Campsite Summer Of 1988

by Tim (Ohio)

It was July 5th 1988 my friend Kyle and I were both 18 getting ready to start our senior year. The night before the fireworks both our girlfriends dumped us, so we decided to go camping and fishing.

My grandparents owned a farm and I had a spot deep in the woods that was seclusive no one knew about so 2 years before I cleared a spot out to set up a tent and campfire. So we went didn’t catch anything. But had hotdogs to roast.

Then we started to talk about being dumped & talking about fucking them, then he told me it’s been about a month and a half since he had a pussy I told him it’s been 2 months for me.

We also brought a 12 pack and a 6 pack of beer my uncle got for us and he gave us a flask of JD the more we drank the more we bitched about not getting any so my friend said fuck it my balls hurt I’m gonna jackoff I don’t care if ya watch I gotta cum so said fuck me too.

So we both did in front of each other the more I watched him the Horner I got it made me come faster but I also caught him watching me too not too much longer he Came too. So we talked about jerking off drank more the he said I wonder what it would feel like if we jacked each other off he said if I want I said ok so we took our shorts off and jerked each other off we came at the same time.

Drank some more then I said all that would have felt better if it was a warm wet hole, he said I’ll suck your dick if you’ll suck mine once again I said ok. But I don’t know how to do it I said do it the way you like it done to you so he did it felt amazing the best blow job I ever had. I was about to cum but he kept on sucking I told him again then I came in his mouth and he swallowed all of it.

I asked him why he said because it’s how I like it done to me. Then he pulled his cock out and told me to do it the way I like it done so I did even licked his balls he told me he was gonna cum so I took his hand and put on the back of my head and he came in my mouth I swallowed all of it.

Later that night in the tent he said I have an idea I said what, he said take your shorts off and lay on your belly I want to put my dick in between your ass cheeks not in, so he took some of the cooking oil and put on my ass and his dick he came on my back and licked his own cum off it, I did the same too him and licked my own cum too.

Years later we ended up marrying each other’s girlfriends. He lives outta state I bought the family farm and built a building at the campsite it had solar panels and we have got a little fridge propane heater and grill. Well anyway when our wives don’t go to a reunion because of their jobs and because we drink at the reunion we get a room so my friend and I do the same stuff all over again.

Now back to the campsite my wife was outta state helping her sister with her new baby so I was alone with my cousin Amanda who was going through a divorce and staying with us so I went to go stay at the campsite to fish and drink and stay there for the night well my cousin wanted to go too so we talked and drank she was drunk me too so she went to the building for a beer and she slipped, walking out now she was wearing bikini top and daisy dukes.

Well as she slipped one of her tits fell out because she was a D yea I stared she asked what I was looking at I didn’t answer so she walked up to me and asked again with it still out I said your tit she asked if I liked what I saw and asked if I wanted to touch it I said yes so she grabbed my hand and put on her tit then took the top off and told me to suck them.

So I did, then she asked if I wanna eat her pussy I said yes so she sat on the picnic table I ate her pussy like a wild animal then she came all over my face then she licked it off my face she said I wanna suck your cock I let her and came in her mouth, told me to eat her pussy again I did she came again and licked it off again told me to fuck her so I did, told me to cum in her pussy and I did.

She came too and she licked both our cum off my cock asked if I’d lick her cum filled pussy again since I like the taste of my own cum I did she came again then kissed me and licked my face again told me too fuck her in the ass I did came in her ass and sucked it all off my cock told me to lick her asshole I did, we fucked one more time that night now at every family reunion we slip off to fuck because it’s a whole weekend thing yes she remarried but we still have our fun and yes I fuck my wife during that weekend too.

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