Casino: Part 2

by Carol (Florida)

Well it’s a Saturday night and I’m bored out of my mind. My hubby, Rocky is away on business and I don’t know what to do. All of a sudden I decide to go to the casino. The last time I went I met an older man, Sal. I had a little too much wine to drink and the next thing I know Sal and his friends are having sex with me. Mmmmmmmm I’m thinking about Sal’s thick old cock fucking me. OMG I have three fingers inside me and I’m ready to cum. I cum like crazy as I lay on the shower floor still using my fingers. I moan yes Sal fuck me with your big hard cock.

Mmmmmmm I cum again. Ok now that I got that over with time to get dressed and leave. I put on this low cut long skin tight brown dress with nothing underneath. I like to wear low cut dresses so men can see my big tits. I love it when a man is staring at my tits and he licks his lips. That drives me wild. I get to the casino and my host meets me there. He says hi Carol and I say hello back. He says you look delectable tonight. We go inside and he puts his arm around me. I say ok Clark you can let me go. Clark says do I have to. I tell him yes you do. Clark says Carol if there’s anything you need, anything call me. I said ok I will and I walk inside the casino.

I walk past the craps table where I met Sal and didn’t see anyone I knew so I kept walking. Then I feel an arm around my waist and when I turn around it’s an older man and he says so very nice to see you again Carol. I ask him do I know you. He says yes I’m Gary, a friend of Sal’s. Oh no and Gary asks you don’t remember me. I say Gary should I. He says Carol you were screaming fuck me Gary, fuck me with your big hard cock. I don’t remember and I say what else happened. He says five of Sal’s friends fucked you. Oh that’s nice I say sarcastically. Gary says it’s nice to see you again and I tell him same here. I walk away and now Gary is walking behind me.

I sit at a blackjack table getting ready to try my luck. Gary sits next to me and says you’re such a gorgeous woman. I say thanks for the compliment and I tell him Gary I came here to gamble, not what like last time I was here. That was something that should’ve never happened. I play for a little while and now I want to walk around a little. I’m walking around and all the attention my tits are getting. There was a married couple who walked by me and the husband asked would you like to join us gorgeous. I said join you and he says yes up in our suite. I said no thank you but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I said to him I don’t think my husband would appreciate me in a stranger's room. Like I said he wouldn’t take no for an answer and he says I’m Bob so that makes us friends. I say I’m Carol. Bob says this is my wife Beth. I tell him Bob now that we’re friends, thanks but no thanks. Bob says ok Carol will be at the blackjack table if you change your mind. I walk away and now Gary is back. He says Carol at least let me buy you a drink. I tell him ok Gary I’ll have a glass of wine. The waitress brings me back this huge glass of wine. I look at Gary and say are you trying to get me drunk. Gary laughs and says no drink up. Oh that wine tasted so good.

Then suddenly I started to feel a little light headed. Gary asks me Carol are you ok. I say yes Gary it just hit me. Gary asks would you like to comeback to my room. I say no I’ll sit here I’ll be ok. I feel hands massaging my shoulders. I turn around and it’s Bob again without his wife. I say oh Bob that feels so good. He skips his hand down the front of my dress and pinches one of my nipples. I look at him and say oh no Bob please don’t do that. He says why you don’t like it. It dark and secluded where we are at and I say no Bob it feels good. He know has my dress so where my tits are out. Bob is now sucking my tits. I tell him no Bob please stop.

Bob says come up to my room and I’ll stop. I again say no Bob I can’t. This time he goes under my dress and sticks two fingers inside my pussy. I moan and Bob asks do you like that Carol. I say yes Bob it feels so good. He says then come on let’s go up to my room. You again say no but he’s driving me crazy with his fingers. He grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. Bob has a large cock. He says Carol take my cock out of my pants. I unzip his fly and his big cook is hard as a rock. He asks now will you come with me. I tell him no again. This time he picks me and slam his cock into me. OMG Bob please stop. Bob grabs my hips and is slamming his cock into me.

He’s now sucking my big tits and I moan yes Bob fuck me. I cum all over Bob’s cock. I feel two hands grab my head and it’s Gary with his cock out. OMG a why does this happen to me I’m thinking. Gary says Carol grab my cock and suck it, which I do. Bob cubs inside me and he says now will you go with me. I say yes lead the way. I put myself together and Bob grabs my hand and we head to the elevator. Gary gets on with us and has my dress up playing with my pussy. He says Carol In going to fuck you like the last time would you like that. Oh yes Gary I would love that. We get to Bob’s room and his wife Renee opens the door naked.

She says to Bob so you finally got Carol to come to our room. Then Renee spots Gary and says who is this. Bob says this is my new friend Gary. Renee says nice to meet you and Gary says likewise. Bob tell Renee while I’m fucking Carol, Gary will be fucking you. Gary undresses right there and his cock is huge. Bob takes my dress off and carried me to the bed. I’m laying on the bed and Bob says spread your legs so I can fuck you. I open my legs and now Gary and Renee have now joined us on the bed. Renee is licking my tits and she says Carol you’ve got magnificent tits. She says I wish I had them instead of these little ones.

Bob slams his cock in me and Gary is now fucking Renee doggy. Renee tells Gary it’s too big and be gentle with me. She will only let Gary put his cock halfway inside her. Bob is really fucking me now. OMG Bob I’m going to cum all over your cock. Bob also cums and now Renee says she can’t take it anymore. Gary gets in between my legs and say Carol what do you want me to do. Gary is rubbing the head of his cock on my pussy. I grab Gary’s face and I say Gary fuck me like you did before. He says Carol you remember and I tell him yes I remember your big cock. Gary slams all of it inside me and I wrap my legs around him and say yes Gary fuck me again.

Renee had enough so she leaves me and Bob and Gary can do whatever they want to me. Gary lays on his back and says ride me Carol and I answer yes I will do what you want me to do. Bob comes over and sticks his cock in my mouth. Bob says Carol don’t forget about me. I say put your cock in my mouth and cum for me. Gary is now fucking me doggy and Bob’s cock is in my mouth. Gar Cuna inside me and Bob cums in my mouth. This went on all night until all of us had enough. The next morning I wake go take a shower and put a robe on. I look for Gary and he’s gone and so is Renee. Bob is standing there with his cock in his hand.

He asks do you want to fuck some more. I drop my robe and says sure and Bob and I head to the bedroom. We fuck for awhile and we both cum. Bob asks Carol are you hungry. I say yes Bob I could go for some eggs. Bob days ok I’ll order room service. Bob orders and now I’m sucking his cock on the couch. There’s a knock on the door and Bob says come in. I try to get up and hide but Bob is holding me there. It’s an older black gentleman and he can’t believe his eyes. Here I am with Bob’s cock in my mouth. Bob says so what’s your name. The man answers Reggie. He says Reggie you like what you see. Reggie says yes I like it a lot.

Bob says Carol go over to Reggie and take his cock out. I say no Bob don’t make me do that. Bob says Carol do as I say, so I get up and go over to Reggie. I’m completely naked and Reggie says Carol get me hard I want to fuck you. I pull Reggie’s cock out of his pants and it’s humongous. Reggie says suck my cock Carol. I have to hold his cock with two hands and I start to suck it. Bob says Reggie is t Carol gorgeous. Regime says yes and now I want to fuck her. I lay back spread my legs and say to Reggie my white pussy is all yours. Reggie slams his huge black inside and now Renee is back. She says Bob is that cock real and Bob says asks Carol.

I answer yes and he’s filled up my pussy. Reggie is ducking me deep, very deep and he’s kissing me. Reggie says you like my big black cock my white slut. PMG Reggie I love it don’t stop. Renee grabs Bob’s cock and puts it inside her. The two of them are on the bed with Reggie and I. Bob says now Carol aren’t you half you came up to my room. I said oh yes Nob Reggie keep fucking me. Bob says Carol do you like Reggie’s big black cock. I answer yes I love it. Reggie is now talking really dirty to me. He says white slut do you enjoy a black man fucking you. I answer yes Reggie but please don’t stop. I cum again and Reggie fills my pussy with his black cum.

Reggie says I have to leave but I’ll be back, Carol will you wait for me. I say yes Reggie I want some more of your big black cock. Bob says Reggie we’ll warm her up for you. Reggie leaves Bob takes me to the shower and fucks me while he was cleaning me. Bob asks are you sure you want Reggie to comeback and fuck you. I look at Bob and says yes. Now I’ll just relax and wait for Reggie to return. Again I went to gamble, and I got fucked.

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