Carl And Jason

by Kevin (NV)

“Let’s fuck,” Jason said.

Carl smiled at his friend, looking into his deep brown eyes, and Jason smiled back.

It seemed so extraordinary, the two of them having a male-affair. It had just begun a few weeks before. They were just friends, and somehow they had managed to start being romantically expressive of their feelings and enjoying doing that together in a way that was so pleasingly male.

Right then they were lying naked together on the bed, both having large stiff erections which seemed almost embarrassing to be having with another guy. Yet, at the same time, it was so relaxed and easy and rewardingly masculine.

Carl reached for the small bottle of lubrication. Opening it, he squeezed some out onto his penis and slicked it on. Jason rolled over onto his stomach and Carl positioned himself on top.

Holding his stiff organ, he guided the swollen tip of to Jason’s butt hole and slowly pushed inward until he could go no farther.

Jason murmured. “Mmm … yes.” He loved feeling his fiend’s stiff organ filling his anal sheath. Then Carl pulled back and went inward again, and started to do this with a gentle and easy rhythm, and savoring the pleasure of what it was like to be fucked.

Carl loved how it felt to have his erection pushed into his friend’s butt, and to be using his sexuality to express his feelings to his friend. Moving his hips up and down, he again and again slid his penis back and forth through Jason’s tight butt hole, each time going deep into his anal sheath.

“Oh, man … this feels so good,’ Carl said, enjoying the privilege of being able to do this with his friend.

“You’re telling me,” Jason breathed back.

Until they had met and become friends, neither had ever experience the pleasures of male love. There was always the stigma that if two guys did, that they had to be gay and did not like females. Which was a shame, because nothing could have been farther from the truth for otherwise perfectly straight guys, as they had discovered.

Carl continued to exercise his stiff male organ in Jason’s butt, feeling the soft warm depths caressing his penis, encouraging the sexual urge that was slowly building.

“Oh …. Yeah … yeah …” Carl breathed as he felt the intensity increasing.

In a moment more he could no longer hold back and he sank his penis all the way in and was ejaculating his sperm deep inside of Jason. I was so unbelievably satisfying to give his friend a part of himself like this, and Jason savored this too, to be impregnated even non-reproductively by his friend. The sharing of their male liquids was just as satisfying and fulfilling and significant between two guys.

“Uhhh … Uhhh …” Carl grunted with his purposeful release as his rigid penis throbbed.


They lay there for a long moment with Carl recovering until he withdrew his penis.

Jason rolled back over and propped himself up on one elbow and look down at his friend.

“My turn,” he said with a grin.

Carl grinned back, looking forward to Jason taking his maleness all the way in him.

That was the wonderful thing about being romantically all-male, was the way that two guys could fuck one another and be so sharing of themselves. Carl knew that in just a few more minutes Jason would be deliciously and so satisfyingly impregnating him with his sperm, and he was looking forward to that, to have Jason filling his butt with his creamy liquid.

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