Caught By My Sister

by Dave (Leeds, England)

Most guys with sisters have at some point while growing up fantasized about them. Asked outright they will deny it, swear on a stack of bibles it didn't happen...but it will have.

My story, you can decide if you want to believe it, happened at the end of the 80's.

I had two older sisters, the middle of the three of us had left home, leaving just me, Jaqui, the oldest sister and our mum.

My mum had caught me masturbating a few times as I was growing up, never made a big issue out of it, and had even thrown me a sock to put over it to stop me making a "mess on the sheets..."

So as I am trying to explain, my mum is quite liberal minded. Jaqui though, well she is different....

I'm 19 at the time, working as a plasterer, 6' 3", a regular with the weights and exercise and had noticed the way my sister looked at me sometimes if she happened to spot me draped in a towel after the shower, and 5 years my elder, I've got to admit, she had become the star in a few fantasies of mine over the years.

Jaqui was getting ready for a night out when I got home from work. Mum was out, and as I entered the house I shouted a hello and heard Jaqui shout back from upstairs.

"Hi Jaqui, you in the bathroom?" I called back upstairs. I heard a door pull open upstairs as I took my jacket off and hung it up.

"No, in my room getting ready" she called back down.

I kicked my shoes off and plodded upstairs, as i got to the top i saw her bedroom door ajar, "I'm going to jump in the shower then if you dont need to get in" i said "I'm Filthy"

"You out tonight?" she asked, appearing in her doorway.

"Not sure yet, I'll see how i feel when I'm cleaned up. Are you going out soon? You look good" I replied, and she did. Dressed in a tight short knitted dress she looked really good.

"Thanks Dave, you look like you crawled out of a pipe" she laughed and turned to walk back into her room and my eyed did their usual thing and went straight to her ass.

I smiled to myself feeling the first flicker of an erection as I went into the bathroom and set the shower running.

By the time the water had run hot I was stripped off and just about to step into the shower, i heard a knock on the door "I'm going now Dave, I won't be late in ok, enjoy yourself if you go out" said Jaqui.

I unlocked the door and popped my head around it as she walked downstairs, again my gaze focussed on her shapely backside and feeling anther stirring down below "Decided I'm staying in, I'll find something to amuse myself tonight" I said as I took hold of my cock behind the door and gave it a few strokes.

"Ok, have fun" she smiled "See you later" and off she went.

I closed the door and looked down at my now fully hard cock, shook my head to myself and stepped into the shower.

After my shower i pulled on a pair of shorts and went downstairs to see what was on tv, found an old movie and settled myself on the sofa. My mind kept drifting back to how good Jaqui had looked dressed up to go out and before long i had one hand in my shorts lazily playing myself thinking of how somebody was going to get lucky that night if they pulled my sister.

I must have nodded off there with my hand still in my shorts.

"Amusing yourself?" said Jaqui as she sat down on the sofa at the side of me smiling.

"Ah fuck" was my first thought "Hi Jaqui, errr no i was asleep" I took my hand out of my shorts but i still had a semi on and it was clearly visible through the thin material.

"Hmmm...not how it looks to me Dave" and prodded the bulge with her finger "looks like you've been busy" nad with that she gripped my cock and gave it a shake and she laughed.

"Give over Jaqui" i said and made a grab for her hand.

She snatched it away and stood up and i noticed her sway a little. "Are you pissed?" i asked her as she kicked off her shoes.

"Not too bad, why, would you take advantage of me if i was?" she said and sat down in a chair giving me a fine view of her legs.

I realised she was a bit more than just merry and decided to press a bit to see what would happen "Maybe, if you somebody i'd met out and weren't my sister, that dress doesn't hide much."

She stood up and hiked it up a bit so it barely covered her ass, wiggled a bit and did a bit of a twirl "do you like it? I got a few looks tonight but nobody i was interested in" and then she stared at my now bulging shorts "Ahem...I think somebody likes it anyway" and she sat back down and crossed her legs leaving me with a perfect view.

"Thats your fault for touching" I said as I adjusted the bulge "And it wont get any better if I'm sat staring at your knickers"

She gave a little laugh "Would it be better if i took them off then, is that what you want?" and she looked at me with a strange smile "or you could just have a wank and get it over with" I swallowed and nearly choked and that caused her to laugh

"I think you've had a bit too much drink Jaqui..." I managed through cough's

"Come on Dave, you think I don't know you wank? everybody does it, including me" and she uncrossed her legs, spread her knees wide, pulled her knickers to the side and started to rub her pussy.

The times I had imagined what this would look like, and here she was, my gorgeous sister, flicking her bean for me to watch.

I was off the sofa and on my knees in front of her in seconds.

"Get your shorts off and let me look at you" she said, her breath getting quicker

I stood up and freed my rock hard cock, she looked at it and then closed her eyes and licked her lips "If you weren't my brother i'd fuck you silly" she said smiling her fingers rubbing away at her clit

"Can i lick your pussy Jaqui? I really want to" I asked

She must have been really horny and well on the way to bringing herself off because her pussy looked soaking, she stopped playing with herself and tried to wriggle out of her knickers. I took hold of then and she lifted her bum up to let me get them off her, then sat back and opened her legs wide. She looked so sexy, I moved in and kissed my way up her thigh. as my mouth got nearer to her pussy she arched her back and pushed it against me.

I was in heaven, at 19 i'd only had sex a couple of times and kissed pussy once before. Jaqui held my head and guided my mouth to her clit. Her sharp inhale as my tongue first found it and again as i planted a kiss on it and started to gently suck it were a real turn on and i sucked again a little bit harder, i felt her fingers knot into my hair as she rocked her hips against my mouth. with each little thrust of her pelvis i gave her clit another suck.

"Shit i'm comin...ahhh..fuck..." she breathed and her fingers tightened in my hair I think I timed it perfectly and sucked her clit quite hard as she came and then flicked at it with my tongue. I pinned her like that for what seemed minutes as she bucked and moaned and finally pushed my head away from her as she sat gasping.."Fuck...where did you learn to do that Dave?"

"You like that I guess?" I asked smugly

"fucking yes!!" she was breathing deeply and shaking her head "that was incredible"

I knelt there cock rock hard feeling like a king.

"I want to fuck you but i haven't got anything, have you?" she asked

"No" I replied.

"Fuck, swap places with me then" she said. We changed places and I was sat with my sister knelt between my legs "I'm going to make you come, then i want this inside me" and she lift my cock off my belly and put it into her mouth. she bobbed her head a couple of times then took it off my cock and pulled the foreskin from the head of it "Nice?" she asked and before i could reply put her mouth over it and took the whole length into her mouth and then away again "Hmm?" and again into her mouth but this time just the end and she sucked, really hard, so hard it almost hurt. I flinched and she took the shaft into her mouth and began to bob her head, slowly and then faster.

"I'm going to come" i said and made to pull away from her but she sucked really hard on the head again and i just blew my load in her mouth. the feeling was fantastic and she just kept on sucking away at the head, letting my cum dribble out onto my balls. the best blow job I've ever had and it was from my sister.

When i had finished she looked at me with my cum all over her cheeks and chin and I was soaked with a mixture of spit and come. "Go make sure i locked the door and then we are getting in the shower" and she stood up, picked up her knickers and went to the bathroom.

I wiped myself off with my shorts, heard the shower start and headed upstairs, Jaqui was waiting in the shower, she looked amazing with the water running over her and dripping off her tits and i was hard again before i joined her.

We washed each other from top to toe and I reveled in the feel of her hands and wet tits on me. My cock was rock hard and kept jabbing her belly. She turned her back to me and holding my cock pushed it down between her bum cheeks then bent forward so i could feel my cock brushing against her pussy.

"Put it in and fuck me" she said "But don't come in me ok"

I crouched a bit to get the angle and she gasped as i pushed my way into her, her pussy felt like it was on fire.

"Don't cum in me" she said as she pushed back onto me getting me as deep inside her as she could.

Although I was rock hard and deep into her pussy the blow job must have numbed my nerve endings a bit and I grabbed her hips and settled into a tip to balls stroke that finished with a satisfying slap against her bum and she gradually bent further over pushing back off the wall to meet me.

I could feel her pussy tightening on my cock but I was almost coming and had to pull out and pumped my cum over her bum cheeks and watched the shower wash it away.

I reached around her and rubbed her clit until she came and we both sank to our knees panting with the shower raining down on us.

That was the first time we got naughty together, but not the last.

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