by Carol (Florida)

I love to gamble, but my hubby Rocky stays home and let’s me go alone. Well it’s my night to go so I take a shower put on my dress and when Rocky sees me he asks me are you going on date or are you going to the casino. I told him don’t be silly I’m going to the casino.

I must say I do look good. I’m so tan and I have on a low cut mini which highlights my 34dds. I get to the casino and go inside. I love the attention I’m getting as some are the men are just staring at my tits. I love blackjack and I sit at a table. I’m playing for an hour but the cards aren’t mine tonight so I leave and go to the craps table.

There is a group of older men playing and one says hey pretty lady would you like to bring me some luck. I said sure why not. I roll the dice and win and the table is going wild. The man says to me hi I’m Sal and yours. I tell him I’m Carol nice to meet you. I’m getting a little uncomfortable because Sal is now getting a little to acquainted.

He puts his arm around me and I tell him look I’m married. Sal says and your husband lets you come here dressed like that all alone. I tell him he trusts me and I come here for one thing, to gamble. He laughs and I just keep winning. Sal asks Carol would you like a drink. I tell him ok and I’m still winning and rolling the dice.

The drink was a little strong and I’m not a big drinker, but with all the excitement I drank it all. I have one more and now I’m a little tipsy. Sal asks me are you ok. I tell him yes but I’m a little tipsy. He says we can go back to my room and you can eat and sober up before you go home. I don’t know about that, but I say ok and he helps me to his room.

Sal says you take the bedroom and I’ll sleep out here. I close the door, take off my dress and I’m laying on top of the bed naked. Sal walks in and sees my naked body and says god Carol you’re gorgeous and you’ve got a great body. Oh god now what. I say thank you and I pull the covers over me. I hear a bunch of men talking and I fall asleep.

I wake up and Sal is now standing naked at the edge of the bed and his big cock is rock hard. I ask him what do you think you’re doing and he said I’m enjoying the view. The covers are off me and I’m naked again and Sal is getting closer to me. I know I should leave but I’m still tipsy. He’s pulling on his cock making it bigger and he says do you like what you see.

I said it’s pretty impressive. Sal walks over to the bed and grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. I’m jerking it hoping he’ll cum. Sal grabs my head and puts his cock inside my mouth. I’m now thinking what did you get yourself into. I’m sucking Sal’s cock and I look at him and say are you going to fuck me.

He asks me Carol is that what you want and I tell him yes Sal put your big cock inside me. I spread my legs and Sal puts his cock inside me. Oh yes Sal fuck me and he says I’m not only going to fuck you, I’m going to use you. OMG I’m going to be used now I’m a little weary but his cock feels so good inside me I don’t care.

Sal Rolls me over and is now fucking me doggy, my favorite when the door opens and in walks several more men. Holy shit do they think they’re all going to fuck me. Sal pulls out of me and now a stranger is fucking me and I’m sucking a cock. I guess this is what Sal meant by using me.

I’m cumming all over these strangers cocks, but it’s sort of strange they’re not cumming in or on me. I lost count how many men fucked me but now Sal is back and he puts his big cock back inside me. Oh Sal fuck me and he says I’m going to cum in you.

Yes Sal give me your big load and with that he cums inside me gets off me and the other men that fucked me are now jerking off and one by one the are cumming all over me. OMG I covered in cum as the men leave and I’m tasting all this cum. Sal comes back into the room and says are you ok.

I tell him yes but I’ve got to take a shower to wash all this cum off of me. He helps me to the shower and is washing my body and he bends me over and sticks his hard cock inside me again. I turn to him and say, fuck me Sal give me your big cock. He laughs and slams my pussy with his cock.

We both cum and now he leaves, I’m feeling better just a little sore as I get dressed and leave. Sal left me a note had fun and we have to do it again. I laugh and start to go home. I hope Rocky is asleep so he won’t want to fuck me because I gambled and got fucked at the casino.

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