Can I Join In?

by Robert (Australia)

My wife and I were living with my mother for about six months, we used to sleep in a bedroom with just a single bed, I have always had the reputation of being oversexed which my dear Mother found out about after I left my first wife, she had told mum that all I married her for was to fuck her every night, mum asked me if that was true and as my mum was my soul mate and best friend I told her that it was true and even used to masturbate while watching porn.

Well on this day my current wife and I were laying on the bed naked, the door was open slightly and mum was having a shower, when she walked past the door she saw my wife and I having a 69 she then opened the door and asked in a sexy voice, what are you two doing?, I told her we were doing what married people usually do with that my wife and I were shocked when mum said can I join in?

Dad had been dead for several years and mum had been living alone so there was no way that she had had sex for years, I loved my mum so much and felt sorry for her so I said yes I would love you to join us, she let her bath robe fall to the ground which left this beautiful late 60s woman naked, we were shocked to find that she had very little hair on her pussy and all I wanted to do was suck it for her.

We then moved into her bedroom with a full size bed an she started rubbing my fully shaved cock and run her fingers down my wife's pussy, mum and my wife then got into a position where they were rubbing their cunts together, mum was sucking my cock at the same time, mum asked me to put my cock into my wife's cunt so I did as she asked and while I was fucking my wife mum was licking my balls and fingering her cunt.

This was a mind blowing experience but I knew that I wanted to blow a load of spunk into mums pussy, I said to mum can I put my cock into you now and she said yes I have been watching it pumping in and out of Pats pussy now I want you to fuck me, the feeling of my knob entering my mother’s pussy was mind blowing, she put her hands around the cheeks of my backside and forced my 7 inch shaved cock deep into her pussy.

My wife was enjoying watching me fuck mum and mum asked her to move so she could lick her cunt, it didn't take long before my rock hard cock stared pumping hot spunk deep into mums pulsating cunt and she let out a groan as she had a massive orgasm all over her sons cock.

I then with a half hard cock rolled my wife over and with a fresh coating of mums cum and my spunk slid my cock into my wife, she was out of this world with sexy thoughts of my cock pumping into my mum’s cunt and she had a mighty orgasm while I fucked her and mum helped by pumping my cock into Joan's wet and very sloppy pussy hole.

We layed back on the bed but mum was so fascinated by my shaved cock that she didn't want to let it go, we stayed at mums place for about another six months and had many sexy sessions, for me it was a dream come true as mum used to catch me wanking when I was a young boy, I used to wonder what it would be like to fuck my mum and I did 25 years later.

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