Caught Wanking In Car

by leglover13 (Brisbane)

If you read my first story you would know about my sexual fetish, sexy young girls in short skirts and really sexy legs. I love to drive around in the city a Friday or Saturday night perving at young sexy legs while i play with my cock.

I would love to let them watch me jerk of and cum while i looked at their legs but its too dangerous. They could take my rego number and tell the police and i would be fucked. Lucky i have dark window tint so they don't see me.

Let me tell you about my step sister first, she was a dancer from age 8 and had the longest sexy legs, when she was 14 she looked 18 which luckily she is 18 now. when we lived with her mum and my dad i used to get so turned on by her legs i used to go to my room and jerk of thinking about her legs, how i wanted to touch them, kiss them and rub my cock over them, then shoot my spunk over them. Her name is Dianne and looks even better now.

Well we don't live together now as i live with my girlfriend Cherie who also has a younger sister Belinda, who has really sexy legs too and she also just turned 18. So Dianne and Belinda are great friends, it drives me crazy when we all get together, only thing better than a pair of sexy legs is two pairs of sexy legs. I spent a lot time of jerking off time imagining the two of them letting me worship their sexy legs.

Anyway i was driving thru the city late having a perve at all the girls starting to leave the nightclubs to go home. there was heaps of them and dressed in so little as it was a hot night, I turned down a side street to get back to the main road when i saw the 4 most sexy legged girls i had ever seen together.

I mean all 4 of them had legs to die for. Sort as dresses and skirts, i notice this tiny short girl with blonde hair down to her waist, i love that her hair only just covered her mini skirt. What a cute and sexy ass she had.

Fuck i was so turned on fuck 4 pairs of sexy legs, i was really checking out the Blonde though. Fuck i was close to cumming as my cock grew even bigger and harder.I thought this is it so i pulled over a couple of hundred yards in front of them, adjusted my rear view mirrors to watch them coming towards me.

I thought i am so close to cumming that would happen as they walked past my car. i was ready, they got closer, nearly there , they wouldn't see me thru the window tint. Then there they were as i was about to cum my sister was one of them and she recognized my car .

Next thing i knew she raced over and opened the passenger door, the interior light came on.

Hey Wayne she started to say as she saw my raging hard cock in my hand.

"Wow what are you doing never mind i can see". She was slurring her words obviously drunk.

"Wow what a nice looking cock I never knew you were that big" now my shorts were on the car floor as this was going to be the big cum so could not even pull them up.

"Hey girls come and look at this."

I was staring at her legs and trying to hide my cock but i was so turned on.Belinda my girlfriends younger sister arrived first Her legs are so toned and sexy now i could see two pairs of great legs thru thru the open door.I got even harder.

I had always fantasized about being caught wanking my cock by strangers, then it happened to complete the set "Suzy and Tanya come here and look at this he is jerking of Its ok we know him." They suddenly appeared at the open passenger door. Dianne and Belinda moved aside.

And it was two absolutely sexy girls i did not know staring at my cock in my hand. I could not help starting to to wank it "mmmmnn that looks nice" said Suzy. Tanya looked amazing too long black hair, "Sure does I would like some of that cock" said Tanya.

I started to panic but i was also more turned on than i had ever been in my life "don't tell Cherie please girls I am so sorry." do not worry Wayne we will not tell your girlfriend said my sister "as long as you drive us all back to Suzy's place and keep wanking that cock for us."

"Anything you say i will do please don't say anything" I begged.

"Anything we say" said Belinda

"Yes any thing"

"I have an idea none of us picked up a guy tonight how about Wayne becomes our sex slave, do you recon you make us all have orgasms by licking our cunts and anything else we ask?"

"I want to watch him jerk off for us" said Suzy

"ok anything you girls want i will do" i said. Fuck i was getting so turned on by this i was close to cumming .

"Ok girls jump in we are taking a sex slave home lol" said Dianne

They all got in the car Dianne in the passenger seat and the other 3 in back with Suzy in the middle. I could not notice Suzy spread her legs open wide flashing her cunt to me.

"Stop wanking your cock now" Dianne said we all want to watch you shoot your spunk at home I did as i was told.

"But it hurts Dianne my cock is aching" she took my hand away and gently held my cock "not until we get to Suzy's place. so started driving." They were all drunk and teasing the fuck out of me.

"So you like wanking off to strange girls Wayne?" Suzy said. I looked in the rear vision mirror she was rubbing her cunt.

"Yes I do" I answered.

"We are going to have fun with him tonight" said Suzy "and any other night he is our sex slave now."

She did not realize this is exactly what i wanted. What guy wouldn't.

To be continued

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