Cartoon Time With Anna

by Anon (US)

As my 18 year old Anna sat on my lap, we settled down to watching Sat. morn. cartoons. Me, in my robe, Anna in her two piece nightie. She leaned back into my chest and my hand on her bare belly.

Not realizing it, my hand began to move slightly in a circular pattern on her tummy. Her skin, soft and supple and warm. Her breathing was soft and regular. I soon noticed I was becoming aroused and my dick tried to slide out of my robe.

I let my hand widen the circle on her tummy, crossing her belly button ever so slowly. Her breathing became a little deeper.

"What are you doing Daddy?" she asked.

"oh, Anna, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. I was just enjoying our time together. I will stop if you want."

"oh no daddy, it feels nice."

"well", I said "if you want you can move my hand anywhere you like. As long as you are comfortable." With that we watched tv again.

I resumed rubbing her tummy and crossing her belly button slowly. My dick became rock hard and nestled in her between her butt cheeks. She seemed not to mind and shifted her butt a little as my throbbing dick was enveloped between her cheeks.

I could feel her ass tighten a little and open in a rhythmic pattern. I felt my balls tighten a little. My mind was racing with desire. She placed her tiny hand on my hand and moved my hand lower to the top of her panties.

My pinky slipped under the waist band of her panties and moved in an up and down pattern stopping briefly at the top of her small slit. It surprised me the amount of heat coming from her tiny pussy and then I felt moisture making her pussy very slippery.

Her breathing became labored but she did not remove her hand from mine. In fact, she pushed harder on my hand and moved both of our hands lower to the middle of her pussy. My fingers became wet with her juices and my middle finger entered her slit and rested on her tiny clit.

I moved it in small circles as Anna cooed and rocked back and forward. My throbbing dick had made it's way out of my robe and popped up between her legs. She saw it and placed her hand around it and moved my dick onto her panty clad pussy and rubbed it up and down on instinct.

As I rubbed her clit faster, she moved my dick faster and faster on her now wet panties. As my little girl stiffened and had her first orgasm, I shot my load all over her hand and legs. She kept rubbing my cum drenched dick making it the hardest orgasm of my life.

As we both finished I slowed my assault on her clit and she slowed the rubbing of my softening cock. Soon, we both stopped, I told Anna I loved her very much and she told me she loved me. As we drifted to nap time, I was thinking about what just happened and hoped it would happen again. I also wondered what my Anna was thinking about as she drifted off to sleep......

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