Caught Playing with myself by my Favorite Aunt

by Anonymous

She was a friend of my mom that I called my aunt. She’s incredibly sexy and when she was young she did a lot of modeling for sexy bras and panties and she was a very large breasted voluptuous woman and I had put together a lot of her photos of her wearing very little clothes.

I’m in my senior year and 18 years old and I had a couple of hours before the parents get home from work. So I’m naked on my bed with my aunt’s pictures and jerking myself like my penis owed me money.

At this time I found out that I liked to put my legs over my head and open my mouth so I was able to blow my load in my mouth.

So here I am with my legs over my head with my cock a couple of inches from my open mouth and I was jerking fast and hard and I heard myself saying aunt Jane do you want to see me blow my load in my mouth and swallow my load and just as I said that the bedroom door opened and my sexy aunt was watching me and walking in to get a better look at me with my cock pointed at my mouth.

She asked if I’m going to blow my load in my mouth so I told her yes I am and I asked her if she wanted to watch me do it she asked me if I was going to swallow my load yes I told her . Then she saw my collection of her pictures and she asked if that’s what I used to get myself off with and then she said she’s here because she was borrowing something of my moms.

I told her yes I know because my mom called and told that she was coming to get something. She said so I wanted her to walk in on me and she asked me if I had planned for being caught by her. I told her I think she is the hottest woman I ever seen and I’ve been jerking myself off with her in my mind and I asked her if she liked seeing what I did she said yes she did.

I asked her if I can do another show for her because I would really love her to watch me and she can tell me what she wants me to do for her entertainment. She asked if I wanted her to tell me what she wanted me to do I told her yes I do she asked if I will do anything she told me to do without question I said I will do anything she wants me to do without any question she asked if I ever sucked off a real cock I said no I haven’t she said because she told me that it seems like I have a taste for swallowing.

She asked me how long have I been swallowing my own loads and how many times a day I was able to blow my load. I told her I’ve been swallowing my own load for many years. I told her if I have her telling me what to do and if she was naked I could give her at least 3 to 4 loads a day.

Then she told me she wanted me at her house after dinner and she told me not to let my mom know where I’m going. I told her I can tell my mom that I’m staying at my friends house overnight so she can do things to me all night.

Then she told me she’s going to make me her nasty submissive bitch to do whatever she wanted to have me do to anyone she wants me to service. I told her yes I’ll be happy with being her bitch and she can have me do her friends.

I ate my dinner as fast as I could and told mom I was sleeping over at George’s house tonight so I told her I’ll see her tomorrow afternoon and said goodnight to her and ran as fast as my legs could take me my cock got so hard it made it very hard to run.

As soon as I got in the door she told me to get naked and she asked me if I kept what sounding is. I told her I didn’t know. She opened up a leather case that had several different sized metal rods.

She showed me one that looked like a corkscrew that was tapered. She told me that it’s going to be screwed it in my pee hole to stretch the hole open and she told me she wanted me to screw the metal loop in the floor so she will be able to chain me to the floor with the screw she is putting in my hole after she chained me to the floor she told me because I told her I liked swallowing my cum she told me she wanted me to prove to her that I’ll do whatever she told me.

She came back carrying the surprise for me and she was naked and I couldn’t take my eyes off her body she told me she wanted me to lay on my back and on my mouth because she wanted me to suck off her and swallow her load so she can see me do it.

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