by Anonymous

When we first got married we went camping in the fall one time, was hard to find a place because they were all closing for the season.

We found one that was closed but they said we could stay the night. A young man showed us to a site and helped us set up.

We got the fire going and had a few drinks, we gave the man a couple beers. He said he better get going after a while, my wife got up and changed.

She came back to picnic table wearing a thin t-shirt and sweat pants, her great 38c tits swaying under her shirt nipples sticking out nice and hard. I am sitting sideways on seat, she sits in front of me and leans back against me.

We smoke a joint, getting nice and stoned. I slide my hands up under her shirt and start to play with her tits, she leans forward as I start to take her shirt off. I play with her tits a while before sliding my hand into her pants and start to finger fuck her.

She starts moaning as I rub her pea size clit and keep dipping my finger into her pussy for more lube. I stand her up and take her pants off, she sits back down and spreads her legs as I go back to finger fucking her tight slick cunt.

As I play, I thought I saw movement over by a tree, I turn my head away but keep looking. Then I see the man hiding there playing with his cock as he watches us.

I stand my wife up again and set her on the table facing the fire and the man.

I make out with her as I take her hand and guide it down to her pussy, she lays back and spreads her legs wide as she starts to finger her pussy for me, nothing turns me on more than watching my wife masturbate.

She is moaning and rubbing her clit hard slipping a finger into her pussy at times. I am so horny knowing she is being watched by someone else, he has his pants down and is pumping he cock.

I sit there stroking my cock as I watch my wife climax again. I turn her on the table towards me and eat her pussy, she always gets so creamy.

I licked her until she is loudly moaning and whimpering as I make her cum over and over. I then stand a end of table and start to fuck her as she lays there.

I am so turned on that I cum in her twice as we fuck fast and hard. I never did tell about the man watching that night.

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