Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion” to which I said, probably where I would end up, Intensive Care. Well he made 💕 love! He stroked my thighs, kissed my nipples, massaged my rectum, rubbed me and touched me in ways I’d never felt as a man. I felt like I was a thing of beauty and he was going to bring out my best. I felt this enormous dick pressing my tiny anus.

I had been fucked before years ago by a St. Bernard dog. I didn’t know if that would allow me to stretch enough. The couple of guys I had since, I hardly felt. I forced a lot of lotion in, then some more, I lotioned him up, he tried, he tried, he tried again, I said you’re sooo big! He said push! Push like you’re trying to shit ! I did, omg the head went in! He said I’m in! I said I know! I’ve never felt this full!

He had my legs up over my head, slowly fucking me, of god what a feeling, every stroke, I mewed like a kitten, little wincing mewl sounds like a whore in heat! Thin walled apartment, I didn’t care! Fuck me ! Give it to me, I knew I sounded like a woman, no man could sound like that, I needed that dick like I needed air to breathe that night, my god what a fucker he was!

After an hour of fucking we cleaned up, went back at it, I asked him for a back door doggy style and got fucked a second time, he laughed, first time it took 30 minutes to dick me, second time he walked up and threw that cock in me! What a night, Thanks Bryan, what a great fuck you were!

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