Caught With My Toy

by David (Ventnor, NJ)

One afternoon after work I had taken a shower and dried off. I laid a fresh towel on my recliner and decided to masturbate with one of my male masturbators a tenga egg.

Absolutely stroking so hard, I didn’t hear the front door opening, I heard a gasp and a laugh, I turned to see my girlfriends friend standing there totally watching me stroking myself hard.

By this point it was too late to stop what I was doing, I said I’m so sorry but I can’t stop. I shot my load so hard as she stood there totally looking. I quickly tried to cover up when I finished.

She said it’s ok, don’t be embarrassed, it was her fault for not knocking first. And that it was interesting to watch me using my toy. She had never seen a man use one before. We vowed to keep it a secret, and that was that.

Neighbor Caught Me Stroking
Anonymous (Atlantic City)

This just happened. My neighbor down the hall is a good friend of me and my girlfriend, so much so she has a key to our apartment. Tonight when she got done work she must have thought I wasn’t home and was coming to drop off something for my girlfriend to sew for her.

She didn’t knock and used her key and walked in on me stroking away with one of my toys, she is a big black woman, she just started laughing and said well somebody’s having fun! Said sorry and told me to enjoy myself, just before she left I pulled out of the toy and shot my load everywhere! She said damn! That was a big one!

Flashing The Neighbors While Masturbating
David (Ventnor, NJ)

I live on the 15th floor of an apartment building, one day after work I was feeling extremely horny so I decided that I was going to stand in front of the sliding glass doors and jerk my cock.

As I lube up and slip into my toy and start stroking I noticed there was a woman in the building across from me looking out her window. I continued stroking slowly and looking at her finally I realized she was watching me. She even waved at me and clapped her hands as if she approved of the show.

She disappeared for a minute she came back to the window with no bottoms on and she had joined me rubbing away. Finally after a while I couldn’t hold back any longer and I sprayed my load all over the door so she could see. Once in a while I pass her on the street and she smiles and says hi.

Bosses Daughter Watching Me Stroking
David (Ventnor, NJ)

One night after work there was a bad snow storm and the conditions were bad, my boss asked if I could get his daughter a cab ride home from the restaurant. I called and it was going to be at least a 45 minute wait for her to get picked up. I lived above the restaurant so she came upstairs to wait. I told her I was going to take a shower while she waited for the cab.

When I got out of the shower I was extremely aroused I walked into the living room in a towel and my cock was semi- erect. Usually after I shower I would masturbate, she was an adult so I explained that there was something that I usually did after my shower, she laughed and said I think I know what you’re talking about, and it wouldn’t bother me as long as you go in your bedroom.

I thanked her but explained the door to my room was broken and didn’t shut very much. She said that’s fine, do what you gotta do. So I laid down and started stroking my shaft, she was just 10 feet away from me at the time. I started moaning a little bit as I started to feel better.

My eyes were closed and I opened them and saw she was peeking from around the corner, I told her you didn’t have to hide, she could watch me. It really turned me on, just as I was about to shoot my cum the cab honked it’s horn, of course she watched me finish.

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