Caught by my Wife

by Ronny (Laurens, SC)

I have been married for several years but my wife has known since we were dating that I was Bi-sexual and that I really loved to suck dick, but had never actually seen me suck a dick other than my own.

I was off of work one day and a good friend that i grew up with dropped by the house. My wife was working and i invited him in. I knew well what he wanted because I had sucked him off many times before and after I was married.

I truly love the feeling of a good hard dick swelling up in my mouth and shooting its load of cum down my throat so I proceeded to kneel in front of him, unbutton his pants and pull his pants and underwear down.

He has about a seven-inch dick, very thick and uncut. I licked up and down both sides of his dick and started to take the head into my mouth.

He was getting into a good long stroke with his dick sliding deep into my throat when the back door opened and my wife walked in.

She stopped and wanted to know what was going on. I asked her to please sit down and watch because I really wanted her to see me suck him off.

She walked over to the couch and set down and I started back sucking him. I heard her gasp a couple of times when she saw how far he was sliding his dick down my throat.

This really excited him and it wasn't long before he told me he was fixing to cum.

I wanted my wife to see him cum in my mouth so I backed off some and held my mouth open so she could see his cum shooting into my mouth. Then I took him back into my throat and let him finish.

She told him he was welcome anytime and would like to see me suck him again.

He left shortly afterwards and as he was leaving she started removing all of her clothes and told me she needed to be fucked. I slid my dick deep into her and started fucking her hard and heavy.

It was not long before she orgasmed and I started shooting my load deep into her.

She then rolled me over so i was on bottom and rotated into a sixty-nine position so I could suck my cum out of her while she licked my dick clean.

She now likes to repeat this once or twice a week and usually with a different man that she selects. It is wonderful having a wife that enjoys what you do.

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